Messages 1984 to 2000

Material Blessings

November 28, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Question: How are prayers answered when their main thrust is for material accomplishments, gains, acquisitions, and how do motives play a role in these desires?


I am here now to write my dear sister in Christ and I come to you today in response to your desire to receive answers to your spiritual questions and, as you might realize, we too feel joy in having the privilege of serving our fellow human beings, guiding and helping them in their daily living even as you have experienced joy in being able to help others who come to you with questions.

When a heart and soul is sincerely seeking truth, this sincere desire will open the perceptions of the soul and allow our influences to be felt and heard. Even though it is generally believed that our “words” are not “heard” in a material sense, I can assure you that they are heard by the soul when it is seeking to know the truth, or the way to go, or how to find its way out of a dilemma. And even though love is always the highest and best answer to every question, there are cases where the manifestation of your highest love may not be felt by others who are involved in that dilemma, causing other interventions to be necessary.

In the case where a person is desiring material sustenance there are many ways this can be forthcoming for that person. Faith plays a major role in attracting the things you desire and when prayers are sent to God for certain material fulfillments, these are not unnoticed and every effort it made to supply these needs.

It is a complex equation because even though a person may be desiring a certain outcome in a situation, there may be other underlying factors which interfere with the ability of any powers-that-be to supply that wish. For example, a person may feel unworthy of these blessings; they deep down inside do not believe that they deserve to have their desires fulfilled. And there is the problem of fear. You have heard of the expression, “Be careful of what you wish for because it will come true and then you will be stuck with what you thought it was you wanted.” There is much truth in that statement.

I will tell you that God knows far better than we do what it is we need for our happiness and fulfillment and that if we would only trust in God to fulfill our desires we would reach our goals in a shorter time with much less hassle and worry or confusion than when we try to act as if we are in control, as if we really believe, “when I can afford to buy this special kind of car I will be happy and fulfilled,” or as if any particular material achievement will accomplish the fulfillment of our goal.

You know in your hearts, beyond doubt, that without love no material accomplishment will bring fulfillment and joy. So I will say that God can and often does answer prayers for material sustenance and gifts and desires but whether or not these bring fulfillment or even satisfaction is an entirely different question. Oftentimes the petitioner for material acquisitions thinks he or she is satisfied for having reached the goal, but alas, this temporary upliftment is short-lived because it did not bring the lasting fulfillment and joy the petitioner believed would accompany the gift.

It is good to have short-term goals and work toward attaining these, but it must be secondary to the prayers to do God’s Will. These short-term material goals and desires must be seen as temporary accompaniments to the spiritual path as the soul progresses onto its higher goals and achievements.

When these desires are presented to God there should be the humility and willingness to add, “If this be in harmony with Your Will for me, I would like to have these things.” If your desire to be at-one with God is strong and it is your primary goal in your life to become an example of God’s Love made manifest in your daily living, you may find that certain other material desires are denied because they could very well lead you astray from your primary desire and goal.

Now you may conclude, “Why then am I concentrating on doing God’s Will in my life if in doing so I am going to be denied material fulfillment and goals?” The answer to this question is because finding material gratification, luxurious living accommodations, fame, fortune, do not satisfy the longings of the soul, do not allow for the love to develop within, which will bring peace and joy to your soul, attainable only from God. Even though you are aware of these truths you can find yourselves distracted on material involvements to the exclusion of prayer and giving your love to the greatest of your ability in each and every situation.

If you are trusting God to guide you in love toward greater fulfillment and joy then you need to have faith that He knows what He is doing when you do not get everything you would like to have on the material level. What if these accomplishments were to distract you from your spiritual goals? What if you had so many demands upon your time and energy from materially-oriented people and what they require that you were literally torn away from your higher goals? You may conclude that this could never happen because you know in your heart what is the most important thing in the world: seeking for and receiving the Grace of God’s Divine Love. You may believe that you could never lose faith in the power of God’s Love in your soul. But we have seen too many well-meaning souls give up and succumb to the material aspects of earth life.

I am not sure if I have answered the question adequately, but I am sure that if you pray, and pray to be guided, and pray to know the truth, the answer will come to your heart and soul where it can be tapped into by your mind, and then you will know that when you place yourselves into God’s Loving Arms you will be given your material rewards when there is no danger of them interfering with your spiritual growth in God’s Love.

There are many examples I could cite here, but I will perhaps at another writing time and suffice it to say that you can pray for material gains in your earth life but these will not bring lasting fulfillment to your soul. If you pray for God’s Divine Love this will bring lasting fulfillment to your soul and will provide all the things you need in your material earth life, as well. Thank you for allowing me to write through you this morning.

I will leave you now with my love and blessings for a productive and harmonious day ahead. When you observe a “different flavor” in the message you receive you might consider that it has something to do with your soul condition and receptivity changing. I am your friend and brother in spirit, a follower of Jesus’ teachings and a high Celestial Spirit. Our name is not of great importance, but it is the truth in the message which needs to be given attention. Amen.