Messages 1984 to 2000

Hope for the lost soul.

January 22nd, 1989

Arlington, Virginia

Received by K.S.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come this morning to extend my love to my coworkers in the flesh and to deliver what I hope may help humankind in their quest for truth, if they have ears to hear and an open heart to learn of the great Love their Father in Heaven has for His children who seek for the way to salvation of soul. I am your friend and brother in the Spirit of God’s Love, the Christ Spirit made manifest in my soul, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I welcome this opportunity to come through you in this way to express my thoughts, and I also thank you for affording me this opportunity.

As you realize, there are many different ways of saying the same thing and, to complicate matters, people have said things in so many different ways to so many different people that the meaning and intent of what they were trying to convey became obscure and easily misinterpreted by the readers and listeners of these statements. And when the person reading or hearing such statements sifted it through his own thought process and added his interpretation to what he was exposed to, the meaning became somewhat altered by his understanding and experiences. So when he would, in turn, extend what he had heard to others and they took it through their interpretations, it didn’t, or wouldn’t, take long before very little of the original thought remained intact.

So, I am sure you can see how easily misinterpretations from the original teachings of mine and my disciples could have been made and why; therefore, it is so important for seekers of truth to take what they see and hear, and otherwise learn, to prayer, asking God to show them the way to Him, asking that they be enabled to discern the truth with their hearts and souls. For this is possible for the sincere seeker, and one of the ways which needs to be stressed in order for the masses to realize that truth - high spiritual truth - cannot be discerned by the reasoning mind, but must come to the person through the perceptions of a soul which has been developed by the Love of God, conveyed to the soul in answer to sincere and heartfelt prayer.

The reason there are so many false teachings being expounded in the world today is because these professed spiritual teachers are spreading the words which they have interpreted from the Bible, which has been miscopied and misunderstood down though the centuries, and because they believe they can understand spiritual truths through the reasoning powers of their minds, and this cannot be.

So, now we have another case to support the importance of a person’s search for truth and the absolute necessity for that person to turn to God in prayer before the truth can be known by that soul. As we stress the limitations of the human mind’s reasoning powers and help readers learn that their souls have perceptions which can be developed through Love - the Divine Love received from God though earnest and prolonged prayer - then perhaps we will reach some seekers of truth who have been on the verge of giving up the search, believing or having concluded that there was no way it could be found in the vast maze of untruth which prevails in the world today. So, if these dear souls who would be sincere seekers discover that they have been using the wrong faculties in trying to find the truth and can realize that they do have a soul which is their real self and which has potential power of its own when the mind becomes humble and allows the soul to develop its own qualities, then perhaps we will have been successful in reaching some segment of souls and saving them from feelings of despair.

It is solely between each individual soul and the Soul of God that enables a soul to progress in Love. A church cannot cause that development; a group cannot, except as the truth is taught and exemplified for the seeker to follow in the way toward at-onement with God in Love. As he is helped to realize and accept that it is up to him, alone, to pray sincerely from his heart for that Love, to learn to depend upon God for his guidance in life, to know that God is the One Who gave him that life in the first place, this commencement of humility will be the key which opens the doors of his soul, which will help him realize that his human mind has weaknesses and is fallible, can make mistakes, and is utterly incapable of grasping high spiritual truths until the soul qualities have been developed. When the soul activates its potential or receives Divine Grace from God’s Soul, then it has the power to transform the qualities of the mind, which then allow the mind to grasp these higher meanings and explanations of the truths of the Father.

So, there is hope for the lost soul. There is a way a person can find his way out of darkness and despair and that is through sincere prayers to God for His Help and Love through prolonged desires to know the truth and how to find the way to the Salvation of soul. Divine Love is the provision of the Father to save the souls of His children. A child must have faith in the Father’s Love and care for him. Without that necessary faith, it would be almost impossible for a child to turn to the Father in prayer. So, faith and prayer on the part of the child will bring the saving Grace - God’s Divine Love - into that child’s soul as I have explained in the messages delivered through James Padgett and as I am explaining now, and as I will continue to explain in the future as long as the gates to the Celestial Heavens are open and the invitation to the wedding feast can and will be accepted by God’s children everywhere. I am your friend and brother in Christ, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.