Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Contemporary Channelled Messages 1984 to 2000

Some of these messages could be considered “advanced.” Our suggestion to you is simply this. If they do not ring true, ignore them. My own personal experience with a few of these messages on starting this journey was that some were “weird.” But I can’t see that anymore, and I conclude my soul has developed to the point where these now have that “ring of Truth” that I could not detect originally. At least two of these messages also explain that “Truth” depends on where you are - as your soul evolves, your perspective varies.

A new icon is now attached to messages that have just been posted. Some of these may in fact not be new in the sense of having just been channelled.

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus On prayer n/a
Jesus A clarification concerning Swedenborg February, 1984
Jesus Keeping the Faith.. July 18th, 1984
Jesus Desire for Truth… December 10th, 1984
Jesus The Presentation of the Father’s Truths. 1985
Jesus Abortion. June 30th, 1985
Jesus First Message to D.L. April 9th, 1986
Jesus The Law of Prayer. July 8th, 1986
Jesus Born Without Sin. August 28th, 1986
Jesus The Holy Spirit and Born without Sin. December 26th, 1986
Jesus On D.L.’s Mediumship. February 17th, 1987
Jesus The Truths You Have Received from Mr. Padgett and Dr. Samuels Are Only the Beginning of Our Efforts. March 17th, 1987
Jesus Nourishment for the Soul. April 23rd, 1987
Jesus The Progress of Mankind. May 7th, 1987
Jesus His Church on Earth. May 13th, 1987
Jesus The Law of Activation. May 20th, 1987
Jesus Our Lifelong Ministry. June 11th, 1987
Jesus On the Law of Progress and Change and Growth June 17th, 1987
Jesus Evil Spirit Influence. June 25th, 1987
Jesus On Healing and the Law of Change and Growth. July 2nd, 1987
Jesus The Great Network of Communication. July 9th, 1987
Jesus Assistance in the Spirit World among Spirits. July 27th, 1987
Jesus Faith and Healing. August 18th, 1987
Jesus Automatic Writing and Thought Impression. August 31st, 1987
Jesus Who Is the Author of “New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity”? September 9th, 1987
Jesus The Leaven of Love. November 12th, 1987
Jesus …Without Love, I Am as Tinkling Brass… December 17th, 1987
Jesus The Work before Us. December 31st, 1987
Jesus The Law of Equipoise or Balance. January 18th, 1988
Jesus Born without Sin. February 4th, 1988
Jesus Healings Are Not Always Performed Instantaneously. March 31st, 1988
Jesus Divine Love Knows No Pain of Regret, Delay, or Lack of Fulfillment. April 29th, 1988
Jesus Truth and the journey to perfection. August 11th, 1988
Jesus Atlantis. October 18th, 1988
Jesus Humankind is beginning to see Truth. January 16th, 1989
Jesus Hope for the lost soul. January 22nd, 1989
Jesus The bearer of Glad Tidings. March 24th, 1989
Jesus The importance of developing the love nature April 9th, 1989
Jesus The Ebb and Flow of the Divine Love. October 1st, 1989
Jesus Step by step, God’s Kingdom is built with Love October 1st, 1989

Year 1990 to 1998

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus The Dissemination of Truth and Reincarnation. January 10th, 1990
Jesus Handling a church bequest. March 15th, 1990
Jesus Ordination confirmation. May 6th, 1990
Jesus Volume Insertions. December 30th, 1990
Jesus Presentation of the Volumes. December 30th, 1990
James Padgett Editing Volume II. March 9th, 1991
Jesus Editing Volume II. August 11th, 1991
Jesus Ripples become waves. November 29th, 1991
Jesus On Various Mediums. June 10th, 1992
Mary Magdalene Personal Communication. July 9th, 1992
Bill Reilly Bill Reilly arrives in spirit. October 10th, 1995
Jesus On Mr. Padgett’s Selection. May 15th, 1996
Jesus Why doesn’t he appear to people today, as he did to his disciples 2,000 years ago? July 20th, 1996
Jesus The problems of organised religious groups. October 20th, 1996
Jesus Jesus Answers Questions About Rembrant and Marc Chagall, Providing Insights on Life in the Spirit World. January 12, 1997
Jesus Advice on Healing… Comments on Books Purporting to be Written by God. February 1st, 1997
Jesus Some Answers to Personal Questions, Along With a Few Pearls of Wisdom… April 1st, 1997
Jesus Getting on in this world and the next. May 17th, 1997
Jesus The work that lies ahead. October 6th, 1997
James Padgett Personal Message. October 21st, 1997
John The band of angels who work at developing one’s gifts. October 21st, 1997
James Convincing the family. October 21st, 1997
Peter Overcoming the difficulties that lie ahead. October 27th, 1997
Jesus Much work lies ahead. November 24th, 1997
Jesus Answers questions about the fall of the first parents, and human cloning. March 8th, 1998
Mary Personal message. August 10th, 1998
Mary Mary: Heaven, Hell and Personal Advice. September 10th, 1998
Mary Mr. Padgett’s selection and his free will. October 15th, 1998
Mary Why do the Celestials let bad things happen? November 11th, 1998
Mary Personal Advice to A___ November 12th, 1998
Mary On mediums channeling untruth. November 25th, 1998
Mary Jesus’ ascension and Daniel’s prophecies. December 1998
Mary Why did God create us? December 10th, 1998

Year 1999

Author Title Date of Message
Mary The Urantia and Mormon Text. January 16th, 1999
Mary Sharing February 25th, 1999
Joseph Mind and Spirituality. March 4th, 1999
Kahlil Gibran Poetry March 19th, 1999
Jesus Annual Trance Message June 1999
Jesus On self-defense. July 6th, 1999
Mary On self-defense. July 7th, 1999
Jesus Take Your Problems to God and Leave Them There. July 27th, 1999
Jesus Dr. Samuels’ channelings. August 1st, 1999
Mary On the gift of spirit communication. August 5th, 1999
Mary Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen. August 6th, 1999
Jesus Spirits may adjust their appearance to meet the expectation of mortals to whom they appear. September 2nd, 1999
White Eagle Animals and natural love. September 4th, 1999
Jesus Prayer and protection from lower spirits. September 12th, 1999
Mary Answering personal questions and why James Padgett was chosen. September 16th, 1999
Mary & White Eagle The miracle of Fatima and the Love of God. September 19th, 1999
Jesus The bouncing sun of Fatima. September 19th, 1999.
Mary How the Laws of God operate upon the lives of men and women October 12th, 1999.
Jesus Sinful thoughts and the Law of Compensation. October 25th, 1999.
Mary On Cruelty to Animals. October 30th, 1999.
White Eagle Healing through the Instrumentality of Spirit Healers. November 3rd, 1999.
Jesus On healing. November 6th, 1999.
Mary You Ask What God Wants of You? Only Your Love! November 7th, 1999.
Mary and John On M___’s Lack of Self-Love. November 12th, 1999.
Lorenzo Encouragement for Alfredo. November 15th, 1999.
Andrew Personal Message. November 16th, 1999.
Andrew On Alfredo’s Doubts. November 16th, 1999.
John The Intransigence of Faith. November 18th, 1999.
Jesus Encouraging Alfredo. November 19th, 1999.
Aristotle On Reincarnation. November 19th, 1999.
John Encouraging Alfredo. November 20th, 1999.
Mary How the angels guide mortals. November 20th, 1999.
Mary Feelings of Unworthiness. November 23rd, 1999.
Mary How one may honor father and mother if they espouse violent or abusive behavior December 1st, 1999.
John On the Lack of Spirituality. December 2nd, 1999.
Mary & John Message of Encouragement. December 17th, 1999.
Peter Encouragement Given to Alfredo. December 19th, 1999.
Joseph Allowing the light to flow down… December 20th, 1999.
Jesus Dr. Samuels’ channelings and the importance of the reader’s own ability to employ the use of his or her own soul perceptions of these truths December 25th, 1999

Year 2000

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus On suicide. January 16th, 2000
Mary Embracing the uniqueness of the soul qualities. January 28th, 2000.
Joseph On Joseph of Arimethea. February 6th, 2000
Joseph The father of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea are one and the same person. February 9th, 2000
Mary You all have the capacity to be a channel for healing energies February 27th, 2000.
Mary Message of Hope. March 5th, 2000.
Jesus Walking on the water… March 5th, 2000.
John Personal Communication. March 13th, 2000
Jesus Trusting in others. March 19th, 2000.
Mary and David Coping with life. March 19th, 2000.
James Padgett and Dr Stone Promoting the Love among us. March 27th, 2000.
Mary You are the gift to this world. April 2nd, 2000.
A high Celestial Spirit Facts, Names, Dates and Discrepancies. April 2nd, 2000.
A high Celestial Spirit Mind, Love and Perfection. April 7th, 2000.
Joseph Praying for Divine Love Without Feeling Like a Fake; When Does One Receive Immortality? April 9th, 2000.
Mary With Love, You May Face Any Evil with Confidence. May 13th, 2000.
Jesus The Truth That Is Written in Your Soul Must Be Spoken in Every Language. June 4th, 2000.
A high Celestial Spirit Personal Advice; on the First Parents. June 19th, 2000.
Jesus Annual Trance Message June 25th 2000.
Andrew Personal Advice. July 21st, 2000.
Jesus Encouragement. July 30th, 2000.
A high Celestial Spirit Relationships August 2000.
Mary On the channelings through Patricia Talbott Borrero. August 8th, 2000.
John Getting Rid of Negative Spirit Influence. August 14th, 2000.
A high Celestial Spirit The meaning of Faith August 28th, 2000.
Jesus Alfredo and Swift Bear. August 28th, 2000.
Mary Prayer and Response. September 2nd, 2000.
Mary and John Encouragement given to W___. September 2nd, 2000.
Andrew Speaking in tongues September 4th, 2000
Jesus Is violence ever justified in self defence? September 8th, 2000
Swift Bear Why do so many people blame God for Evil? September 8th, 2000
Swift Bear Within My Heart…. September 23rd, 2000.
Mary and John Speaking in tongues September 24th, 2000
A high Celestial Spirit Why is it so hard to open our minds to Truth? September 28th, 2000
Mary The process of Spiritual Awakening October 8th, 2000
Mary What Influences a Soul to Turn to the Father. October 20th, 2000.
Swift Bear Our Development. November 2nd, 2000.
A high Celestial Spirit Problems of organised religious groups November 5th, 2000.
Mary The Fabric of Your Lives. November 10th, 2000.
Swift Bear Your Relationship with God. November 12th, 2000.
A high Celestial Spirit Message regarding praying for material blessings November 28th, 2000.
A high Celestial Spirit Seeking the Truth with Our Heart. November 30th, 2000.
A high Celestial Spirit Protection from Injury December 5th, 2000
A high Celestial Spirit Faith and How to Discover Truth December 19, 2000.
Jesus A Christmas message from Jesus December 25th, 2000
Mary What is Faith? December 28th, 2000
Mary Soul, Faith and Love. December 30th, 2000.