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Healing Circles And Healing Merkabas.

The creation of a healing circle is quite simple and very effective. The participants sit in a circle, and join hands. They concentrate on receiving healing energy, and typically a substantial energy flow is felt by one or more participants. The first circle I sat in, I was so strongly jolted that I had difficulty staying in the chair. I have frequently been one of those receiving the energy from spirit, and conducting it into the circle. This comes in through my crown chakra. It is possible to have someone who is desirous of receiving healing sit in the centre, and have participants touch them, but I think its just as effective, and possibly more effective to simply keep everyone in the circle, all joined via holding hands. This means everyone gets to both add energy and receive energy.

In Blackpool in October 2013 I was able to lead a healing circle, and I decided to create a merkaba or healing ball. I had never done that with a group before, but it was a wonderful healing session. It was confirmed at that time, by a spirit Sereta Kem that this was a useful technique. Shortly there after a very good friend of mine received further instruction on how to build a healing merkaba. I will now share the details of the advice we have received, which has come by way of these two messages.

Building a local healing circle

We started in a circle, seated close. From past experience you really need a good circle, not one with bends to accommodate strange shapes of the room where you are. Then I explained the format, so as to set the scene. This was as follows:

1. We would spend perhaps ten minutes in silent prayer, making that connection to Father so that we feel the Divine Love flowing. During this period we do not join hands. We do talk to Father asking for his angels to join us in our healing effort, and for Father to grant us His Healing Energies. We did not need long to do this, because of the substantial time we had already spent in prayer that day. If however you are coming in cold, you might need to structure a prayer session here. Just don’t make it so long that the whole thing is exhausting.

2. Then we would join hands and focus our minds on the objects of our healing. If someone cannot join hands they must keep the circle closed by touching knees as an example. If someone feels uncomfortable about this its a signal they should sit out and not break the circle. This healing would include all present, and unless you plan to do the merkaba it would also include some specific individuals who are remote. Its a good to share something about the object of the healing of specific recipients if you are describing someone with a special need - what the problem is - as this helps greatly with one of the key elements of the process. As Sereta Kem confirmed, three things are essential:

  1. we are here with a clear intention and desire to achieve healing
  2. that we come in love, and will achieve this healing through love
  3. that the recipients are receptive to these energies.

3. Then we concentrate on receiving Father’s Healing Energies just for those present who are seated in a circle.

It is not uncommon for this to be so powerful that those in the circle will feel as though we are connected to mains electricity, and they may have difficulty staying on their chairs. It is good to ask if any one has a medical condition, more to make sure they are not worried, because Father will ensure the energies will not damage. Its necessary to say connected till the last of the energies wane. This probably will take over ten minutes and if the group leader cannot be sure it has stopped, he or she can ask those present to indicate if they are still receiving energy. If this stage is not done at all, itis necessary to spent at least a minute in silent prayer before starting the merkaba.

Building a merkaba

1. In order to build a merkaba you need a leader to talk through the process which is as follows:

First invite all spirits who can assist with the building of the energy field to do so. Invite all humans present to consider who they would like included in this healing energy. It will go to a great deal more recipients than those we are thinking of. You can even state a geographic area you would like specifically included.

First, put both feet firmly on the ground (shoes off) and visualize, with eyes closed, how a small ball of light starts to form in the middle of this group. Ask the Source of all Life and Love to fill this ball of light with all the Love it can possibly hold.

When we are asking for this Love, we watch the ball grow and become almost as big as the whole circle. This ball of love and light is now gently resting upon your knees. Fill this ball with all the names of the ones you love, the images of the ones you love and all the positive wishes you have for yourself, your loved ones and all other people you can think of because this world needs it badly.

We can feel how the Source of Love is helping us to fill this ball and we see and feel the ball becoming bigger and bigger until we are part of it. As we are now part of this ball, we can extend its limits to make it as big as the whole room.

Fill this ball with good intentions. Fill this ball with all your great and loving ideas and let it grow by filling it with more of your love, our love and the Love of the Big Soul.

See and feel that it has become as big as the whole building. It is being filled with so much love we can barely hold on as it is starting to flow upwards. We feel it rising higher and higher and let go of it so it can fly towards where it needs to go. As it takes off, we see it divide in thousands of smaller balls each following its own path to reach the destinations you gave it.

Do not worry if you did not think about everybody you wanted to. The reason why we always create such a big ball of light and love is because we want you to become part of the ball itself. This way, all your thoughts and good intentions were present within the ball, whether you explicitly thought about them or not. So everybody in your consciousness or unconsciousness will have been included and will profit from it.

2. You may feel things happening as the merkaba is built. I try not to rotate the ball too fast as those with spirit vision get dizzy. As an example I was quite surprised to feel physically hot - a sensation that I have never felt before. Later Sereta Kem explained that by joining hands they actually transfer not only energies but even chemicals between us. Takes being spiritual brothers and sisters to a new level! In the case of the merkaba its generally all relesaed on the count of the leader and a sense of peace reigns afterwards.

3. Then we dropped our hands and centred/grounded ourselves.

The most recent merkaba that I was involved with in 2019 was estimated to be half a mile wide at least. It was very much bigger than I assumed and later we heard from the spirit who first invented this and who had come to assist with his group.