Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: The Leaven of Love.

November 12, 1987

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I am most happy to come to you this day to resume our messages for the benefit of humankind. I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus of the Bible, Master of the Celestial Heavens, and the eternal leader of our church on earth.

Today I should like to begin by saying that I am well pleased with your resumption of message taking, and I have indeed been aware of your soulful struggling of late. Nevertheless, I have been confident that these struggles would culminate in a successful resolution and a renewed commitment to pursue that course of helpful assistance that would allow my messages to be brought to huhumankind with clarity and for their benefit.

It is true that soul development is a long and sometimes arduous process where certain gains seem to be occasionally offset by apparent retrogressions. However, the important thing to keep in mind is the goal before us: at-onement with our Heavenly Father. As long as this goal and prime mover is kept securely within the soul’s desire, then the setbacks to soul development will only be temporary and transitory ones. The Father knows of all the struggling of His children. He ever smiles upon us in our weakness, and is ever ready to take us to His Arms of Love with each and every renewed commitment to seek His Love, Favor, and Assistance.

It is true, as you have thought and said, that the mind’s workings are often opposed to the soul’s emancipation and primacy, for the mind is that tool which humankind ordinarily believes is the master tool for living on the mortal plane. However, while the mind can and often does work in opposition to the soul’s ascendancy, once the soul has received even a small amount of the Divine Love through fervent prayerful petition to our Heavenly Father, the analogy of the yeast placed in the batch of dough becomes a spiritual reality wherein the soul must continue to develop until the Leaven of Love has performed Its work and the soul shines forth as the final transformed product intended. This is not to say that this process will proceed necessarily unerringly and speedily to a fulfilled conclusion, for further development of the soul still depends upon additional increments of the Father’s Love ongoingly. Yet, once this process has been initiated, irrespective of the delays that can occur through periods of the mind’s ascendancy, or through improper exercises of the will and neglect of prayer, the Leaven that has been introduced into the soul can never be dislodged thereafter; which is to say that, at some time, sooner or later, It must fulfill the purpose for which It was implanted.

You were once impressed by a message from Luther wherein he stated that Mrs. Padgett, Ann Rollins, and Mr. Padgett’s mother were in the same Second Celestial Sphere where he then resided. You were greatly surprised that these three could have attained to this residence and condition of soul so quickly, whereas it took Luther nearly 500 years to attain to the same elevated development of soul. But, as Luther himself explained, and rightly so, the faith of these three women exceeded his own, and their fervent prayers for the Father’s Love had been more frequent and more intense in a shorter period of time. Accordingly, the Love they received from the Father was correspondingly greater during that period, which, in turn, allowed for their quicker development of soul transformation as compared to the relatively slower progress that Luther had made.

Well, what was true in the case of these three and Luther still prevails today. Those of more intense love disposition continue to make greater and faster progress than those of less intense disposition, or those whose minds tend to interfere with the soul’s progress in the simple child-like faith required to establish spiritual dominance and more accelerated progress. But, happy to say, those whose progress is slower do not feel inordinately unhappy or disturbed about this because it is a fact that one truly progresses at his or her own desired pace. The Father’s Love is ever available, to be sure, but It is only given that often or to that degree which exactly corresponds with the true desires of the supplicant. And, so, you will understand that a person cannot be unhappy about a certain degree of progress that exceeds the degree of progress desired at any given point of time. It is only when further progress is desired by the soul that such re-awakened desire begins its work of reaching out to the Father for His additional Blessings of further soul growth and development. Thus, you can understand what a wonderful Creator our Father truly is, for He never imposes anything upon His children which is in any way opposed to their true souls’ desires.

Perhaps this little exposition will help you to better understand why spirits have so often described their happiness at each stage of their progress in most contented terms. While they realize that greater happiness awaits them on higher levels of soul development, at the same time, they also are experiencing the wonderful happiness they have already attained at their current level of development. And since this happiness is of an increased order over that degree of lesser happiness that they have left behind, so to speak, this new and greater happiness, being experienced for the first time, cannot help but be perceived in the most positive and glowing of terms. You will recall that Helen Padgett and others have often declared that they could hardly conceive of any greater happiness than they were then experiencing, but had to go on the faith that more and greater happiness awaited them upon further soul development and advancement. In part, their faith was based on what the more highly developed spirits had told them; but a greater part of their faith was produced by having already experienced continual increments of happiness as their advancing development proceeded. Experience was truly the greatest teacher of ail.

And, so, my children, I hope that you will take heart in the knowledge that the Father’s Blessings of His Love are truly incremental when one continues to soulfully reach out for this Love in greater abundance. And whether one is more or less desirous of receiving these increments in a shorter or longer period of time will continue to depend upon each individual’s own desired pace, shall we say. Of course, over and beyond this consideration is the supremely gratifying fact that, once the Love of the Father begins Its work upon the soul, this transforming work will never cease until the human becomes the divine - when the finite mortal is transformed into the immortal angel. And, even then, as you know, this is truly only a new beginning in the eternal process and glorious adventure of progressing ever closer to the Father’s Fountainhead of outpouring Love in the Celestial Heavens themselves.

I believe this is all I wish to communicate at this time, other than to encourage all of huhumankind to soulfully dwell on the great Truth that their progress is truly in their own hands. What is or is not cultivated in terms of their souls’ desires will either shorten or lengthen the developmental process in each individual case. And I can only add the encouragement that all begin to cultivate the soulful desire for the Father’s Love on a daily basis so as to ensure quicker development and greater happiness. Indeed, if my younger brethren could experience the happiness that we in the Celestial Heavens feel, and this for but a few moments, my words of encouragement would be superfluous. This state of exalted happiness itself would be all the impetus needed to create the renewed and far greater desire for each and all to seek the Father’s Love with expanded and intensified dedication. However, since this cannot be, I can only present the promise before them once again that the mind of man cannot conceive of the glories and exalted happiness brought to the Love-lit soul that is filled with the Father’s Love. And I would urge all my brothers and sisters in the flesh to strive for this condition sooner through their own heartfelt desires to attain to that which I have described, and which the Father promises to all His children who love Him and who seek His Love.

I am happy that I could come to you today and to communicate more of the Father’s Truths to humankind. I will leave you now with my love and blessings.

Your brother and friend in spirit, Jesus.