Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: The Holy Spirit and Born without Sin.

December 26, 1986

Received by K.S.


Medium: I’d appreciate your input very much; we feel that the Holy Spirit didn’t protect Jesus, causing him (you) to be born without sin. If the only function of the Holy Spirit is to convey Divine Love from the Father to the soul of the prayerful child, then how could It protect you from being born with sin?


I am here now to write, my beloved sister in Christ, and I realize how difficult it is to comprehend spiritual truths when trying to employ the material mind to do so. In fact, as you know, the reasoning mind cannot grasp spiritual truths until the soul has developed its love to a near condition of purity of thought and deed. And, so, when it tries to reason with some information, which differs from its former belief and understanding, there will be great resistance and even rejection of what may be true and accurate spiritual information.

Now, during your discussion last evening, I was present and saw your confusion and dilemma. Because of your sincere desires to know the truth and avoid conflict with your coworkers, I have come to convey my thoughts through you in a way to help clarify the explanation in as best a way I can.

You do understand that as you develop in soul purity, greater and higher spiritual truths can be perceived and, therefore, it sometimes seems to an individual that the truths have changed. But that is not true. Only you have grown in your ability to grasp higher truth.

Oftentimes when a person is struggling with his or her progression in love and truth, trying extremely hard to avoid doing anything which would offend or oppose the accuracy of the angels’ teachings, they would rather remain content with the messages dear to their hearts which they feel are tried and true - remain content, knowing that they will lead them toward the Father in ever-increasing closeness and love development of soul and strength of character and feeling of good will toward others - without having to learn new facts and try to fit them into their already full capacity to understand and explain.

This is understandable, and even acceptable to some degree. But, as you also know, change is the law eternal. This essentially means that as you grow you will necessarily change and you won’t have to change your opinion when you realize you will always learn new things and come into greater understandings of Truth, which you did not grasp previously. It will seem like change but it is actually a new awareness, an understanding or coming into greater perceptions of higher Truth which, when allowed, will help clarify the former with greater accuracy, if and when sought for through prayer.

Allow the perceptions of the soul to reach out through the reasoning powers of the mind and bring it into alignment with Truth. This can only be done through prayer and love and faith.

You have the proper attitude to help your understanding along when you allow it the chance to change and grow. As you have come to understand and accept the fact that souls are born with predispositions for certain talents and directions in life, then you can accept the fact that the Father chose me to be the carrier of the Good News - the Glad Tidings of His Love made available to His children.

If you can accept this to be the Truth, then you can extend your awareness to realize how susceptible my soul would be to longing for that oneness with the Father; how this would be first nature to me.

Imagine a pure soul incarnated into a fetus. A soul being purely spiritual is like a great mass of energy pulsating, bringing to life the embodiment it occupies. When my pure soul came into this embodiment with its predisposition to long for the Father’s Love, it had that time of gestation to do little else.

When you realize that the first Divine Love received goes toward the purification of the natural love, then I could have been born free from sin only because the Divine Love from the Father had already purified my soul.

The reason this has been so difficult for people to understand or accept or grasp is because they do not, generally, give an unborn child credit for having the ability to function as an individual personality, even when they know the thoughts and activities of the parents have a great effect upon the development of that unborn child.

So, in a sense, you could see how in this case I would have been “protected” by the Holy Spirit, even though “protected” wouldn’t be the correct definition. It purified my soul by bringing the Father’s Divine Love into me, thus causing me to be born without sin.

Now, I will address the question of why I wasn’t completely transformed until I was thirty-three years old, if I was born without sin; and this has to do, particularly, with the times and condition of the world and humankind as a whole.

As you know, when a person is living in the world, interacting and functioning in the material affairs of life, there is a definite distraction from the spiritual direction. Even learning to function in the physical body is quite an accomplishment. Learning to talk, to reason, to interpret the thoughts into actions, to learn and grow, are all consuming. Along with having a pure soul, I had a desire to please, to cooperate with suggestions and desires of parents, to fit in with family requirements and ways of life in those times, which were difficult, to say the least.

Even though my soul was still actively reaching out to the Father for that fulfillment of oneness with Him, I was not able to integrate these soul desires into my material life right away. I had no one to teach me the way to the Father but the Father, Himself.

And, when my family was recognizing me as “different” from the other children, I was well up into my teens. This is when my soul longings were pulling me away from the purely material way of life into an abstract, more wistful, frame of being and feeling.

I could not explain it. I was even concerned about not feeling the same ardent zealousness I could see was active in my brothers. But I KNEW this anger was wrong; I knew in my heart and soul that peace would not be gained by fighting the enemy on a material level. But, in time, I realized only by fighting the enemy of negativity, which resides on one’s soul can one come into harmony with love.

You have the great advantage of learning, also, with your material, or reasoning, mind the way the transformation takes place, which means you can work on it from both directions at once and can, therefore, achieve your desired goal sooner than if you didn’t have this understanding.

You can faintly grasp what I must have been up against, with a soul longing for at-onement with God and a mind desiring to please and fit in with the family and the way it functioned that is, and was, a real mind/soul conflict which caused me great distress and even confusion.

The teen years are hard, at best, but when you have a soul pulling you in one direction and a mind trying to cooperate with the status quo, believing something was wrong with the way you felt and thought but, yet, not being able to bring your heart into alignment with the surrounding activities, it made the growing up extremely difficult.

So, when my soul desires became so powerful as to take ascendancy over my mind’s desires to conform, then I had to succumb to the greater desires of my soul and go about my Father’s business, not being concerned any longer that my family didn’t accept me as “normal,” acknowledging that I was different, even though not knowing why or how I became different in my thinking and feeling.

This information I have not delivered before because it would not have been productive for it to have been expressed. But, now, I feel it will be productive and even be comprehended by those of you who have progressed in the purification of your love.

I hope, and also know, this will be helpful to your work, even if you find you cannot share it with the “general public” because you don’t want to create more adversity to the teachings than you already have.

I love you each so very much, and watch over you in your every thought. Even though we allow you to go through your struggles because we cannot advance you through them, as we would like to do, we still help you through some in ways we are able.

And, thank you for your continuing dedication to the work, in spite of the frustrations and setbacks. I will leave you now, with my blessings and thank you, again, for allowing me to come through as I have.

I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.