Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: The Fabric of Your Lives.

November 10, 2000

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


_Dear and Loving Father/Mother, I pray for an inflowing of Your Divine Love into my soul at this time that I may come into rapport with Your ministering angels. I pray to do only Your Will in serving the needs of Your children. Protect me from any lower spirit influence - I pray for faith in the Power of Your Love to guide and protect me. B__ has a question of the angels. He wants to know if he is gong in the right direction and asks for their wisdom. I love You, God, with all my heart. Amen_


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary the mother of Jesus and a true follower of my son and Master, who leads us into at-onement with the Soul of God in Divine Love. I wish to give B__ a message regarding his faith, for it is his faith that will allow him to understand the truth.

There are many different options you have as mortals to solve the problems of your material life. Some of these options come clear to you as opportunities that you embrace wholeheartedly, and some present themselves as a challenge to your limitations. Where you see an opportunity that you have desired and prayed for, it is easy to apply your love and faith to it and accept it as a blessing. But when the opportunity is one that throws you off-guard, so to speak, an unexpected answer to your prayers that would cause you to make hard decisions, it is more difficult to see its blessing.

What the difference is here is your mind’s perception of what you think you need, and the closer the situations presented to you are to what you want or what you believe is the “right” thing, the more your heart can be in control. You relax, you think that all is well with the world and you feel the Beneficence of God. But, my children you must realize that you are never without the Beneficence of God, even when the circumstances of your life appear tragic. The workings of His Laws are bringing you closer to His Fountainhead of Love, for it is Love that provides our reason for existence and this Love is the answer to any problem.

Begin with yourselves. Love the wonderful creation of your soul, mind and body. See its goodness and how it can not only survive in this material world, but with Love rise to the heights of your exalted purpose. Love yourselves. From this love, then, see that you are a light in the darkness. You are the answer. It does not matter too much to those forces that determine your fate and the fate of others what is done on the material level of your existence. What is of the greatest influence upon your quality of life is the motive with which you act and what you believe is true.

You must understand that beyond the material sight is a network intricately woven into the fabric of your lives that begins from the Source of All Love, weaving itself into the minor details of your daily affairs. The hands that reach out to you from heaven and earth are extended to you with the desire to help, to serve - and you are the object of their quest. Please let us take you into this Loving embrace even if you may not see it surrounding you, moving with you everywhere you turn, steadying you when you falter and ask if you are right. My children, you are so right! If only you could see the glory of your souls as we see them. It brings tears to our eyes in gratitude for you, our brothers and sisters on earth who love God and your fellows.

Have faith, B__, in this goodness and you will have no doubt that whatever you touch turns into the golden light of Love, for you are Love. Is this not why you do anything? Is it not your desire to love God and one another with everything you’ve got? You know the answer is “yes.” Give yourselves permission then to have faith, be confident in your decisions and your actions, knowing that they come from your heart, your soul.

And you may rest in the knowledge that within the fabric of this Kingdom of Love, you are always “arriving” to your goal, you are enmeshed into this fabric as a part of its pattern as we are, your Celestial brothers and sisters, here with you.

I love you and I have faith in you. You are blessed and beloved. I am Mary, the mother of Jesus and your sister-thread in Christ.