Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: Feelings of Unworthiness.

Santa Cruz, California

November 23, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear God, I pray for an inflowing of Your Love into my soul that it may lift me up in my spirit to greet Your ministering angels. I want to do only Your Will in this matter of helping Your children understand spiritual truth. I pray for faith in the Power of Your Love to heal me of my illnesses and limitations and I want my own mind to be put aside at this time, that Your angels may use my brain and hand to transmit their loving thoughts. I love You, my dearest Creator. Amen.


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus and I am a true follower of my son, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens. I am an inhabitant of those spheres above the natural heavens wherein souls, possessed of the very Nature of God’s Soul, abide in great peace and happiness, carrying out the Loving Will of our God.

I want to let you know that it makes me very happy to hear that you have found relief from your feelings of unworthiness, that your prayers to accept this Love into your heart, and open it to the possibility of greater things, is testimony of your sincere seeking.

Sincerity is an undervalued quality in our lives and I want to point out that is what brings the human soul to its awareness of what it is. When we aspire to learn something that is beyond our own grasp and beseech the Heavenly Father for His Help, the aspiration of our souls springs forth from a depth that is the core of our purpose and our life. When we can add to this aspiration such longing and sincerity of our mind’s pursuit to achieve the goal, over an extended period of time, it only serves to strengthen the reality of this prayer, this single calling that is going to bring God’s Love.

So, I ask you, my dear one, not to doubt your own earnest seeking that brings this relief from self-denigration. Your so-called “arrogance” is a misnomer, for here you have placed your pride at God’s Feet and asked for His Hand to bring you to greater love and service. It is not a lack of humility, but an embracing of the true humility of the soul to recognize its dependence upon God and that you have faith in Him to help guide your thought and actions.

Would it not be counterproductive if, having received His Grace, you cast it away, believing that it is your own selfish nature being manifested? This would truly be the shame: not welcoming the gifts of Love that are opened before your disbelieving eyes, the treasures of spiritual qualities that take hold and multiply within your needy soul. “Fill me,” it says, “to the brim, with this heavenly peace.” How then can you turn away from it and deny its presence in your life? No, you must have faith that He has opened your eyes and this is as I promised. I love you as my own dear brothers and sisters and would not tell you what is not true.

Now, then, you ask about your friend who refuses to open up to her pain and share the burden of her heart. I want you to see how important it is that she feels safe and trust that, as she may release this heaviness and, by doing so, feel lighter, that she will not recoil in her anguish that it is wrong to feel the lightness in her being.

Do you see? We need to accept the gift with our hearts and minds open to the fullness of love’s reward, for God Loves you and will bring you closer and closer to His Mercy and Kindness and, in turn, you will share this gladness and be an example for your sister, who does not want to burden another with the great weight she carries. But you know that she will give it to God, that this will become less and less difficult for her as she begins to realize that there is goodness in the world, that can bear up under the strain of evil.

Give your worry to God and do not ask for it back. He knows best what to do and you must trust in your own goodness that you are only His obedient child. I love you and will be with you whenever you call to me. I am your sister in Christ,

Mary, the mother of Jesus