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Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: On Healing and the Law of Change and Growth.

July 2, 1987

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I happily come to you today to deliver another message to you for the benefit of humankind. I am your brother in Christ, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church.

Today I wish to discuss the progress of the church work, but I should also like to answer your question with regard to B____ and the healing performed at our annual meeting. To be sure, I was indeed present and joined with your Divine Love circle in administering healing energies to our brother, B____. You felt the influence of this when you experienced the force of these healing energies within yourself, as did others of our group when these energies were directed and applied. B____ will receive considerable benefit from what occurred, and the healing will manifest over time. It will also help him to continue to pray for healing in general because the Father is always ready to hear and respond to the sincere desires of His children for His Assistance.

At our meeting, it was a particularly propitious time for B____ to have made his request for a healing inasmuch as I could draw upon each of you as well to direct healing energies to him. Prayer circles for healing add to the powers that we in spirit have that otherwise are not always as effective as they are in combination with others on earth.

As to the future, yes, I see B____’s condition as greatly improving, and as he continues to pray for greater strength and the ability to carry out God’s Will for him on earth. In the earth life, we are often beset with infirmities of one form or another, and these infirmities often serve to make us more aware of our complete dependence upon the Father for our well being and happiness. They often serve to remind us of our need to look to him not only for the blessing of good health but also for each and every spiritual need we may have which comprises our greatest need area as human beings and children of the Father.

As I have mentioned before, progress, growth, and development depend upon the overcoming of adversities or stumbling blocks that all of us encounter along the way. Even we in the Celestial Heavens are ever in a state of growth and development, and this growth depends upon not only the Divine Love we receive from the Father but also upon the efforts that we ourselves make to face and overcome the challenges of life and living ever before us.

At the annual meeting, I mentioned that I had just returned from a troubled spot in the world, and that I felt temporarily depressed by the conditions I witnessed there. So, you see that our condition, though usually a very happy and blissful one in our own environs, is not always a happy one when our work takes us to lower and misery-laden conditions that exist so prevalently on the earth plane. But, yet, how can we do other than to minister unto our less fortunate brethren who find themselves in such deplorable conditions, and whose souls cry out to the Father for His Mercy and Help? If we were simply to rest upon our laurels, one might say, this would certainly not provide the assistance required; and, at the same time, unless we involve ourselves in attempting to improve such conditions, our own means for further growth and development would be curtailed or at least seriously delayed. Growth and progress, you see, are dependent upon the application of taking on adversities and doing something constructive and beneficial about them. And this applies not only to the personal adversities one may encounter but also to the adversities we witness in others which also cry out for remediation.

Growth depends upon challenges met and overcome. It is the “victory” which provides the increment in self-esteem and the further development of the soul. True progress is not really possible without such challenges to deal with and find solutions for.

On earth, you know that this is so in terms of preparing oneself for a gainful occupation. The learning process is often a painful one, for learning can often be painful. But as your young folks so often truly say, “No pain, no gain.” By this is really meant that wrestling with problems adds to one’s strength, while retreating from problems does nothing more than preserve the status quo; or, worse, weakens the position that a person may have previously gained through prior successful efforts to confront and overcome. So, in saying all of this, you may come to understand that no one should fear the challenges of life. For it is through the successful handling of such challenges that we all grow and develop greater strength and character. And, of course, when these challenges become a bit more than a person alone can successfully handle, such person always has the recourse of appealing to Higher Forces for the assistance required.

As in previous messages, I indicated that there is a vast network of communication in which, in essence, one soul is really linked to another. There are always sources of help that can be called upon in this vast network of the Father’s Creation. And if the Father Himself does not provide the assistance required directly, He ever commissions others to render such assistance as is required.

And, so, if man truly realized that he does not live unto himself alone, and that help is just a “call” away, he would no longer look upon his life in particular as being without resources beyond what only he himself might be able to provide. This is not to say that he should go overboard and attempt to acquire every assistance he may feel a need of from others. His own efforts are still most important and beneficial to his own growth and development. Yet, while this is so, he must also understand that the Father does not require of His children that they face each and every challenge alone. There should be a healthy balance between one’s own efforts and one’s calling for assistance when this too may be appropriate.

So, in summary, humankind must realize that the Father, in His Infinite Wisdom, has ordained that His children will always have challenges before them to assist them with their own growth and development, as well as in gaining increments in fulfillment and the happiness that comes from the successful completion of tasks or the overcoming of problems. We, in the Celestial Heavens, no less than yourselves, are subject to the same Law of Change and Growth. If this were not so, we too could not progress in our happiness and fulfillment. For, as you must know, happiness is transitory without further accomplishments resulting in more happiness. To remain fixed in one’s development could never provide additional happiness; and, in time, through a lack of further progress, the happiness one has already gained would soon dissipate into a memory of only what once was.

So, my children, my message of this day to further the church work is to make humankind more aware of their growth and development potential through the understanding and application of facing and dealing with the challenges of life, realizing that this is the “stuff” upon which strong and happy souls are made. There can be no growth without these challenges to face and overcome. And, so, if each child of the Father were to recognize that this is an eternal and not merely a temporary process, he or she might better be able to approach such challenges more positively, and with the underlying assurance or confidence that accepting such challenges is providing that progress without which ongoing happiness would not be possible. Progress is the law eternal, and no progress is possible without the application of those efforts which will result in growth and further development.

I think I have said all that I wish to say for now. Be assured that the church work is proceeding very well, and that each of you continues to play a vital part in the overall plan. I am so appreciative of what each of you not only attempts but also accomplishes in terms of the work before us. Our work is slow but steady, and the foundation of our church is truly becoming that which will fully support the Truths of God on earth. And, so, my beloved co-workers, as you start yet another year of joyous work for the Father and humankind, know that we are in back of you 100%, and that we can ever be called upon to render each every one whatever assistance that you yourselves find lacking or may require. I love you, each and every one, and I look forward to yet another year of growth and development with our church, and the happiness that all of us will necessarily feel as a result of the progress which we will be making.

Until our next communication, then, I will leave you with my love and blessings.

Your brother and friend, Jesus.