Messages 1984 to 2000

The problems of organised religious groups.

November 5, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Heavenly Father, We have a question about the Apostolic Church, and how the angels see its helpfulness to humankind. This person wants to know how to carry out God’s work while progressing in Divine Love. I love You, dear God, Creator of our souls, Source of All Love. I wish to serve You better. I pray to put aside my forethoughts and be a clear channel for the angel’s message. I pray for a great inflowing of Your wondrous Divine Love at this time. Thank You for this privilege. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you today in answer to your desire to be of service to your fellow human beings by receiving answers to their spiritual questions. We work tirelessly to serve sincere seekers of truth and love, for we know that it is through the development of the soul in Divine Love, particularly, which will lead them in a harmonious direction to overcome sin and evil in the world.

Even though the purification of the natural love is, or will be, helpful in achieving this goal, we do not see it being able to rise above the temptations without divine examples showing the Way to greater peace, harmony and love. So any and all examples of love and truth being demonstrated in the world will be helpful to people in the flesh to turn their thoughts to ways of love. You need to demonstrate the joy in your life which God’s Love brings. This peace needs to shine for others to recognize its favorability over being in control of material events, which in the long run do not promise fulfillment or joy.

All churches that teach and preach the importance of loving God and seeking to do His Will in your life are helpful. If a person sincerely prays for God’s Grace, Divine Love, this is the highest desire which has the ability to attract that Substance of Love which in turn has the Power to transform the soul into a new divine creature.

Spiritual progression is achieved in increments, in small steps, day by day, year by year, until the desire to do God’s Will becomes part of your very nature, part of every thought and desire. Then spiritual development becomes assured; it is almost as if you could not turn back even if you wanted to. But there would not be a desire to turn away from God’s Love when It has established Itself as part of the nature of the soul.

Those of you who have chosen to seek the path of this Love are truly blessed beyond measure because God’s Love cannot be measured. It is beyond the beyond, a power the human mind is incapable of fathoming. So, when you seek the merits of your earthly church, I will say the churches often do the best they can under the limitations of their rules and regulations, but they cannot put dampers on the desires of the soul in its longing for God’s Grace. Each of you has the responsibility to seek truth and develop your relationship with God. When this has become established as a real and living connection, the child is buoyed up by the Source of Love from its Father, and the joy and fulfillment shines forth for all to see. You have the privilege and obligation to help your fellow human beings turn their thoughts to prayer for this Grace, in longing to do God’s Will in their lives, striving to become living examples of peace and love to help the world out of its despair.

It may seem like a lonely road because few and far between are you who walk this pathway in these days. But you can walk upon it, even if you are the only one for miles, because the happiness and fulfillment which comes to your soul with the presence of God’s Love therein will be your reward and your strength. Being connected to God in this soul-sense brings more comfort than being in a roomful of souls who are not in harmony with truth and love. There should be no conflict in choosing your “friends” when your Loving Creator is among the choices. He has the Gift of Love for you, which your soul craves. He has the Power to bring peace and joy into your heart. He loves you more than thousands of friends put together. He can show you the way out of your quandaries, up from your self-created darkness into the light of love. He will never let go of your hand as long as you hang onto His. It is a two-way street, but His way is always “on”. You are the one with the choice, the need to reciprocate. So what will it be? At home with your friends or going toward Home with the Best Friend a soul can ever have? It seems to us of the Celestial Heavens like a “no brainer.”

But the limitations of the material world are like blinders that prevent souls from seeing the truths of God’s Love clearly. It is your challenge - do you turn to God for help and love and guidance or do you defend the position of your church’s doctrines? Do you accept that God gave you a free will to follow the path of your heart or do you follow another who has decided he knows best? Even a group of people who have reached certain conclusions through the combined efforts of their reasoning powers cannot come up with the Truth. Truth can only come from the development of a soul in the Grace of God’s Love, anything less will not measure up.

Recognize the importance of prayer. Be still and connect with God, the Creator of your soul. Let Him know that you trust Him to guide you in your spiritual progression. You can help your church by becoming an example of God’s Love extended into the world. When people ask how you have found this peace and joy in your life, you can be a witness for the Power of God’s Love. You can proclaim that it does not come in the form of wafer or by adhering to certain doctrines, but only through prayer of the soul, by surrendering your will to God’s Will, by desiring to become His child and an example of His Love made manifest in the world.

The reward will be yours. His peace will reside in your soul. You have the key to the door, but you have to put it into the lock and turn the key to open the door. You can do this if you have the desire.

I hope I have helped to answer the question you posed; it is an ongoing quandary because each and every individual soul has to find the answer for himself. We can tell you the answer, but it is up to you to put the answer into action. Put yourselves into God’s Arms of Love, be humble and contrite, and know that inner strength comes not from wanting control in the material world. The material world is illusory and will pass away, but your soul will remain pure and strong and loving, or shriveled and dry and unfulfilled if dominated by the material mind, unyielding, uncompromising or unwilling to bend.

I will leave you with these thoughts and with a prayer that they will prove helpful to the seeker of truth. I am a high Celestial spirit who was given permission to write on this subject today. I am close to our Master, Jesus, and we love God with all our hearts and souls. Amen.