Messages 1984 to 2000

Lorenzo: Encouragement for Alfredo.

November 15, 1999


Received by Alfredo


Now you have already started a new period manifest in yourself. God has heard your prayers, and the same have been answered.

Now you have felt the reality of your senses, even though you begin a new period, a new way, along which you have to direct your steps towards the spiritual perfection.

Don’t lose courage along this track, for it is a difficult way to go through, because your soul condition or qualities are not developed completely. You have to insist to receive those messages daily, for they will fill your soul and spirit with happiness, a happiness that will help to develop the spirit.

Unfortunately, many times doubts will invade you and you will not know why it happens to you. But do not worry about it, for your spirit has to develop, in order to manifest qualities of faith, and this you can obtain through prayer, prayer to the Heavenly Father, Who hears you at any moment and Who knows perfectly well your uneasiness.

You have to succeed, because in your heart certain spiritual purity is found, which longs for the manifestation of the spiritual truths, and, of course, your heart will be filled with that you are striving for. Only be patient and you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

With love from your appreciative brother Lorenzo