New birth

Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Sinful thoughts and the Law of Compensation.

Santa Cruz, California

October 25, 1999

Received by K.S.


Dear God, Creator Soul, Source of All Love, I pray that I’ll be in condition to receive thoughts clearly from Your Celestial angels. I pray to be protected from lower spirits influences and to put aside my forethoughts so as to not interfere with the message the angels wish to deliver. Thank You for the privilege and opportunity to channel helpful information from highly developed and wise spirits.

Some of the newer followers are seeking to understand more clearly about Your Laws of Compensation, “as you sow, so shall you reap.” The Bible states something like, “If a man lusts after a woman in his heart, he has already committed adultery.” To me that seems a bit extreme. They wonder if even though the thought/desire entered into their thinking/awareness but they squelched the desire and didn’t follow through with carrying out the action, would this eliminate compensation to be paid for a possible lustful thought? Would this render it not a sin after all? What if this thought was given to the person by an undeveloped, lustful spirit and rejected by the person that spirit was toying with?

We know Your Laws are fair and just; we know that You love us even more than we can possibly imagine. Help us become more divine in our nature of love; help us rise above material distractions and accept that love manifested in the world is in harmony with Your perfect laws. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I am pleased that you have decided to sit to receive a writing from me again today. I am your friend and brother in Spirit, the Spirit of God’s Divine Love made manifest in my soul, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

As you remember in the messages delivered through James E. Padgett, we explained that the spirit should be challenged as to his or her identity so you could be comforted to know the information you would be given would be truthful and helpful. When we assure you that we are the spirit we represent ourselves to be, we try to give you added explanations about how the Power of God’s Love in our souls makes us divine and that we then, as divine children of God, are capable of understanding higher spiritual laws and hopefully, therefore, of explaining more clearly how they work in your lives.

As you are aware, the men and women who influenced changes in the writings of the Bible often came to conclusions based upon their desire to control or to punish their fellows who did not adhere to the so-called “moral” code, as they understood it to be, so it appears more harsh or strict than it should be to guide God’s children in an upward, spiritual and more loving direction. When one tries to teach a person who has little or no active love, it is more difficult to accomplish; harsher methods are called for. The true, sincere, loving balance is a difficult avenue to establish, but, as one progresses in love, there will be a better understanding.

“Love is the ingredient of all knowledge” - the more love one possesses in his and her soul, the greater will be their wisdom and understanding. Most loving people respond better and more positively to a gentle and loving manner of teaching. But there are others who take advantage of their opportunities to manifest their negative lifestyles, and do not learn by these methods.

So, as you see, a general rule can’t be supported in every situation, and there are still those in the world today who “fear the wrath of God,” and if it wasn’t for this fear, they might become even more primitive in their behavior.

There are still others who interpret the instructions so harshly, that they presume there is no hope for them to go to heaven. We do hope to have an influence on changing this deplorable teaching about an “eternity in hell” since it is not true and, if it discourages a soul from even trying to elevate his condition, it is a damnable teaching. Everyone will eventually come into harmony with the Laws of God, either in the natural sense or the through the Divine laws. It is never too late to make the effort - it could help one avoid much sadness and compensation to just try.

If a person has a lustful thought, perhaps it was low-spirit induced, and that would not make the fleeting thought not compensation-bearing for the “thinker.” If one develops the thought through his or her own desires and passions, it is not necessarily a sinful thought - the desires and passions are natural God-given emotions. If one does not force his or her will upon another person, against that other person’s will, can you not see that there would be little to no compensation involved for a fleeting passionate thought? So, there are degrees of involvement which correspond to degrees of compensation to be paid.

Now that you are seeking truth, sincerely from heart and soul, desiring to do God’s Will and elevate your spiritual condition of Love, you have embarked upon a higher pathway of development, one in which you can activate your pure love. You can have passionate thoughts and know that they are loving and not sinful. Anything done as a motivation of love is in harmony with the Laws and Will of God.

There will be those who may attempt to convince themselves that they have a pure or Divine soul and that they are manifesting their pure love in certain situations, but this may not be true, in which case there will be compensation to pay.

Oftentimes, one pays their compensation by not finding happiness, contentment or peace in their life. Some have been paying compensation for their unloving deeds and attitudes for most of their earth life. Maybe they make the mistake of believing that they have a huge, overpowering debt of compensation to pay, while in truth, they are really all but paid up already.

“Love is the fulfillment of the Law.” When you pray for and receive the Divine Love, the Power of this Love in your soul goes to work on your encrustments and pays your debt of compensation. “The first Divine Love received by a soul goes toward purifying its natural love.” When a person prays for Mercy and forgiveness for past sins and errors, this prayer will bring the Divine Love into the soul, and this Love will do the work of forgiveness. There is a vast difference between the spiritual development in becoming transformed by Divine Love, and purification of soul through renouncing sin and doing good deeds. The former accomplishes the latter and then commences the transformation.

You can trust God to care for you. You can put yourselves into His Loving Care and have complete faith that you will be guided in the right direction. You will be overcoming your negativities, be they inherited or acquired, be they self-inflicted or spirit influenced. You are on the highest and best pathway for your satisfaction in life and your fulfillment of soul.

When you are struggling with trying to find an answer to a burning question, take it to prayer, let God know, sincerely from your heart, that you are seeking a clear answer to this question, and you will be prepared to receive the information you are seeking. It is the way I learned truth from my Heavenly Father, the truth I taught to my disciples while I was on earth. You, too, can learn truth from God, in answer to your sincere prayers to God for it. It is not complicated or confusing, but it requires sincerity and longing, desire to do God’s Will and to know the truth. You can do it.


Medium asks: Dear Jesus, what is the spiritual cause for having been severely scratched by my kitty? Was it just making the mistake of thinking I could carry her past the noisy vacuum when she was afraid? The injuries are not sore or painful, so perhaps it was just foolishness, without compensation to pay.


And maybe it’s a way of getting you to rest and take a day off. At least it seems to be working...

This, too, shall pass, as all things do. You know the important rules: Seek truth with your heart and soul and know in your mind that it will be found. Pray for God’s Divine Love to flow into your soul; this is His Will for you -- for you to become at-one with Him in Love. Extend your love in all of your activities and outreaches. Have faith in the Power of God’s Love to heal you.

Many of the bumps in your road are caused by a lack of manifesting your faith. But many people would tend to wonder, “what’s wrong?” if everything was progressing smoothly. So they hang onto their worries, they make the daily routines more complicated than they would need to be because that’s the way they think: “it has to be complicated” in order to be doing your best or fulfilling your daily requirements. But receiving and giving love are of higher priority in every instance.

I will leave you now with my blessings. Keep up your good prayers. I love you each and every one.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens