Messages 1984 to 2000

Presentation of the Volumes.

December 30th, 1990

Received by K.S.


I am here now to write through you again this morning, and I am your friend and brother in Spirit, which is the Christ Spirit made manifest in my soul in response to my prayers to be at-one with God in His Nature of Love, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

There is no absolute way we have of convincing you, or others, that we are who we claim to be, except as you activate your faith in the Goodness of God and His desire to answer your prayers and guide you in your lives toward atonement with Him and the fulfillment of your greatest soul potentials.

As you follow these teachings we’ve given you and progress in the qualities of God’s Love, you will know in your hearts that we would not lead you astray in your sincere desires to be of service to your Father in Heaven.

You have commenced to grasp more clearly the reasons we see the importance of reaching out to the intellectually oriented people and this is because of their inability to grasp spiritual teachings through faith. Their faith is as shriveled up as their love, and they need to learn through “studying” the spiritual presentations with their mental faculties before there is a chance for it to sink deeper into their souls and become a part of their spiritual awareness.

If you can realize that we have been observing the reactions of people now for fifty years, who have been reading the volumes of messages I was successful in delivering through Mr. Padgett, and can understand that we are able to see their thoughts and reactions, then you’ll be able to understand, also, that we feel an intellectual presentation would be more successful in reaching a greater majority of the populace than the one which has already been in distribution for 50 years.

We have attempted to make this apparent to those of you who are willing to change and grow and outreach in ways which would be more effective. But we never lose sight of the fact that God gave His children a free will to decide which direction they wish to follow. Therefore we don’t attempt to interfere with that free will to the degree you are loathe to follow. But, rather, we need workers who are moved by their love to put aside their personal choices in order to activate what we feel and determine is a better movement and more progressive action to take at this time. And when we aren’t able to find workers who are moved by their love to follow in this new direction, then we will put aside our preferences until the time comes when these people will be forthcoming to serve in these ways.

But, as the way is made clear to activate this new direction, then we will be overjoyed and get behind the movement of these workers with 100% of our support and guidance and love. In the meantime, as you are aware, we are patient and do not attempt to “pressure” people to fit into a mold of our making, which would not work because it’s not the loving way, it’s not the Celestial guidance method of encouraging our followers and workers for the Kingdom to carry out their work of service.

All we are capable of doing is to explain to you what we are up against as a team of workers, and that there needs to be a great variety of approaches because of the great variety of soul conditions which abide on earth. We use different methods of presenting the Truths of God’s Love in the various spheres where we appear and teach. And sometimes we even use different methods in the same sphere to different groups with different mind-sets. So, as you follow our suggestions, as you are moved by your love to so do, there will be different aspects of presentations activated by different workers according to their individual talents and desires. This is why we have so often suggested that there be many outreaches; that the availability of God’s Love to the souls of His children be expounded upon in as many ways as possible within the framework of your abilities and knowledge of these Truths.

We thank you all, each and every one, for the great and wonderful work you are doing and have been doing over the years of your service to the Father and the cause of Truth and we encourage you to continue to serve through the sincere motivations of your souls’ love to expound upon these great Truths in all the ways you’re inspired to do, because a certain presentation which may not be appealing to one person, may be just the kind of approach which will catch the eye of another. And when there is a variety of approaches available to us, as their overseers, as we can look into their hearts and souls and “read” their conditions, we will have a better chance to influence them successfully when there is a variety of presentations available for us to guide them to.

In the meantime, as the volumes are being prepared for the 21st century, we are overjoyed that new interest is being taken in making it a more comprehensive presentation for the intellectual mind to grasp and accept as valid because of so much loving energy being devoted to the accomplishment of this goal.

We will remain with you in spirit as you continue to press onward in your work. We are pleased that you are removing blocks and fears of change and old ways of “stagnation” which tend to retard the progress of the work. Continue expressing these sincere desires to serve the Father in the highest and best ways which would be most appropriate for the changing times, and you will work through the blocks and limitations which have been placed upon yourselves by your own anxieties and fears of change.

The world will change, the people will become more prepared to grow spiritually; it is part of God’s Plan for His beloved children. And when this time comes, we hope we’ll be ready with great new diversified material to distribute among the seekers to help them find their souls and to learn about the great potential of this: their real self.

I will leave you now with my blessings of love and thank you profoundly for being a clear channel for my thoughts this morning.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.