Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Take Your Problems to God and Leave Them There.

July 27, 1999

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven, if I’m in condition to receive clear thoughts from the Celestial spirits, I’d like to receive a message at this time. I’m sure they can give us some words of wisdom which will help in our spiritual development and day-to-day activities. I wonder why I’ve been feeling so tired so much of the time? I pray that I may become a better example of your love made manifest in my life. I pray to be open to the influences of my guardian angels to make my life less complicated and more joyful; guide me, strengthen me, give me more faith to carry out your work. Amen


I am here now to write my dear sister in Christ and I come to you again on this fine day to convey my thoughts in writing in answer to your desire to receive a message. I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I see you hesitate to receive my name and I do understand the reason for this because others have planted doubt in your heart and mind that I would be available to write whenever you decide to receive a written message. But since we can’t please all of the people all of the time, we can use whatever “comes through”, whoever it is from, in the helpful way it is intended.

As you know, it takes a prolonged and sincere desire to know the truth in order for you to be open to receiving “new” information or information which is different from what you presently “believe.” And all we can do is present to the best of our ability what we feel might help, then it is up to you to apply the information in your own lives in a way which will help you absorb, grasp, understand how to go about taking your next steps toward at-onement with your Creator.

Some people spend their whole lifetime on earth marking time, so to speak, in a rut of their own making even though they blame their situation on their parents or bad luck or believe there is no way they can change the status quo. That’s a cop-out because they are not willing to make the effort to change. People become complacent in their lifestyle and see others around them in similar situations, then presume they have no choice in the matter.

But as you see, when you decide to activate your spiritual potential all you need is a will and a desire and a heart. You don’t need a house or money or friends in high places. So even the lowest and most deplorable child of God can reach out to Him/Her and pray for truth and love to come into their life. When you become aware of the fact that you have a dual nature and that your spiritual nature is of far greater value than your material nature, you can commence your spiritual development on-the-spot. It takes a desire to know God, to want to open your understanding of spiritual information and instruction; it takes developing an awareness that your salvation does not lie in material accomplishments.

When this humility has been reached, when your sincerity has become foremost in your thoughts and desires, your prayers can be forthcoming from your souls on any occasion, on many occasions and on every occasion where you want to apply your highest potential in your activities, in your interchanges with others, in your prayers. The formula is so simple and can be applied with minimal effort, but it takes discipline to reach the point where you can realize that when you make everything a struggle and cause yourselves pain and confusion, you are not applying the simple formula of putting God first, knowing that He knows what you have need of, realizing that your soul’s desires are of greater value to your happiness and fulfillment than any of your material desires.

Give it to God, all of your confusion, all of your tiredness and know without doubt that you will follow in the Way, that you will be guided unfailingly toward peace and joy. The only thing standing in your way of spiritual progress and development is your own lack of faith and trust in the Lord.

You, each and every one, make your life more difficult and complicated by trying to figure out what you should do next instead of knowing that we are watching over you, loving you and guiding you every step of the way - when you allow us to. But when you “decide” that you know better, then we cannot interfere with your free will choices and it is these less-than-divine choices which end up less than satisfying to your soul.

Relax, stop worrying, take your problems to God and leave them there. Stop taking them back and making them yours again. With God, His Help, and love in your heart and soul, your “problems” melt away because you are not in contact them anymore. You are above them, you flyeth away from them, leaving them far behind. When you worry and fret over material complications like “how can I bring balance into my physical chemistry?” you involve material thinking trying to figure out a chemical balance over which you have no control, especially when trying to deal with it on the material level. But when you bring yourself up to a higher level of consciousness and strive to develop your spiritual nature to a higher degree, these chemical imbalances resolve themselves because spiritual laws have governance over material laws.

So you see, even though you know this fact and understand it readily, you often fail to apply it in your daily living and if you fail to apply spiritual law in your life, how can you expect to function on a spiritual level? How can you expect to experience your pentecosts and become divine examples of God’s Love made manifest in your daily living?

Now do you feel properly chastised? Of course, you know that I am not chastising you, only reminding you that it is up to you, each and every one of my beloved disciples, to bring yourselves up to a higher level of awareness by keeping your mind, heart, desire, soulful longing going out to God in every situation; have faith that each and every event is bringing you closer to Him when you do this and it will. That is my personal guarantee, but it is up to you to direct your thoughts and will in the spiritual direction at all times.

It’s quite easy to get caught up on material thoughts and controversies if you allow yourself to, if you fail to pray to rise above the squabble, the feelings of inadequacy, of trying to “please” others, when what you decide to do in the situation may have just the opposite effect. Trying to give your love, to see with eyes of love, praying to be guided every step of the way is the spiritual way to unfold your life from day to day, minute to minute, not just sometimes at group prayer or grace before meals, but all the time. “It’s time to get up and give my love. How can I help my family? How can I become a better example of God’s Love made manifest in my life? I will leave myself open to the angels help. I will hold loving thoughts. I will not become angry or frustrated because these emotions will block my heartfelt prayers.”

When negative emotions are leaving the soul sometimes they are felt more intensely. But allow them to go by thinking “good riddance, now I will put my attention onto this loving act, this fun activity and grow spiritually.”

I thank you for desiring to receive my thoughts this morning. I hope it proves to be helpful to you in your desire to overcome your blocks and confusion. I will leave you now with my love and blessing for a productive and harmonious day and assure you that if you apply the lessons I’ve imparted to you in this message, you will come into better harmony with your surroundings and be happier in your heart.

I am your friend and brother in Christ,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens