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Mary: Why did God create us?

December 10, 1998

Received by A.R.


Dear Heavenly Father, I want to be a clear channel for Your Love to be manifested in these meager words. I pray for an inflowing of Your Divine Love into my soul that my soul, mind and body may be elevated above the earth plane to make rapport with my Celestial guardians who are here to help us and shed the light of truth upon our lives. Protect me from lower spirit influences and bestow Your wonderful Power of Faith in that I may repose. I love you my dear God, my loving Benefactor, and I thank you.

I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus and your guardian angel. I am with you to help you at this time understand the Mind of Love and to connect you to the everlasting power of truth in this goodness and merciful bounty and healing.

You are a seeker of truth but more importantly you seek to love. This is the one substance that brings all creation together into a beautiful picture, for what L___ is asking is why such a picture exists. What creation surrounds you is a creation from the Mind of God, the Mind of Love, and it is important to understand His creation from such a perspective. It is chilling to think of our world only from a viewpoint of a lack of love considering the illness and sin of man and womankind and the darkness which they bring to themselves and others. But, my children, you must see the potential of harmony and light which may be this world, for at its beginning such was the plan as conceived by God. When He created this living universe with the primordial elements, He put into motion the tirelessly working Laws which would govern and keep this creation in accord with His Objective and that was to create a being in man and woman that would be likened to Him, a Soul filled with Love and Immortal Life and it is for this that we reach and the dream we must believe in. We are one, creature and Creator, and there can be no separation for long. Yes, thousands of years may seem long to you, but as one who has been in the spirit world for these great many years, I say it is only a brief time in the timeliness of God.

Our first parents were created from the elements of the universe and their physical bodies underwent the development as all creatures did, but at such a time that God could look upon this special creature and say it was good, He gave them the life of soul and with it came the responsibility to acknowledge their relationship to Him as their Maker and as their Benefactor. They did know of Him and of the Gift of Love that He offered and they suffered upon the realization that without His Grace in their lives they had denied themselves access to a Power that without His Help could never be theirs alone.

So, when you ask why God created us, ask yourself what He created and what is offered to you as His child. With this knowledge you may find yourself better able to see yourselves as spiritual beings with the wonderful possibility to receive the Power of Love into your daily life. This love is an action and has a will to become a reality in this world so bereft of truth and light. My children, answer this call with all your souls longing and see Him as your Loving Father awaiting your extended hand to lead you into love and happiness.

With such a power and aid available to you, you will find yourselves able to heal your doubts and see purpose and the workings of Love in this world. With such eyes you will see goodness alive and well in the people who will appear as if by magic to you, a community of good souls, a network of friends who recognize in you a kindred spirit. I love you and I wish you could see the abounding number of us who are with you and constantly shower our love upon you. You would never feel alone. You may find refuge in such beauty of music and peaceful earth. In the company of spiritual harmony you will recharge your soul self and find strength to be who you are. You must stand as yourselves, God’s children and advocates of Love.

I am your sister in Christ Love, Mary the mother of Jesus, your friend and companion.