Miscellaneous Messages from Dr. Samuels

Souls at Creation, Development & Dematerialisation.

July 25th, 1961 & April 20th, 1962

Received by Dr. Samuels.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I want to write you on the questions which has come up to intrigue some of the California Members of the Foundation Church of the New Birth about the creation of the Messiah as a soul and the Divine Love which as a child the Messiah did receive from the Father.

In the first place, all human beings, since they are the children of the Father, are blessed, inasmuch as they owe their soul existence, and the possibility of eternal life with Him, to the Love and mercy of the Father. These souls have been brought into existence because He desired counterparts of Himself helping Him to do his work and glorifying Him, souls of His Soul and yet individuals free in the great gift of freewill. Whether these souls were brought into being as one act of soul creation, or whether they are the result of separate acts, and at what time in God’s Eternity of time, has not been revealed for forces and ages are involved that man or spirit has no real conception of, and since man as a recorder of time, goes back only a few thousand years, and since as a creature on earth only a few million years, the earliest man has no understanding of the vast eons of time even before the creation of the solar system, and no system of time measurement has been found to determine such a period, for as of now, time is measurable by space, and the space-marks which existed at the time, or times of soul creation are no longer in existence. Souls are created from the soul of God, in my understanding, as a projection of His Soul Will, in a way that thus far has remained unknown to the spirits of the Celestial Heavens, for while we can understand the Will of the Creator to a certain extent and seek to help to fulfil His Will, we have no power to create souls for we are not God, but simply souls possessed of the divine essence of God to the extent and realization of soul immortality but we do administer to the souls of men and spirits, like the Elder Brothers we are, after their incarnation and the possession and consciousness of individuality, in the mortal life and in the world of spirits.

Souls at creation, to my understanding, are endowed in certain proportions with the wonderful qualities of the Father, less that of divine quality, so that in this way they are subject to the influence of either good or bad, of their forebears, and with his FREE WILL, man may turn to the Father to eliminate evils in his soul and obtain the divine quality through prayer to the Father for His Love. When the earliest man appeared, he had a perfect soul with intuition that he had been created by the Father and a standard for conduct which, if only intuitive or unconscious, lifted him above the other creatures, who were soul-less, living on the earth, and in this way he possessed a double set of emotions, one flowing from his condition as a creature of god, and inherent in him on the base animal level, and the other stemming from his position as a human being, implanted with a soul created by the Father for higher living and development, for the fulfillment of the spiritual values. Man could have eliminated the undesirable animal elements within him, retained the perfection of his soul and become possessed of the Divine Love, and at-one-ment with God, had he prayed to the Father for this Love, but he did not, and lost by his act the potentiality of receiving it and contaminated his soul with those acts of the animal nature which were not in harmony with the nature of God, brutalized his soul to the point where it became non-operative and dormant, and he became like the beasts in the field, functioning only on the animal level. It is from this point that man has began to make his slow recovery, and that is why man is born with evils so encrusted around his soul that they act like part of his soul, which they are not, and he must make tremendous efforts to remove them.

It is man’s knowledge that he has a soul, that is inherently pure, that encourages him to strive to make himself a better human being. This is living the moral and ethical life, which was prescribed by Hammurabi (a Semitic King ruling in Babylon 1728-1686 BCE) and Moses, stands in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, but it gives purity of soul as its ultimate reward. Prayer for the Father’s Love not only purifies more quickly, but also transforms the soul from the human to the Divine Soul, the first example of which was provided by me, namely, Jesus Ben Joseph, the Messiah of God and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

Of much interest today is the question of when I became the Messiah - at the creation of my soul by God in the midst of the ageless eons of the past, or at the moment when I was incarnated as an incarnate soul in the womb of my mother, Mary, or at birth. I have already said that God creates, or has created, souls, with His great qualities, in a way known only to His soul, and without the divinity, which his qualities possess. The soul is subject to the influences, good or bad, of forebears and the moment of birth is also influential, in that God’s law of time and qualitative effect are also operative for all.

To show in only one way the workings of God’s Laws of time, you may understand that conditions about the time of my birth pointed to the imminence of the Messiah to earth. Daniel, the story of a prophet by his name, worked out through a vision of God that the end time, more precisely, the end time of the Hebrew dispensation and the beginning of the time of the Messiah himself, which I had knowledge of through study and revelation, was to begin his teaching of the Divine Love by what you call 26 A. D.

Why was it given unto Abraham, Moses and the prophets to be what they were? They acted as they did because they had human souls - not divine souls, I must repeat - which because of their constitution and human heredity, of God’s laws of time and qualitative effect, and because of their use of FREE WILL CHOICE, also a Great Law of God, they generated activities in the direction they took and because the circumstances of their day required them to do so in order to fulfill themselves as human personalities and individualities.

Why was it given unto man to be Adam or Eve? Thus, as some incarnated souls become great painters, great scientists (they could not become great scientists before their age of science, even if endowed with the greatest talents), and great philosophers, the prophets became great men of God’s Will because their individual souls were equipped through endowment and diverse forces working through them; and their use of Free Will, at the moment of historical circumstance or situation demanding their action.

And thus it was that I, Jesus Ben Joseph, became the Messiah. It was not foreordained that I should become the Messiah, except that I was constituted in soul at birth for the mission; I determined upon that mission by my own free choice of free will; and the circumstances, namely the Roman iron grip on Palestine, the appearance of the New Covenants of Damascus, the retreat to the dead sea among the Essenes, the publication of Enoch the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, the Assumption of Moses, the Psalms of Solomon, the rise of the Chassid’s following the disaster of the Second Temple Living, the growth of the Sadduccees and the Pharisaic Party, a member of which my Father was, and an admirer of the teachings of Hillel, the realization that the Divine Love would not become a reality to mankind unless I, Jesus, preached it, an the Temple and the people would be eventually destroyed, due to Zealotic intransigence in the face of Roman brutality. The circumstances, I repeat, demanded that I give myself to this mission, even though it resulted in my death, which I knew I would have to face and undergo, not because of any mysticism such as now preached in the churches, but because the temper and the violence of the times so dictated.

At birth God did not deliberately bestow upon me the Divine Love, but I did receive some small potions of it into my soul because my soul, constituted in a way to understand the meaning of God, as others understand great art, science or literature, experienced longing for the Divine Love without my being aware, as a child, that this was actually taking place, and it was only later, as I continued to study while helping my father Joseph in his carpentry shop, did I have an understanding of what was happening.

No, I did not have the Divine Love in my soul before birth, but my soul, as I have said before, was already predisposed to receive it at birth without conscious thought. That is why there are members of the orthodox churches who have, and are receiving, some of the Divine Love without knowing that they have it, simply because their respective churches do not preach Divine Love, and many of them would indignantly reject it as being contrary to doctrine if they were told about it, as I hope that in time they will be so informed, if not on earth then in the spirit life. Yet these people experience an inflowing of the Divine Love when their souls are aroused to emotion, perhaps by the uplifting of church music, seeks at-one-ment with the Father as an earnest longing. So you see that the Divine Love, as I have stated, many times before, enters the soul as a result of a soul longing, and not because of any prayer offered merely with the brain - it must be a sincere prayer that comes from the soul, or to put it another way, an earnest prayer that comes from the heart. Neither does the Father bestow His Love upon those who do not seek it; and that is why I keep repeating “pray to the Father for His Love.” These things are miracles indeed, but only in the sense that all life is a miracle, all creation a miracle, the human soul and the transformation of that human soul into a Divine soul. But instead of a “miracle” a word which is so widely employed and misunderstood by the orthodox churches, let us use an expression that more aptly fits the ineffable workings of the Father’s Ways - His love.

I wish to emphasize two important principles of the Divine Love; that it was never available to mankind before my birth, for it was first given on earth, not in the spirit-world, and, in fact, I preached its availability in the spirit world after the crucifixion; and secondly the Father never bestows upon the soul this Divine Love if that soul does not seek it in earnest prayer, and that is why, while my soul, predisposed to becoming the Messiah by constitution, it was never preordained that it should be so, but I chose to be the Messiah and undertook to preach the “good news” of my own free will, because I met the challenge of the historical circumstances that prevailed, and neither was it preordained that I should die on the cross, but neither did I stop preaching when I realized the opposition of the high priests and Roman barbarism that made my arrest and death a certainty, because in preaching the Divine Love I was true to my mission as the Messiah of God, and was, and am, faithful unto Him.

And now the second question about the resurrection. The question as to whether I rose immediately from my body on death, or whether I stayed in the body until burial, may be answered by stating quickly that the first is correct.

When Luke wrote in Volume I, page 326, and 3rd paragraph, in TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW, “Dematerialization of Jesus’ body,” and “After the tomb was sealed Jesus arose,” this was simply a figure of speech, and simply indicated that from the time of the sealing of the tomb, or official burial, I went about my business as a spirit, whereas until that time I simply accompanied the body, from without, and observed the events, waiting until the ritual of burial had been duly accomplished.

One must remember that on death, countless individual cells remain alive for as much as days, and even hair will continue to grow, until deprivation of substance brings total demise. The release of cosmic force upon the body caused rapid acceleration of cellular, or molecular, death, as well as corporeal evaporation through a kind of thermal action. I applied cosmic energy that caused the disappearance of man in short order, energy that has always existed in the universe is known to modern science to a limited extent, and may some day be used by man.

In respect to culling of elements from the universe, each mortal does this not only on eating or drinking, but also in breathing the air about him. He does this not only to replenish needed energy, but also to replace the atoms in his body, almost all of which he loses within the space of a year.

Air and food thus provide the entire mortal frame, once a child is born within its body, resultant from a natural process, taking place within the body itself. Spiritual culling of the eternal cosmic elements to give an appearance of flesh conforms to a process of building of organic molecules around a spirit body. This rebuilding, or ammaterialization, took place in a way similar to that wherein ectoplasm borrowed from mediums is used to enable a spirit body to be visible to mortal eyes.

But the process of transformation from cosmic matter to substance like unto flesh without benefit of a bodily organism took place from spiritual energy applied with Divine Love to mass with an effect quite the reverse of what happens in disintegration. In birth, bodily growth and decay, natural forces within the body are operative according to natural law, but in both dematerialization and molecular accumulation, or, as I have said, ammaterialization, spiritual force is applied from without to the body, or to a spirit body.

Unto you all, who are helping me in my work of bringing the truths of the Father and the Kingdom, I want to pour out my sincere blessings of love. and ask the Father to Bless you with His Great Blessings of Divine Love;

Your Elder Brother