Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Born without Sin.

February 4, 1988

Received by D.L.


Dearest Master, Jesus, in your message, “Souls at Creation … ”, given in 1961 and 1962 through Dr. Samuels, you stated:

“No, I did not have the Divine Love in my soul before birth, but my soul, as I said before, was already predisposed to receive It at birth without conscious thought…”

But in your message through K.S. of September 20, 1986, 1 you specify that you first received the Divine Love as a foetus predisposed with soul longings for It, which was what enabled you to be born without sin owing to Its purifying effect upon the encrustments upon your soul that you inherited from your forebears with regard to the natural love. Can you resolve this apparent contradiction for us?

Secondly, in that same 1961-62 message through Dr. Samuels, you declared:

“…It was not foreordained that I should become the Messiah, except that I was constituted in soul at birth for the mission… ”

And, yet, in that same 1986 message through K.S., you stated:

“As you have come to understand and accept the fact that souls are born with predispositions for certain talents and directions in life, then you can accept the fact that the Father chose me to be the carrier of the Good News…”

Also, on page 10 of volume I, you state:

“I know that I was sent by the Father to perform the mission which I performed, and that it was intended in the beginning that I should be anointed as the Christ, but this I did not know until after I became a man and was then told what my mission was by the angel and my own inner voice.”

Well, Master, was it not foreordained that you should become the Messiah, as declared through Dr. Samuels, or were you in fact chosen to be the Messiah, as you declared through both K.S. and Mr. Padgett?

I pray that I may be a clear enough channel today to receive your answers to these questions for the benefit of all humankind, and I now welcome your loving presence and response.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you gladly this evening in an attempt to answer your questions satisfactorily, and for the benefit of others who also may have similar concerns about the issues you have addressed. Of course, as you know from our rapport, I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church on earth.

As to the first question concerning whether or not I was born without sin, the answer to that question is that I was born without sin, as specified in many places throughout the volumes. However, I can understand your confusion as to how I could be born without sin and yet not possess some portion of the Divine Love in my soul at the time of my birth. The answer, as you have been influenced to receive prior to this message, is that my soul longings for at-onement with our Heavenly Father as a developing foetus did draw the Divine Love to me; yet the initial work of this Love was not to infill my soul, but to remove the encrustments on the surface of my soul that I inherited from my forebears in the form of not actual sins attributable to any wrongdoing on my part, but rather in the form of inclinations or tendencies to sin that have formed a part of humankind’s inheritance ever since man’s fall from his original perfection. These tendencies to sin, that form a part of humankind’s inheritance of today, become sins, as you know, only when such inclinations are acted upon. Nevertheless, they are decidedly encumbrances to the soul in that they carry a certain degree of influential force toward sinning in thought and deed.

Now, had I been born with these encumbrances, as most all of my brethren have been, I would have been just as likely to act upon these sinful tendencies as the next man. And, in so doing, I certainly would not have been in that soulful state whereupon I could be either entrusted or enabled to carry out the Messianic mission which I later came to realize was intended. And, so, to achieve this Messianic purpose, it was necessary that one be born who had the same pristine purity of soul enjoyed by the first parents. No chance of success as the Messiah of God could be realized unless I was blessed with completely free choice, which is to say choice unencumbered by any sins or tendencies to sin.

In the message through K.S., you were told that my soul nature was such as to long for at-onement with our Heavenly Father, even in the foetal stage of development, and this was and is true. This longing was not expressed in prayer but in the form of soul yearning. And this yearning, of itself, was sufficient to both attract the Divine Love and to allow It to perform Its initial work upon my soul, which was not to transform it but to cleanse it from the inherited tendencies to sin that surround the soul. The soul, itself, in its unincarnated state, is pure and unblemished. But upon the soul’s incarnation into the flesh, it takes on these inherited encrustments in the form of what might best be described as “coverings” upon the soul. But underneath these coverings is the same pure soul, now encumbered by these encrustments. What the Divine Love accomplished upon Its entrance, then, was to remove these encumbrances so that my soul would remain undefiled, pure, and free from all baleful influences. Of course, as you might well imagine, as a growing foetus, I had no conscious awareness of this process of soul purification as it was occurring. Nevertheless, I have been informed by our Heavenly Father that this is what occurred.

Now, it might be wondered why this information has not been communicated before, and prior to K.S.’s message in 1986 and this present one. The answer is largely that humankind has had enough difficulty understanding how it could be that I was born without sin without going into the finer nuances of this great happening. However, as I said through K____, there are those among you who have developed sufficiently in both scientific understanding and soul development to be able to now understand these nuances.

If the Father had continued this process of Divine cleansing beyond the removal of inherited encrustments, there would have come that point where the Divine Love would have gone beyond “surface cleaning,” if you will, and would have permeated and entered my soul, which I will hasten to add was by then restored to its original pristine purity. But to do this would have meant in-filling and implanting some portion of the Divine Love into my soul. And, as you know, this would have transcended the Father’s Purpose for humankind’s beginnings; for the Father’s Borning Law was and is fixed in that no man or woman is ever incarnated with any portion of the Divine as a part of their finitely intended souls’ entrance upon the mortal phase of their existence. It is only after birth takes place when the opportunity is given to all souls to receive and possess portions of the Divine Love though prayer and fervent soul yearnings.

Thus, as other men before me, I was born with no portion of the Divine Love within me. But it would be correct to say that the Divine Love was employed in the service of removing those inherited encrustments from my soul that would have prevented me from being born without sin and in the same pristine condition of soul enjoyed by our first parents.

As you have meditated upon how the Divine Love works upon the soul post-birth, you were given to understand inspirationally that Its work then is to permeate the soul and to change its character into a different substance altogether. And you are correct in the thought that the soul, which contains the natural love, is being purified and restored while, at the same time, it is being transformed into the Divine Substance of Love that comprises the composition of the Father’s Own Divine and Immortal Soul. It would not be correct to say that the Divine Love first works to purify the natural love before It begins Its transforming effect, because these two processes occur concurrently or simultaneously. For, as you must know, any portion of Divine Love that performs more than a removal of an outer encrustment is a portion that actually permeates and enters the soul itself; and, once this occurs, the soul can never remain the same again. To the extent of the Love received, the soul now takes on some measure of the Father’s Divinity, and the “Yeast” placed in the soul’s “batch” begins Its work of soul transformation. Keep in mind that the human soul is of a pure substance in and of itself. Encrustments owing to sin, error, and evils of any variety, form their encumbering coverings upon the soul, but the soul itself is not changed in actual substance beneath these encrustments. The work of both the natural love and the Divine Love, then, is to remove these encrustments so that the soul can shine forth again as the beautiful creation that it is. Of course, the Divine Love’s work is also to work within the soul to make of it a substance divine, like unto the Father’s Divine Soul. But, essentially, both loves strive for purification and restoration, and this process continues until one, the other, or both achieve this goal. And it would only be repetitious for me to say that this process varies greatly among humankind in terms of application and duration.

Now, to move on to your other question, there is indeed a difference between “choosing” and “compelling,” and this distinction is what lies at the heart of the answer to your question. The Father did choose me to be His Messiah, for He never would have purified my soul in preparation for this mission had this not been His Intention. However, as I have attempted to explain and clarify before, the choice to accept this mission was entirely my own. Perhaps it would be correct to say that the Father knew I would choose to carry out His Will in this regard, but never was my choice to do so compelled in any way. As I have said before, I was perfectly free to reject the mission that the Father desired I embrace, but my spiritual nature was such that my only desire was to achieve closer and closer at-onement of soul with Him. Accordingly, the natural outcome of such an aspiration was to become qualified through soul transformation to accept the mission for which I was prepared. Had I not done so, I would have actually violated my own nature and free will desire to embrace this opportunity. And, as you know, no one turns his back on that goal or fulfillment which he truly desires to make his own.

So, in summary, the Father indeed chose me to perform the mission that I did, but I did not become aware of my own option to accept or reject this opportunity, if you will, until I had achieved manhood and nearly complete soul transformation. One might say, then, that the Father “prepared the way” for me, but this with my cooperation at every step of that way. And when the time came that I became possessed of the knowledge of the Messianic mission then offered to me, of course, I could do nothing else but to accept, and to accept with great gratitude and happiness.

I hope that I have helped to answer both of your questions satisfactorily. I realize that the whole question of my birth, my mission, and the Father’s Part in all of this has remained somewhat of a mystery to humankind for these many years. But with this added information that I have imparted this evening, I hope that at least where you, the Trustees, and the readers of this message are concerned, these mysteries will remain mysteries no longer, but will hereafter be understood with greater clarity and satisfaction of soul.

And, so, my brother, this having been a longer message than usual, it is time now that I leave you again with my love and blessings until our next formal communication. I realize that you now have considerable editorial work before you, and I desire that you proceed with this without anxiety or concern about when our next writing session shall take place. I am always available, as you know, but I entreat you to call upon me only as you feel comfortable and free of other church work before you to do so.

In closing, I wish to express my love to all our co-workers in the flesh who we continue to watch over with great care and solicitude. Keep up your fine work and efforts for the Kingdom, my beloved children, and know that we are ever by your sides attempting to inspire you and make of all your efforts a great success. Until next time, then, know that my blessings and the Blessings of the Father are ever with you.

Your friend and brother in Christ, Jesus.


1 It would appear that I do not have this message and it is not available elsewhere on the web.