Messages 1984 to 2000

Joseph: The father of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea are one and the same person.

Aptos, California

February 9, 2000

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here, Joseph. I am the father of Jesus, and it is odd for me to introduce myself in this way for the reason that when I became aware of the mission my son proclaimed to have on earth as the Messiah, I needed to understand that our one true Father is the Creator of our souls and that His Gift of Divine Love was what elevated my son beyond me in soul development and understanding of his true relationship to God and his earthly family.

Yes, I am Joseph of Arimathea,1 and I was very careful during the tumultuous times when my son was considered a heretic against the Judaic law and was also looked upon as a threat by Rome due to his influence over so many of the simple people. Due to her mother’s love, Mary, my wife, was able to remain close to our son in her heart and the tenderness of her love for him, but it was not so easy for me, a father of sons and daughters who looked to my authority in asking if their brother was right in what he was teaching. I was torn in my paternal sense of responsibility, and because I did not have the understanding in my soul and mind of what he was claiming, I was not sure that it would be the best to share with my family the doubts and questions that plagued me.

There is some blessing in the events of his having been a true son of God, that people considered him conceived of the Holy Spirit and that I retreated from the limelight. Mary was not in that position, due to Judaic law recognizing the lineage from the mother, and she was there with him at the time of his death and afterward. But I have enjoyed this anonymity for these many years and I am not so willing to come forward and claim to be the rightful earthly father of this beautiful and redeemed child of God. He, by the example he set for others, was the true son of God, and his relationship to me is of not too much consequence. For what we need to learn and embrace with all our faith is that we are born of Spirit and this is the first and truest relationship we have to God and humankind.

I wish to state that I was considering the possibility of sharing the information of this fact that Joseph of Arimathea and Joseph the father of Jesus were, indeed, one in the same, but I was not so attached to getting this information through, and Padgett was not likely to have had an easy time of accepting this from me, although Helen and Jesus could have worked on his acceptance of this fact. It was also considered that it may hurt the cause of sharing these truths with others more than it would have helped, because there was already much skepticism of the reality of spirit/mortal communication, not to mention the breaking down of the doctrines that were so common among Christians during that time.

So, it was easier to transmit this information through Samuels, who already made some connection in his own mind of the possibility that Joseph of Arimathea was Joseph the father, and during that time, there were more evidences of people’s minds considering the falsities of the doctrines of the churches.

I state again that I enjoy being in the shadow, and allowing my son Jesus to claim his rightful Father as being our beloved Maker, for I have since my days of doubt and darkness of mind realized this Truth and prayed to Him for His saving Love to lift me to the place that I could look into the eyes of my son with pride and recognition rather than shame and ignorance.

I will leave you now and hope that this finds its way into the hearts and minds of those who struggle with this dilemma. Consider the truth as something that unfolds in its own time, in its own way, and that one must consider the truth with a soul developed in Divine Love, which is awakened in its perceptions of love and faith.

I am Joseph,

the father of Jesus - the father of the prophet,

Joseph of Arimathea.


1 This message has not been as clearly received as it could have. What I believe is being said, is that Joseph the father of Jesus used the cover of “Joseph of Arimathea” to recover and bury his son. We have another message supporting this statement. One from Joseph.

This message has significant consequences, as there are many who believe that Joseph died in Jesus’ childhood. It supports two others, one via Samuels, and one via K.S.