Messages 1984 to 2000

A clarification concerning Swedenborg

February 1984.

Received by Victor Summers


The statements made by Mr. Swedenborg in this paragraph have been, in the past, enigmatic to a number of members of our church. The question arose, “how could Mr. Swedenborg not have been aware of the Divine Love during his many years of visitation to the spirit world, when the expressed purpose of the Celestials was precisely to relate this to him so that he, in turn, could communicate this soul-saving knowledge to the world through his published writings?” Fortunately, two qualified mediums of our church subsequently received automatic writing messages of explanation and clarification from Jesus - one in February 1984, and another in February 1986. The following excerpts from the Master’s February 1984 message, which resolves this perplexing question and issue, is now offered hereunder for the reader’s enlarged understanding and appreciation of what in fact ocurred with Mr. Swedenborg:


I desire to write concerning Mr. Swedenborg and the concern of ______ as to this matter.

Mr. Swedenborg thought that all love was of the Divine Nature of God, and did not know or teach the difference beween the natural love - the love Mr. Swedenborg perceived to be of the Divine - and the Divine Love, which, when possessed by a man, makes that soul a new creature, endowed with the Essence and Substance of God’s Eternal Soul. Mr. Swedenborg, therefore, did not know of the Divine Love in contradistinction to what he perceived to be the Divine Love - the natural love.

Mr. Swedenborg was a man of great pride as to the thoughts and perceptions of his mind; and along with the strong, false beliefs that he believed, this worked to prevent the real Truth from being made known to him.

I know it may seem strange that, after many years of trying to teach him the Truth of the New Birth, we were not successful in relating this distinction between the two loves; yet it is true. The strong hold of false beliefs that a man may have affect his entire perception of God and His Nature, and of man in his nature as originally created.

Often, men will see themselves, the natural love, and the nature of their souls as being of the Divine, which they are not. And such was the case with Mr. Swedenborg. He perceived the qualities of the natural love of his soul as bing a part of the Divine Nature and Love of God. And, at the time of his trips into the spirit world and the subsequent teachings he taught, he had not any of this Divine Nature dwelling within him.

Sometime, Mr. Swedenborg will come and write in detail concerning his teachings and experiences, and how, while on earth, he had no true perception of the Truth of the Divine Love of God in contradistinction to the natural love of a man’s soul.

Your friend, and Master of the Celestial Heavens,