Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: How the angels guide mortals.

Santa Cruz, California

November 20, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your sister in Christ, who loves and serves our Heavenly Father. I am a true follower of my son and an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens. I want to deliver a short message to ___ regarding how the angels guide mortals.

We are born into a world that should, according to God’s Plan, nurture the soul’s awareness of its relationship to God and the “family of souls” who are our brothers and sisters. It was His intention that the relationships of human beings be characteristic of the purified natural love and, potentially, become of that enduring and unconditional quality of Divine Love, which He has awaiting His sincerely seeking children. But, upon the error of arrogance and pride, our potential to realize a paradise on earth was lost to humankind, and sin took hold of the hearts and minds of men and women. We lost touch with the sense of connection with God that was very real and clearly evident in the lives of our first parents.

Now, due to the distractions of materialism, it is somewhat of a struggle to find our way back to the state of awareness of our spiritual life. That is where angels come in. God has provided His children this unseen, but very real and substantial force in the form of His Messengers since the time of the fall of our first parents. Some of these were special creations that were endowed with qualities that enabled God to “use” them to convey His Love.

Contrary to some history books and religious texts, God never supported acts of war or violence against His children. There were none who were more special to Him, though some were privy to the thoughts of the angels and were given certain gifts through which His Love could be demonstrated.

An angel first recognizes the relationship of the human soul to its Creator. This is important to establish because this knowledge, and its profound truth, is distant from the awareness of the mortal. So, the influence of the angel by his or her presence is a quiet and almost imperceptible one, and the soul of the mortal needs to become somewhat awakened by its longings in order for it to “hear” or perceive this Angelic presence. Once the mortal opens his soul to the influence of the spiritual life, the angels may begin the work of guiding and helping him in his quest. They work in tandem - the desire of the mortal, the response of God - spiritual forces and laws are at work in the slow process of transformation, and as the soul becomes more and more aware of its relationship to God, the angels are able to make better and more consistent rapport with the mortal.

Free will is of paramount importance in this process because it is the aspiration of the human soul that brings a response from God, and this choice is respected and held in high regard in the ministrations of the angels. This is a means by which you may determine whether you have come into contact with angelic forces or other, less than spiritual influences: Is there the feeling that you are respected and that your free will is being considered? Is it a gentle and loving direction? Do you feel your heart more fully awakened by the experience? You will know the truth, and in this we trust. Your soul is who you are, and there is no doubt that you are a child of God, created in the Image of His Great Soul. This is the truth, and one which you should cling to with all your faith, for He Loves you and provides for you better than anyone on this earth can.

I love you, my dear sister, and I am your friend and your support in your spiritual seeking,

Mary, the mother of Jesus.