Messages 1984 to 2000

Joseph: On Joseph of Arimethea.

Santa Cruz, California

February 6, 2000

Received by K.S.


Dear Creator Soul, I pray for a great inflowing of Your Love at this time. I pray that if I’m in condition to receive thoughts clearly from a Celestial angel, that one might address the question if Joseph, the father of Jesus, is one and the same person as Joseph of Arimethea.

I had the feeling that dear Joseph has been watching over me for a long time and that he would prefer to remain anonymous. Perhaps I can discover if this was an accurate impression. We want to serve You, dear Heavenly Father, we desire to do Your Will in our lives. We want to be disciples of Jesus and follow in his footsteps. We pray to become better examples of Your Divine Love made manifest in our daily living. Help us become more loving toward all our brothers and sisters. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you in answer to your desire to receive a written message from a Celestial spirit. I am he who acknowledged previously to you that I have been in your band for many years and, yes, I do prefer to remain out of the limelight, so to speak. I feel for myself, even though “privacy” isn’t exactly an option when we strive to serve our Father in Heaven, that I am more free to do my work of service when attention isn’t brought onto my activities, and therefore the actions escape the misinterpretation of the masses.

I am Joseph, the father of Jesus, and as you also perceived, this desire for anonymity was present in me even when I offered my tomb to my beloved son for his burial, by using a different name, in part.

We know that there are many scientifically-minded people who are seeking truth in their own individual ways. Some are more suited to finding it because they are more flexible and willing to bend, to acknowledge that the vast world beyond the gross physical is beyond their understanding. As you have been told, truth often does not fit into the framework of “reason”, and this is because the mind is limited and swayed by its experiences.

We of the Celestial Realms have great compassion and patience with God’s children who are earnestly seeking truth with their hearts, being sincere in their desires to do God’s Will. We help them in all ways that we are able; there are many stumbling blocks in the material world - and many of these are put up or created by the individuals themselves.

Perhaps seeing yourselves as your own worst enemy isn’t primarily productive, but it may help you be willing to pray more sincerely and frequently to put aside your limited concepts and be open to the reality and workings of higher laws and truths which are above and beyond your grasp. The only reason these stay out of reach for you is because you limit yourselves by trying to understand them with your reasoning mind. But until the Love has taken lodgment in your souls to greater degrees, and until that love is allowed to flow freely to others, with the hope and desire in your own hearts to be that example of love you can be, these higher possibilities will remain out of reach, just out of reach to you. You have the ability to reach them. You have an abundance of God’s Love in your souls, but you fail to activate the faith which is necessary to make the soul longings a real, living existence in your daily living.

Oftentimes, you attract what you think you deserve. This is based on a lack of self love, in part, and because you believe that the world doesn’t have anything more to offer. Do you see how this kind of thinking, even if it is on the unaware level, would interfere with your higher blessings and rewards? You may be believe that you are putting aside your blocks and limitations, you may feel that you are activating your faith to the greatest of your ability, but this letting go has to be executed more fully and more consistently in order to open the recesses of your minds to greater possibilities which at present lie just beyond your reach. We are patient with you. We love you with an ever-present and abiding love. We are aware of the struggles you put yourselves through and help you steer around the obstacles as best we can, but some are gigantic and you seem to like hanging onto them. And maybe you would disagree with that statement, but from our perspective, we can come to no other conclusion.

Now that’s meant to be a reprimand and, of course, we don’t enjoy scolding you, but sometimes it is what’s needed to help open your eyes to how you perpetuate your lack of joy and fulfillment by failing to manifest your greater faith in the powers that be to help you up from your negative habit patterns and the attitude that you may not be deserving of the wonderful blessings which await you, just around the corner.

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a lecture, so I hope it will be helpful. And you may share your messages with others as you are so moved by your love, and it is up to them to decide if there is anything in the writings which they can apply to their own life and progression.

Each and every soul has to make his or her relationship to God in the best way they can. Some people are predisposed to have insatiable appetites for spiritual food, and seek for it with never-ending zeal, while others are satisfied with less, even though they may not realize how dissatisfied they really are.

I will let you go now, my dear charge, and assure you that I will continue being one of your guardian angels, protecting you from yourself as much as possible from your lack of self love, from your feeling the need to settle for less than you deserve. Keep praying, extending your faith to its limits and you will find great rewards in your life.

I am your friend and brother in Christ,


the father of Jesus

and a follower of his teachings about God’s redeeming Love


This message has significant consequences, as there are many who believe that Joseph died in Jesus’ childhood. It supports two others, one viaSamuels, and one via A.R..