Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: How the Laws of God operate upon the lives of men and women

Santa Cruz, California

October 12, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.

I am here, Mary the mother of Jesus, and I am happy to come to you now to write you a message of love and encouragement. Yes, I am a true follower of my son, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the wayshower to at-onement with God in the Divine Love.

I wish to write about the Laws of God and how these operate upon the lives of men and women. You may know by observing the workings of the nature around you that there are certain forces which operate consistently, never failing to produce the same effect when operating under similar conditions. What I want you to understand is that although God will not interfere with the operation of the natural laws, there are the higher laws which operate under conditions of spiritual powers being exerted by spirits and mortals alike that cause them to supercede the workings of the lesser laws.

I want to illustrate that it is the soul developed by the Divine Love that puts itself under the effect that I will call “divine intervention” for lack of a better description. This requires the soul to be active in its perceptions of love and faith to bring into play the conditions which are necessary to call upon the higher energy of Divine Love, which is the Substance of God’s Soul. Although you are still mortal and subject to material laws due to having a material body, you may bring into action those forces which are present when any soul prays for and receives the Grace of God. There are (so) many examples available in this earth life that illustrate the power of this divine intervention that to doubt its presence and actuality and its power to change the material is not only unobservant, but an untruthful denial that always accompanies the attempt to understand and perceive spiritual things with the material mind.

I write this because you ask if there is the power available to you to heal yourself. I ask you to tell yourself, yes - a resounding yes - and it only requires your belief and faith for this healing to occur. Why you get sick to begin with is because you are allowing the negative aspect of your thinking to manifest itself in a situation, and do not ask for the Divine Love to help you process the events effecting you. You are sensitive to others, this is true, and you feel responsible for the outcome of others thoughts and feelings despite your best attempt to believe otherwise. This sense of responsibility is due to your guilt that you are not good enough and that you are, in your imperfection, at fault. But you are not responsible for how others take your actions and your feelings, you are only responsible for how you choose to think and feel. The Laws of God are designed to help His children follow the path toward harmony and truth. You have that responsibility to yourself to use your good mind and heart to ask for the Grace of Love to fill your thoughts and desires so that you may be in the best condition to bring about a healing and healthy results in your life.

I love you and have more faith in you than you give yourself credit for because I can see into your soul and the condition of purity that is there. Others can see it also and you must believe they speak the truth when they say you are a special person for the wonderful love you show others. You lack this for yourself. Begin now. As you open yourself to believe in your goodness, you will be able to tap into the power that exists in the Divine Love in your soul, for it is present there, a substance that is pure truth and holy love, goodness and life eternal. As you open your mind and heart to its reality, it opens the channel for the Holy Spirit to come and convey the Substance of God’s Soul, His Love, and you are in that moment at-one with Him in this Power. This Love is a true and living thing that is energy and It is a substantial essence and quality that effects change in every part of your life. It lets you move and think within this world in such a way that the lesser natural laws are fulfilled and bring to bear the higher laws to operate in your circumstances.

You are going to understand this as you ask God to help you manifest your faith in the power of His Love and as you have faith that you are indeed a vessel for this Love. Forgive yourself your imperfections and rid yourself of your sense of responsibility for the thoughts and actions of others. You must then know that you are love incarnate, that you dwell in it and it dwells in you, you move through it and it moves through you. Open your eyes to its beauty and goodness, embrace it and want it to be. Invite it into every aspect of your life.