Messages 1984 to 2000

John: The Intransigence of Faith.

November 18, 1999


Received by Alfredo


I have to explain to you various matters that you still overlook. The intransigence of faith is something that lasts for a long time in the hearts of men. It is not in vain that each one seeks his own, selfish interest, for this may lead them to realize someday that they do not feel the fullness of the Father’s Love.

Unfortunately, however, it is impossible that all humans or spirits come to comprehend this reality. For they are very susceptible to fall again into their own, erroneous thoughts. It has to be emphasized, however, that, even though fewer in number, many find the real existence of their souls, I mean, the only way that can lead them to at-onement with the Heavenly Father.

Be sure that there are many mediums in the world, and there will be more and more. That means, they will be aware of the faculties that every man possesses, and they will develop them in some way, some to a higher or lower degree.

But this is necessary, because without it, the want of faith will be evident on earth more and more. You have to continue, if your heart demands it, on the way which you chose. Because you begin to develop this divine quality in your soul.

Be calm and have faith, you will receive what you ask for. For you have chosen freely.

In closing I will tell you that many spirits will come to you to give you the help you need, because the Master deems good to concede it to you.

Your brother in faith, John