Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: Personal message.

August 10, 1998

Received by Amada Reza.


I am a spirit who is in the Celestial Heavens and although you may know me in another context, I wish to assure you that I am your sister and friend, for all God’s children are of one family and He watches over them through the loving ministrations of His angelic messengers. My name is Mary and I was the mother of Jesus of Nazareth those many years ago, but let me say that you must not see me in any other way than a helpful and loving spirit who is among the many who work to bring harmony and peace to this troubled earth.

I have been A___’s guardian for some years now and my rapport with her enables her to receive messages which better translate our thoughts. This explains why I am writing this message for your friend who is here with us. I will keep the message focused on the spiritual condition of your friend because we encourage you all to keep your hearts in control of your minds. The mind, as you know, offers more trouble and unrest in our lives than need be.

Your friend is doing well since he has joined the spirit realm and he is enjoying the freedom that he never had on earth. One can “think” oneself to any place desired and he visits you often. Your thoughts of him are a drawing power and he can be with you almost instantaneously. There are spirits who have the purpose of helping him understand the levels of spirit progression. This interests him greatly, which speaks to a developed desire for the truth. He wants you to know that he died peacefully and with no regrets other than he wished you could have been better prepared. Since he has come over to the other side and has seen the multitude of life in spirits who have lived many years before and spirits who join the ranks every day, he has realized how fleeting the earth existence is.

Regarding your disturbance, I wish to add, C__, that just as birth is a wonderful advent into the phase of life that brings form to our personality, so death frees this captured butterfly into the limitless spheres of light and love. Here, on earth, are many choices offered us to determine what desires and thoughts will shape our lives and it is important that those spiritual thoughts are given voice. Your friend is truly happy now and can hardly wait for you to acknowledge his existence in spirit, although his form is invisible, for he is very real. He loves you better than ever before and is grateful for your loving prayers. He asks you not to worry over any details, for these are insignificant to the more important matter of life and your acceptance of him as part of what is real in your world, albeit on a finer level. Whispers at the merging of night and day, sleep and wakefulness - he will be there.

C__, you may not understand all the facts, but the greatest comfort you will have is understanding that the earth life is not the only means a soul has for progression. You will pray to God for His Love and Mercy to be able to forget the pain of your loss and what you will find is a blessing of love and life.

I am your friend in Christ, Mary.