Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Born Without Sin.

August 28, 1986

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you this night to answer your questions and those of B.R. As to the subject of my being born without sin, this is a subject I know that has been confusing to many. The simple fact is that I was born of the Holy Spirit in the sense that God conferred upon me the privilege of exercising my free will unhampered by any tendencies to sin. And, thus, I was given the Adamic condition of free choice that was enjoyed by our first parents. In their case, however, they chose not to follow the Father’s Request that they seek His Love, whereas my choice was to accept this invitation.

If it were possible to receive this Love, as it was possible for our first parents, this brought about yet another opportunity for humankind to accept the Father’s Invitation. And, so, even as a small child, implanted within me was an inborn desire, if you will, to seek the Love of the Father. I, of course, had the free will to reject this invitation, as did the first parents. But, in my case, I embraced this opportunity. And, in so doing, the New Heart was born in humankind as exemplified in my person.

No special dispensation was conferred upon me, except in the sense that I was unhampered by any tendencies to sin. But, as you must know, the first parents also had a similar pristine condition of soul. But, in their case, their material desires overwhelmed their spiritual natures, and this led to sin and failure in obtaining the Love that was available to them for the asking.

B.R. would like to know how it was possible for me to be born without sin, and I can only say that it was within the Father’s Will and Desire that a one, such as myself, be given the second chance to embrace that which the original parents forfeited. Had I chosen not to embrace this opportunity, like the first parents, the privilege of receiving the Father’s Love may have once again been withdrawn from humankind. But, in my own nature, there was no such desire to forfeit this opportunity. In fact, as a child, and even before I was fully conscious of the availability of the Divine Love, my soul was of such a nature and desire to want to receive this Love. And, as I grew to manhood, only as I acquired further understanding did my desire for God’s Love intensify until the Love became a conscious possession within my soul. Had I not this original nature, much like others have natures geared toward other kinds of pursuits, my development might not have proceeded as rapidly as it did. But this is like the great pianist gifted with an exceptional ability or inclination from the beginning of his or her life.

There will come a time when giftedness will be better understood in general. That is, to achieve His Purposes and to enrich humankind, the Father often blesses individuals with exceptional abilities or inclinations, and my gift was in the spiritual domain.

I would encourage B.R. to continue with his thought reception attempts, as he has begun to experience some success in this area. He will be more successful, like yourself, through practice and the application of greater faith in his ability to receive and for us to truly send.

I hope I have answered your and B’s questions satisfactorily for the present. In time, our ability to communicate through you and others will increase, and many more will be enlisted in the service of spreading the Father’s Truths to humankind. Keep up the good work, my fellow co-workers, and know that I deeply appreciate all your loving efforts toward the propagation of Truth and the advancement of the cause of bringing more and more of humankind under the umbrella of the Father’s Protection. This is all I wish to say at this time, other than to mention that you have done well in receiving this message, and that your ability to so receive is improving. Until next time, then, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to deliver a message to you for the benefit of others. I love you, each and every one, and I am most pleased with all your loving efforts in the various tasks before you that you are performing so well.

You are tired now, and I must stop. I leave you now with all my love, appreciation, and blessings, and those of the Father.

I am your friend and brother,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.


This message was subsequently questioned by another medium here, and then D.L. again raised the subject here.