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Jesus: Nourishment for the Soul.

April 23, 1987

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you this day to once again bring you my thoughts and love for the benefit of others who yet have not heard of the Promises of the Father to His children. I am Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

Today I wish to speak on a subject of some importance dealing with the Truths of the Father as this pertains to man’s development and progress on earth. As you know, man has but a short time on earth, comparatively speaking, and his task in this short span of time is to learn of those things which will make his time on earth not only happy and productive but which will also prepare him for the spirit life which lies ahead of him.

If a man will but think, and, in thinking, know that his life here is only for a short span, he will realize that his time spent must be made the most of. It will not do for him to merely live as if there were no tomorrow, and as if there were no accounting to be made of how his life is led on earth. Every thought and act of man has relevance to both his development and his future progress in the spirit world. Accordingly, these thoughts and actions should be such as to ensure good progress and positive outcomes in terms of his spiritual development. Man is a spiritual being, first and foremost, as I have said before, and it will not do for him to neglect this essential nature of his being by attending only to those material things which are thought to make one’s life more comfortable and p1easurable. Beyond these necessary material provisions and comforts are other provisions which are far more important to the welfare of all of God’s children.

Prayer may seem to be a small thing in terms of what people usually view as a requirement for living, but it is one of the most vital practices that a person can engage in. Prayer brings the soul of man into unison with the Soul of the Father, and from this union all blessings flow from the Father. Man does have the choice of going it alone, but what profiteth a man if he gain the whole world in so doing, and yet lose his soul in the process? You have read and heard of what a lost soul is - it is one that does not have the Divine Love of the Father residing therein. And this is as true today as it has ever been. Man is no different a creature today in the essentials of his make-up as he was in my day or in days past. He still has a soul, a physical body, and a spirit body. And the most important part of his being is and always will be his soul. But a man must first recognize this Truth before he can feed that best part of himself. And when I say “feed,” I mean provide that which will nourish his soul. For you must know that all parts of man require nourishment. The problem with humankind in many instances is that they do not think of the invisible soul within them as requiring any particular nourishment, attention or care. But, oh, how mistaken are they when they do not recognize the importance of nourishing this most vital part of their complete being!

On earth, I attempted to encourage all my brethren to attend to the “still small voice” within them, and to recognize that it spoke to their needs as spiritual beings. The soul is a wonderful thing, the highest creation of God; and yet how many still believe that it is of no particular importance! But if they thought rightly, they would recognize that the soul is the man himself, the ego, and that part of him which requires not the least but the most attention and care.

Now, when I say “attention and care,” what do I mean? I mean that the care of the soul is accomplished in a dual effort. Man cares for his soul when first he recognizes that he has a soul and that it needs its own form of nourishment. Next, he cares for his soul when he learns that this nourishment depends upon his relationship with His Creator, the Heavenly Father. And it is prayer which is the vehicle for the Father to provide the nourishment that the soul of man requires.

Without prayer, man lives to himself alone. And while he can survive in this manner, yet, he starves himself in the very area of fulfillment that can be so easily his, if he will but turn to the Father for His nourishing Love. The Love of the Father has always been intended to be that which would nourish the souls of his children; it is the “Food” which exists for them to partake of. And yet, all down through the centuries, man has neglected to seek this “Food” which is his for the mere asking. And when he so neglects to ask, aware of it or not, he shuts himself off from the very Supply which will not only provide him with God-intended nourishment, but also will make of him a new creature, made not in the image any longer but in the Substance of the Father’s Very Own Essence of Being. How then can man neglect to seek this Great Provision for his welfare?

Man has evolved in certain aspects, but until he evolves to that point where he recognizes his total dependence upon God for his well being and greatness as the creature God intends for him to be, he will remain mere man, the created child of the Father, but not the true and fulfilled creation of the divine angel.

The Father ever seeks to have all His children recognize the great destiny ahead of them in seeking for His transforming Love through nothing so hard to understand or accomplish, but something which all men are capable of: sincere prayer and soul yearning to Him for the Gift of His Love. If man will but seek this, he will have all that is required to make of him a new creature and a completely fulfilled being who can never thereafter lose the angelic status which he will have gained.

I know that I have said similar things to humankind before, but sometimes a message as important as this one needs repeating, and to be said in many different ways. It is my hope and prayer that one of my messages, if not another, will appeal to the heart and soul of yet another mortal who has been struggling to know and to pursue that course of living which will bring him the greatest happiness and fulfillment. And today’s message, I hope, will appeal to some of those who perhaps did not respond to any earlier message, but who will find some encouragement in the present one to pursue that which is and has been recommended in all of my messages dealing with the Father’s Love: “Seek and ye shall find; ask and it shall be given unto you.”

Once a man pursues this soulful course of prayer to the Father, his present soulful nourishment and future progress is thereafter assured. Let every man seek this way to their betterment and all of humankind will be as the angels of God. But, alas, many are called but few are chosen; and, this, not because the Father Himself chooses, but because man himself fails to choose the path to angelic and heavenly bliss that is freely offered to him, and is ever open for him to pursue.

Well, as you are now tired, I will close for now with the hope that, in reading this message, many other mortals will take heart and recognize that the destiny of man may be a. perfect one in the sense of complete fulfillment of soul, if they will but pray to the Father for His Great Gift and Possession, His Divine Love.

Thanking you for once again allowing me to speak through you, and commending you for a job well done in receiving my message,

I remain, yours in brotherly Love,