Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Annual Trance Message June 1999.

June 1999

Santa Cruz, CA

Received by Amada Reza


Medium prays aloud: Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for an inflowing of Your Divine Love into my soul that I may be able to make rapport with the Celestial angels that are present with us today. I pray that this Love lift all of us in our thoughts and desires to know the truth and to learn better, in our souls, of this Love that You have put there through our aspirations. And in this Love, may I make rapport with Your angels that they may transmit to us only the truth, in answer to the questions that come form the soul seeking to understand the Nature of Your Love and to understand how better to manifest that Love in this world. I pray to put my own desires and will aside to be a channel as the soul development in this Love allows me to be. I pray for protection from any spirits that may wish to do harm. I pray for faith in the Power of that Love to bring me into rapport with Your Celestial Messenger, as I want to serve only You. I thank You for Your Love, for the privilege of It, and I love You. Amen.


Jesus: I am here with you now, my dear brothers and sisters, and I am your friend and your brother in Christ, Jesus, and I am your Master, but only in the Love of our Heavenly Father that brings us all together today. It is such a joyous occasion for those of us who are present in spirit for it is an opportunity that we have to bring this Love from the Celestial Heavens into closer rapport with the Love present in this room. I am here to serve your needs, but they must be spiritual needs, for these needs are from the true part of yourselves, your souls. And with the love and truth that may be shared, it may help transform and heal your lives and better yourselves to serve in Love, our brothers and sisters. I love you all and ask for your questions at this time.

Doug: Good morning, Master. Could I just give you a blank slate

Jesus: My brother, there is a tremendous amount of Love within you that is learning to find its way out in everything you do. This Love is powerful and it can serve you in every way. It not only can heal the emotional and mental strain, but it can relieve the physical pressures that you feel in your daily life; for this Love is real, it is a power. I want you to think of it in terms of tangible, living substance that, as you open your soul to manifest this Love within you, comes out and touches everything that you have contact with. It illuminates your thoughts, transforms thoughts. Let it come into your life in every way.

Doug: Thank you. I have another question for Jimmy, an absentee question which we’ve asked about before, but it’s a pretty important topic and so I’m sure there’s more you might want to say. Jimmy asks to address the issue of when the soul enters into the body while in the womb; is there a quickening, he asks, about which month? Is abortion an option? Of course, you’ve answered all these questions before, but still I would add to this that we are aware of the fact that there are many abortions being performed after the quickening of the fetus. They’re still legal in this country and it’s never been clearly explained to us if it’s physically measurable when the soul enters the fetus and if there’s a way that this could be explained to the scientist so they might understand the significance of that moment.

Jesus: As you know, the workings of God’s Laws upon the physical body are under the purview of higher laws, laws which the soul of man and woman may put themselves under should they choose to use their free will to fulfill their potential as children of a Spiritual God. But, unfortunately, there are many who still consider themselves children of this earth, children of parents who they do not recognize in love. For, if we were to consider ourselves children of parents who we love and parents who love us in return, we may hesitate to make such a decision of denying life to that which grows and takes root in the physical body in pregnancy. We are part of our parents and for those who are parents, we are part of our children. But I want you to understand also that we are part of God Who Loves us and Who wants to teach us how to love and nurture as He Loves and Nurtures. As we are so taught by this Loving God and accept His Tutelage, His Guidance, we may then know better how to love our parents, to love ourselves and to love our children. Because the unincarnated soul looks for the opportunity to individualize and to become itself-who it is-starting its progression toward fulfillment of its individualization, it will seek a life that can support the life of the soul. But it does not give any consideration to the material circumstances, for the soul is the creation of God and God has created the world as only a manifestation of the Love that He has for all creation. So, in love, in trust, we have the honor and the privilege of receiving a soul. And, at such time that a soul enters that fetus and grows and promises to be, there is a quickening, for it is a life force meeting a life force. Far too often, people do not recognize the power of that life, of that soul, that comes to us. They may consider this only a physical being that they have control over and whether it will be allowed to be. Is abortion an option? Ask yourself. Ask yourself for that soul who comes to you, ask him or her. But, irrespective of the decision that is made everyday to turn away that opportunity, you know that God Loves and so, it is ours not to judge, but to love. And you must let them reap the consequences of their actions without blame, for God’s Laws are sure; we are children of God. We are children. As for the month that [the fetus enters the soul], it varies widely, at such time as the fetus can support life, it varies.

Bill: It’s Bill, Master. I first want to thank you for the help I’ve been getting to get out of that awful situation I was in last November. I want to thank you for helping Arthur and Sammy to help me-they were a great deal of help and I’ve really needed it ’cause I’ve had a terrible year to be honest with you, in and out of the hospital. I got scared to death a couple times. A couple of weeks ago I wasn’t so sure I’d be able to make it out here, but then early this week, I got stronger and felt pretty good. But one thing about which I’m really concerned was, I was talking to my brother, Skip, Thursday, this past Thursday, and he wanted to know what we did out here and I explained it to him as best I could. And, with respect to what we’re doing now, I told Skip that I always inquired about my mother and my father and he seemed to be very interested in that. So, I’d appreciate it, one, if I could find out what their condition is, and two, if maybe you would ask my mother if she had some kind of a word for Skip, and perhaps John, because those two made it possible for me to get out here. So, I’m really grateful that Skip expressed an interest in it, which was really very unusual for him and I told him I would try to tape what we’re doing right now because he wanted to know about my mother and my father. So, if you could help me there, I’d appreciate it, because you know those two guys, John and Skipper, are ultra skeptical and have not looked too fondly at their brother, Bill. And the other thing, the healing energy I know I received this morning, I would really appreciate it if there’s some way to keep that going-that would be great! So, gee, if you’ve got a word for Bill and his brothers and something from his mom, I’d appreciate it.

Jesus: Bill, your mother is here and she’s very happy that she has this opportunity to speak to not only you, but to her sons who will not be here. She wishes to say to them that, above all things, if they can learn to open their hearts, open their hearts to the love that they may have for each other not just as brothers, but as friends. For in this world it is difficult to carry on alone and our fears sometimes make us decide to behave and think in a way that takes us away from the support and the love that we need so desperately. She is very happy that you reached out to your brother, Arthur, for Bill, in this reaching out, you have received love and you are able to give love. And giving love is one of the tremendous healers of illness and sadness. So, she asks that her sons love one another as friends, and do not be shy of asking for love and support, and do not be withholding your love and support when you are asked for it. Your father is progressing, Bill. He has prayed for mercy and he has been receiving help from others, particularly your mother. Continue to pray for him for he wants your love and acceptance of him, as you want his, and he doesn’t know how yet, but he wants to learn how to love you, Bill. Can you show him the Way by praying for that Love from God to come into you, to transform you and all your fears and anxieties? Learn to love yourself as a son of God and let God heal you; let Him heal your soul, your mind and your body, for He wants to.

Holly: Master, I have a question about receiving Divine Love. We’re told that one of the ways we know that we’re receiving Divine Love is that we feel the burning in our hearts. I’ve felt this and I’ve spoken to other people who have felt this, but, I know there are people out there who have the Christ Spirit in them, you can feel it. They’re wonderful people, but they have never felt this sensation of the burning in their hearts and, I wondered, is it possible that not all people perceive it in same way, that this burning is not the indication for all people? What do you think? Thank you.

Jesus: Divine Love is perceived by the soul of every human and spirit in as unique a way as they are unique themselves. The heart symbolizes the soul, the center of our being. So, often it is experienced in the heart, but everyone is connected to God in his or her own individual way. If we can recognize this Love as a Presence and a Substance that transforms our lives, this touches every part of our being. This transformation changes the actual condition of our bodies and our minds. It is real, and, although you may not see it because it is a gradual thing, it is evident on your face, in how you look at others, and how you touch things and the way you walk, in your voice, in everything that you do. And this Love is powerful and beautiful and strong, and you can feel It in every part of your self.

Dave: Does that answer your question, Holly?

Holly: Thank you.

Susan: Dear Jesus, how can I spiritually help myself to continue improving my health

Jesus: By recognizing that your body is only the exterior manifestation of the real self-your soul. Know that your soul, as the real part, is full of love and light and goodness. That love heals, Susan. It can come from you and through you and you must see your body as transparent to that power that you have. Let it shine like a light through your skin and your bones. Consider everything that you eat a sustenance for that love to burn brighter, that it may carry you to the next manifestation of your faith and your goodness. We cannot worry too much about what these bodies do and don’t do when we have such a tremendous gift as this love in our hearts that not only wants to touch those people who we love, but wants to transform our lives to become the examples of the Christ Love that you can be. Put first these aspirations of love and faith and all the physical will fall into place, obedient to these higher laws that operate. Does this answer your question

Susan: Yes. Thank you so very much. I love you.

Kathryn: Dear Jesus, I guess we’ll call this a spiritual question since I have a soul and that’s spiritual-it’s trying to tell me something that I’m not grasping because I’ve been injuring my hands very severely and I’m blocking what the message is, what it is I’m not grasping. I would like help with this. Also I allowed an iron wedge to fall on my head- another message that I’m not getting, that’s trying to get through to me, unsuccessfully. So, would you please help me get clear about what it is I’m not grasping or thinking clearly

Jesus: Kathryn, you are a soul and this soul needs to rest sometimes. You’ve been accustomed to pushing yourself through this world, like a bulldozer plows through the earth, moving obstacles out of its way because it’s hard, it’s hard, this earth is hard. But, you’re a soul, you can float, you can sing, you can dance. Be gentle with this soul; be loving and kind to it. Don’t push through this world, for this love that you have in your soul, Kathryn, will lift you above this earth, and there are many hands who would be willing to help you carry out your dreams, to fulfill your needs and desires. And sometimes, when we think that we’re alone and that we’re the only ones who can do it, we make it hard, very hard. You’re not alone because you’re surrounded by love, Kathryn. You’re surrounded by love and this love has the power to lift you over the difficulties. That’s what you need to grasp, that’s what you need to get through your thick head.

Kathryn: I’ll try harder. (laughter)

Jesus: Don’t try too hard. (more laughter)

Kathryn: Thank you, Jesus.

Arthur: Jesus, I am so grateful as a person born into the Jewish faith to have found the Jewish Messiah, something which every Jew, every Jew yearns in his heart to find. But I feel so incredibly lucky that I found the Jewish Messiah, Lord. What I want to ask you is that, many years ago, about five years ago, I asked you a question about my career situation, about my material future about what it is I will be doing or the choices I should be making. Now, you know that in a year’s time, I’m going to leave my job of 20 years, Master. I’m grateful for all the help I’ve received both mortal and spirit-it’s so wonderful. So, I’m going to ask you the question, again, with five more years of growth in my soul, and the question is (I know that I have to make the choices myself) but, how do I find a way to discern the best choices I should make for myself in terms of where I should live, how I should work, my musical career and my poetry? Maybe it’s a little too general, but I’m throwing it out to you for you to answer it in the best way. Thank you, Master.

Jesus: My brother, Arthur, I wish to extend my love to you and thank you for having carried out this year in giving in all the ways that you have. As we want to manifest the love that is in our souls, it teaches us to see and to think in ways that we may never have before. Where five years ago you were much more influenced by your external surroundings and much more influenced by the anxieties that you had within you, you are free to a large extent of these anxieties and you are finding yourself stronger and more able to fend off the negative influences around you. But this has been due your selflessness and your giving and your desire to help and to be a teacher and so I ask you to continue to want to do these things, want with your heart to help and this desire will lend beauty to your voice in whatever form it takes, whether through poetry or music, in whatever you do, and it guides your steps to be where you need to be and guides others to be with you. You are walking in a very good way, Arthur.

Arthur: Thank you. I just wanted to ask you…you’re saying the act of giving-will the desire to give to the world and others, will that help me to manifest things on the material level

Jesus: Oh, yes.

Arthur: Yes. Thank you. Thank you, Master, very much.

Carol: Good afternoon, Master of Love. First, I want to thank you for the physical healing I received while I was sitting here. I wasn’t even aware that I needed it, it felt very, very good. I feel like I’ve been waiting a long time and trying to be patient with my progression and I have felt frustrated off and one because I feel that I’m both blocking something and needing to let go of something. And, so, I’m asking for your wisdom on this.

Jesus: Every view that we have on this world, everything we see that causes in us a reaction, begins at our young age when we see things that we do not understand, with a soul that is seeking a relationship, that is seeking at-onement and fulfillment in love. We may think that what we see and what we must do is real, even though it is not loving. But, Carol, I want you to see with eyes of your soul. There is nothing before you now that cannot be touched by the love of your soul. It may take some practice to sit and consider every part of your life, every moment that you spend your energy and how you spend it-that you are there, your soul filled with this love is there. It’s shining on this opportunity before your very eyes, you may have to train the way you see, that what you are seeing is pure love, Carol, pure love for your children, your mate, everything that you do. Trust that goodness and that light, protect it, be its guardian. Want this. Do you understand

Carol: No, but I will learn.

Jesus: If you were to be in a situation wherein you had to consider a decision, what to say or what to do, pause for a minute and think with the mind of love. Ask yourself if what you’re seeing is pure love so that what you’re seeing before you is an opportunity to manifest the love of your soul.

Carol: Thank you.

Carolyn: Good afternoon, Jesus. Thank you for being here with us today. I would like to ask about the progression of my father. I know the condition of my children, so I’m not asking, but I’d like to know where my father is. The last time we had a gathering, he was dumbfounded by the people who were here, but I would like it if you could channel for John L. I know that he is in the present, in the here and now; he had been living in the past for years and I would just like to know the impact of the Divine Love on him.

Jesus: Your father has been influenced by this Love, Carolyn. He has started his progression. He is present with you, wishing to let you know he is grateful for the love you’ve shown him. He wants you to know that he is trying to find out more so that he can help you in your work. It’s a wonderful thing to have the support of our families, even in the spirit world. We have a sense of connection with those who have lived their lives and struggled the struggles that we have still before us. They may have a perspective that helps us realize what’s important, that life is short, so we spend it with as much joy and gratitude as we can for having [the privilege of] this life. I want you to consider your life a gift that you have charge over. It’s a gift that you can manifest in everything and to everyone. A life that can heal, that can guide-but it’s your life, it’s your soul being itself, full of love, shining with all its glory and faith.

Carolyn: Can you tell me what level he is in his progression

Jesus: He’s coming through the 2nd sphere, going to the 3rd.

Michael: Jesus, I humbly thank you for joining with us. We love you very much and thank you for all your assistance and patience. I do not have a particular question, I’m open to advice you’d be willing to offer at this time.

Jesus: I know sometimes we may be discouraged if we think what we’re doing is not God’s work. But, Michael, I want you to understand you are God’s…you are God’s work. And anything you do, when you do it with your soul full of love, is God’s work. It really does not matter that much what form your work takes, please believe me when I say this because it may seem to be more in sync with the Will of God when people come acknowledging this Divine Love in you and seeking that healing that you want to give them. But this world has to be discovered by Love. You are being sent out to see this world with eyes of Love, to discover the gold and the pure goodness in every soul that comes your way. Even if they are to come to you to buy a computer, they’re a soul, just like you; they’re God’s children and we can put as much love and healing in negotiating a price as we can talking to them about God’s Divine Love. Does that seem impossible? It is not, for if you recognize the truth that people want love, they want to be loved, they want to be respected, they want to be cared for, they want to be recognized for the good people that they are. And you can do this; you can honor their souls, you can honor their life through everything that you do. It’s an opportunity and why I say this is because we need to make this Love attainable; people know they need to work for a living, they need to earn money to sustain their lives here on this earth. We have got to put love within their reach by being with them, their brother and their sister, take their hand, be glad for their company, their guidance and gladly give your guidance, but above all, LOVE, and this will bring you more joy and fulfillment and happiness than all the money in this world can bring you. And then we might see this world be healed; we might see people inspired to carry on their day in a loving, honest and caring way because you’ve been an example.

Michael (very softly): Thank you, Master.

Dave: Master, first I would very much want to thank the Father for once again giving us the opportunity to meet with you and the Celestials and all our friends and relatives in the spirit world and give us this beautiful three or four days so that we might dialogue and receive the benefit of your wisdom and your love and your guidance. And secondly, to thank my good friend, Arthur Finmann, for all the help he has rendered me in his wonderful editing and his putting forth the Sermons on the Old Testament in, we hope, a very good and improved form. And, as you know, Kathryn awhile back got a very interesting message from you in reference to a primer, as it were, a book that might help people come into our little fold and join us, so that they wouldn’t be frightened by the Big Truths that we are all familiar with and they might like to know what’s going on up there and that’s why we have “What Happens After You Die.” I would like to ask about that, Master, if both Arthur and I have fulfilled our purpose sufficiently well and, if not, what you might suggest that we could do, or should do, to make any improvements or adjustments. And one final question along these lines, I sort of felt that while I was doing my part of the introductions and the editing and things of that nature in the book, I kind of felt that maybe Mr. Padgett was with me, helping me out and I’d be very interested to know if he, in fact, occasionally did visit and give me benefit of that help

Jesus: Yes, he did Dave, very gladly. He continues to look forward to the opportunity of working with you as he has in the past, which I hope you know that he has. In so far as the book that you have just completed, this is a fine work, and until such time that you all can have the means by which you can print and distribute this book, it may be good to share with those who are interested in considering this presentation, offering any suggestions they may have, for these works you do are a collaborative effort from the spirit world, as well as the earthly world. And because we are in this together, it is good to share that amongst ourselves, the creative process, as well as the distribution. And now what’s before us is the need to get ourselves more visible so that our publications can find their way into the hands of these people that we love. Your work is never done.

Dave: Well, our good friend, Doug, has been suggesting a few things that we might do; and of course, the rest of us have been trying to come up with some ideas as well, and hopefully, we will find this avenue, or avenues, in which to not only present the books, but to bring people into the fold, so to speak. I suppose we should know better how to market these things and what might be required in that regard to have this progression. And, of course, part of our work, definitely, is to see results. It’s not enough just to present something, we would love to see, as a matter of fact, a number of us have asked the questions, how far along are we in this pioneering phase? We know there are people who have embraced these truths and who have received the Divine Love in various parts of the world, but like my father-in-law always says, “So how many members have you got?” (Laughter) Of course, we don’t know the answer to that, but it would be helpful sometime to get some consensus because we ask about membership, we ask about does anyone know, even in that smaller circle, how many members we have? And how our pioneering efforts have been paying off? We don’t know these things; so in a sense we are putting forth our efforts and our labors, but if there were a way to know how well things are progressing… At one time, I believe, I received a message from you that said that when we drop a stone, as it were, of truth there are ripples far and wide that take place as a result of that; and I think Bill Reilly from up there gave us that kind of a message also, as a matter of fact, I received from him that we did not know and could not appreciate, but nevertheless how wonderfully things are progressing in that ripple-like fashion. And I would love to hear an affirmation of that from you, Master. I know we all would.

Jesus: I wish to say that the love in this room is for some of you a manifestation of a reality you wish to express in your lives everyday; tangibly you feel the comfort, the security, the peace, the harmony, the love that makes you feel safe to be who you are. But, ultimately if we are to be assured that love is in this world we must see ourselves as pure love. Take from your eyes those visions that make you see the world or yourselves as anything less than God’s perfect creature that has the purpose of manifesting the love that is within your souls; for this love is what has brought you here, and this love is what makes you feel a sense of harmony. If you did not have this love, you would not feel it and you would not want to be here. And you take this love with you wherever you go. It is yours. It is you. And I said before, I will say again, it matters very little what you do, what actions you take; if they’re done in love, the effect on others and the effect on this world will cause the higher spiritual laws to work, as this love is manifested through your soul. You have to see your lives as pure manifestations of love in everything you do. I say this every year and I will continue to say it: Everything that you do, is because you are love, because you are souls, because you are children of a loving God. And, if this love was something you could have faith in and know the power of and be assured that it was real and that it was shining from you, you would have no doubt that it would bless everything that you do, that it would effect the people that you are in contact with. And, in this way, you’re going to see those ripples become waves. Do you understand

Dave: Yes, I understand the effect of love can be terrific, but there are ways to manifest the love, not only individually, but through the efforts we’re making along with the volumes and the messages that we want to communicate to the world as we have been charged to do and in that sense, I meant, have we been making progress “out there?” Are there people out there in numbers, at this point, that have been increasing? Can we have any appreciation of that.

Jesus: The numbers are increasing. But it would seem to me that what assurance you need is an assurance in your own personal life, for you are disciples of the Christ Love, you are disciples of the divine truth. And if you were to see yourselves that way, you would see what I am speaking of, you would see the effect of love on this world. You would see the effect of the love that you have just by being in the presence of someone else. It is a reality, it is powerful, it is true, and by your seeing it and feeling it and having trust that it is a presence that you are surrounded by, then you will understand. Yes, your spiritual stature is growing; as a body, yes, it is growing.

Dave: I think that is what we want to hear; it always helps to hear something encouraging like that, Master. I would like to ask if you think this might be a good time for us to take a break and give our wonderful medium a bit of a rest

Jesus: Yes, thank you.

Dave: Thank you, Master, for all the help you have given us and hopefully we’ll join you after a little repast.

Jesus: God bless you.

Dave: God bless you and all who are here. Maybe they’ll go to lunch, too. (laughter)

Medium prays out loud: Dear God, please lift my thoughts and desires to thinking only of You and the truths that You will bring to us through Your Celestial angels today. I ask to put my will and desires aside to let your angels come through with the truths as they can, to help us grow spiritually and to know how better to serve Your children and their need for love. I pray for faith in the power of Your Love to heal and bring wholeness and goodness to our lives. And I pray for faith in the power of Your Love to make me a channel for only the truth. Please protect us from any lower influences that may wish to do harm. I love You.

Jesus: I am here with you now, my dear brothers and sisters, I am your friend and Master, Jesus and I wish to ask at this time for your spiritual questions that with all the love of my soul, I might answer to help bring the truth and the healing to your lives.

Doug: Master, I have a whole bunch of questions floating through my brain and I’m kind of getting answers as I’m asking them.

Jesus: What are those answers, Doug

Doug: Well, I think your answers will be better than mine, but it’s trying to understand God’s timeline which, of course, my impatient little mind can’t do very well. But to my mind, there seems to be this crying need in the planet for the knowledge of the Divine Love and yet you get the impression that God is in absolutely no hurry at all. Especially if the sole task of communicating this truth is entrusted to this little group here, which sometimes seems to be moving at a snail’s pace. I can see how in God’s Eyes, a thousand years are but a day, and so on and so forth, and I was wondering what would be your take on that, relative to what we are doing or not doing? And our talk yesterday about working to somehow graduate this church into an organization that could make a global impact, is this something in reality or do you have other organizations working that we’re going to be, at some point, interface with? You get my drift.

Jesus :Yes, and I wish to say you can take the burden off your shoulders that you are the only group that is responsible for disseminating the truth of Divine Love. There are many groups and individuals in this world who have sought with all their souls and their aspirations to bring the truth to their brothers and sisters in all parts of this planet. There are angels working through mortals to bring the truth to those wanting souls, and they will not do it just through the Padgett messages, but they will do it through the love that is shown through their souls and exemplifying that divine and Christ spirit that I manifested while on earth. I wish to return again to the thought that it does not matter too much, the physical, material, intellectual manifestation that this love has in your lives, the importance is the love that is manifested through your actions, through your words. And these books that you distribute, are books with words and the only meaning they have is to the soul seeking the truth. When they are given and are presented with such love by you, that you want to share the truth and you want to share the love, the treasure of that divine transformation that you have received in your life, this is what will effect the change you’re looking for in your church. It is the love that you manifest everyday that makes the difference. Please understand that you must not measure your success in terms of material or intellectual standards, don’t look for numbers, monetary or in membership, don’t look for certain types of successes that make you feel you are accomplishing your mission on this earth plane. Look in your hearts every day for the love that you have there, that is shining and waiting to be manifested in your daily lives. And, as you do this, you will be guided, you will be inspired and you will inspire others and guide others. There are some of you who may actually even have a ministry that does not involve the Padgett messages at all, but is just purely a manifestation of your love in whatever way that you are so moved, you may heal, you may play music, you may write. But, you are in this world; this love that you have is in this world and you are the only ones who can unlock your doors to let that love out into this world, and that is what makes the difference. Did that answer your question

Doug: Yeah, that kind of ties into the second question which answers that one, too, I think. It’s been this kind of back and forth sense of whether we need to concentrate on some huge “out there” outreach, such as the internet, which is in some ways impersonal, but it certainly gets the words out there. And then, on the other hand, I think sometimes all we really need to be doing is chopping wood and carrying water and praying for the love and waiting for our Pentecost, as it were, to make that love just a palpable reality with every breath we take. And I guess I’m hearing from you it would be the latter rather than the former, that we should be concentrating on and the rest of the globe will take care of itself.

Jesus: It’s not to say… there aren’t those of you who … seek the counsel as in … because you can do this and you can … talk … you can trust … carry (tape is distorted)

Jesus : … you don’t want to sit in front of the computer 24 hours a day, there are times you will need respite. What I am saying is anything you do, when done as a manifestation of the Divine Love in your soul, succeeds in establishing this kingdom on earth. And, as you are moved as a body of souls, working together to establish some structure that would make more of a significant difference, this is a good thing as you are moved by your love to do so; but only if you are moved by your love to do so. You need not be impatient, because if you were to recognize the workings of God’s Laws you would see that these laws are working to bring fulfillment of your desires to establish either eventual harmony and peace on this earth, or to build a Celestial kingdom, if not here, in the spirit world. The soul of a human being is set up to aspire, to improve. You have done so in your own lives, personally, and you have gotten to that point that you want to bring that fulfillment and peace to the lives of others, which is why you want to serve and help. And this is a law in itself, the fact that you want to help, the fact that you want to reach out, and so, the workings of these laws are behind you like a tremendous piece of machinery that is perfectly and wonderfully, flawlessly working for you in attaining your goals. There are Celestials and there are natural love spirits who are working to accomplish these goals; and there are many mortals who are also working to bring harmony and peace to this earth life by manifesting the love of their hearts for each other, for the planet and for God. And as you go out and seek to do this, you will be attracted to those who are doing the same; you will be working together with them and you will welcome their companionship and you will not feel threatened or undermined by any other attempt or effort, even if it is different from yours, but you will recognize the goodness in all hands working to bring love and harmony. Does this answer your question

Doug: Yes, thank you. I now have a fun question from our friend Jimmy who asks two-part question; one is, he wants to know Helen Padgett’s date of birth, place of birth and, if possible, time of birth

Jesus: I wish to say at this time to Jimmy that I am not going to answer these questions, it is not so much that I couldn’t give them to you, as much as it is important for him to understand why he needs to know this information. He wants to be connected to the woman to whom he was married and who is now a Celestial angel; he wants to feel close to her and wants to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are compatibly and wonderfully together for the rest of their lives. And I wish to say that this is true; he need not doubt and he need not look for reassurance in these material things to know what is in his heart. I am asking Jimmy to look into his heart and to seek to find the answer to his question there, because he will have it.

Doug: Jimmy asked a second half of the question, which may receive the same answer as the first half, I am not sure what his reasons were: where Helen and James Padgett are buried, like in what cemetery.

Jesus: James Padgett is coming forward at this time and he wishes to say that if Jimmy were to investigate with greater tenacity the answers to these questions that he seeks, for they are very much related, he will be connecting with important people in his life and I would like him to search for those answers himself.

Doug: We’ll let him know.

Bill: It’s Bill master. I have been wondering for a long time about guidance, the general concept of guidance, how we are guided. I talked to Arthur and Sammy about this and what they suggested to me was personal guidance comes through promptings; we are prompted just to do really what we should do, but the source of that prompting is from our spirit guides, but my question concerns the promptings that people get other than ourselves who help us specifically what I’m really curious about is what motivated my two brothers, John and skip, to make this whole trip possible for me? You know, when others help us and the outcome is good, is that a function of Celestial spirits, maybe ours, prompting them? How does that work, where other people just out of the blue, help us? And the last thing I wanted to ask was, this sounds a little silly, but Kathryn and I both, I do think, discussed the episodes we went through, she kind of bonked herself opening up that door and I was trying to get to the airport Friday morning, missed my stop, and as I went through the stop knowing that I missed the train to B. W. I., I said to myself, “Where were you guys?” where does this guidance come from? Why didn’t you just tell me to get off that train, all I had to do was turn around? I’m curious about that you know. And about a week ago, I was driving out to a small town and almost crashed the car into the curb and I thought to myself why didn’t I just get nudged a little bit? Not to make such a tight turn at such a speed? Well, anyway, I think what I’m doing is asking questions about guidance and about how people are prompted to do things for us and must be that we run into all of this, get rapped on the head, almost miss our plane, are these just lessons we have to learn? Is it, “bad things happen for good reasons?” Point being, like the condition I have, if I eat the wrong things, I get sick, but nobody says, “Oh, you better not eat that, Bill.” That is not within my experience. I’d be exceptionally grateful if you would explain some of these things to me.

Jesus: In the case of guidance that you may be receiving through the benevolence of others in your life such as your brothers, understand that the Celestials guide only by suggestion, they work in tandem with the free will of those who may be interested in helping. There may be a suggestion or a consideration that they put into their mind to help them resolve or come to a decision, but it is the free will of the person who is gifting you, who is involved, who is active in that demonstration. So it is not by any arbitrary decision on a Celestial angel’s part that you will get here, but that it was through the benevolence and the goodness of your own brothers and their interest in helping you to find peace and health and wholeness, because they knew that you were suffering and that you find that comfort here. And in this way we can work with the mortals to bring about good things here. In so far as when you carry out your lives in such a way that you are hurt or confused or you make the wrong turn, we recognize because of your free wills that you have certain activities and thoughts in your own lives set in motion that cause certain laws to go into effect. We are not really here to be umbrellas for you. We are here to show you the way to become at-one with your Heavenly Father, to manifest that love that is in your heart and to recognize the goodness and the love and the light in this world when it is shown to you. You, as mortals, do need to see examples and signs in your lives that give you encouragement, to make you feel that you are on the right track. And for all those besetting incidents that make you feel and wonder if you really are being guided and are on the right track, understand that we love you, God loves you, and you’ll come around. Sometimes you take a little step back, but for every step back you take two forward, and that’s where we come in.

Bill: Should we get a hard hat for our master carpenter at 212 Dakota

Jesus: It might be a good idea. (laughter)

Bill: Hey, thanks.

Kathryn: Take her hammers away from her.

Holly: Master, I have a question. A really stupid one, but forgive me if it is. I realize in seeking Divine Love, it’s not so much how much time we spend in praying, but how much time we spend in receiving it. The receiving end is more important than praying constantly. So, I’ve always been curious, because we don’t have any charts here on earth to say, well, where are you? When you pass over, if you’re in the fifth sphere, you know how far you have to go, right? But, if you’re on earth, you don’t know where you are; and I want to know if there’s any way we could measure the receiving end? How long will it take us to get to the Celestial Heavens? I mean, I make a joke about this, I’ve been in the teachings for 22 years, but yet I said to a friend I’ve probably received about 10 minutes of Divine Love in 22 years, you know, just constantly 10 minutes. If we could measure it, the receiving end, are we talking about three months of constant receiving of Divine Love to get to the Celestial Heavens? How long does it take to go through the transformation? I’ve always wondered if there’s such an answer. I’m just curious.

Jesus: Well, Holly, first of all, I want to assure you, it’s not a stupid question. As I have said before, you mortals do need to have some sign, some assurance that you’re making progress, that you are on the right track. But I want you to understand that in this earth life, it was not intended to take away those things that would make you feel connected to your God, to make you feel in tune with the being that you are, a child of God, a soul transformed. If we are to try to open our eyes to see the goodness and the love in this world, but do so because you are manifesting the love in your heart, you would be encouraged, you would have faith, you would not fail to know that you are in your Father’s Loving Care. As far as a measurement goes, there is no measurement for the transformation of the Divine Love in your soul into a Celestial angel that I can give you in terms of time. There is a dimension that you will understand when you get to the spirit world that you do not understand now; it is a sense of reality; it is a sense of being; it is a sense of peace that comes from the awareness of the soul of its relationship to God. It is like there is no past, no present, no future; I can’t give you any other example, except to say, it is such an all encompassing and overwhelming sense of Oneness and peacefulness that give you a sense of where you are and what you are. You can achieve that here. If I were to say, well, if you were to achieve that here, that means that you’re certainly suited to being a fifth-spherian. Would that make you feel better

Holly: Yeah! Uhuh!

Jesus: Well, how about this: if you can achieve this feeling while you’re here, you are going to be a Celestial angel, at-one with God.

Holly: Great. Thank you.

Susan: Jesus, how can we become better at following God’s Will as a church

Jesus: The church is in the heart. The church dwells in every soul in this room, representatives of the Divine Love; representatives of a church can be no less than loving examples in their lives. You may wonder sometimes the hypocrisy of someone who is able to be, for a present time, influenced by a Celestial angel, loving and kind, giving guidance and speaking words of loving truth and then, later in their life, manifest thoughts of greed or hatred or unkindness toward others. We are not perfect, we have free wills. But the free will that we have is a gift, as the love that we have received into our souls is a gift. If we are to recognize ourselves in this way, treat yourself as if you are charged with the most priceless and wonderful treasure that you could share with everybody just by being who you are-a church is only as good as the love that manifests through it. And it can’t manifest through walls, it must manifest through the soul of a human being who prays for and receives the Divine Love. But praying for the Love is not enough, you have to show that love in your life, to yourself, to your brothers and sisters, to this earth and to your Heavenly Father. Because it is by showing this Love, and being this Love, that you manifest the reality of who you are, words alone are not enough, pious actions are not enough, if love is not there, they are for nothing. The free will is a gift, Susan, it is our most precious gift. And we use this free will to pray for and to manifest this love that is the most wonderful treasure that we receive from God. If you were to consider the Divine Love a manifestation of God’s Free Will for you, this would help.

Susan: Thanks.

Kathryn: Dear Master, I’m very certain that you are aware that I had a little glitch in my life with try to help our dear brother in Christ, Isaiah, here. We’re both very stubborn and very willful and strong-minded and we did not have the greatest harmony in our interchanges. Early on in his presence here, he called me Margaret a few times and I thought, “Ah-hah! My mother is here trying to say, ‘Stop treating my daughter like this.’ ” I wondered if I had this impression right, about my mom? I also felt she was in the second sphere, at the time. I was told that there’s no hurry and she’s doing fine. It’s sort of hard to gear up to praying deeply when you have to learn to believe in God, from the place she came (not believing in God in her earth life). I wanted to know if I progressed in the situation with Isaiah? If I gave my love as much as I could? I know I sometimes would stay away from getting involved in a discussion that was inharmonious, but I’d like to have a little feedback if I learned my lessons, if I helped Isaiah, if my mother was there trying to help us both

Jesus: You have progressed, Kathryn, there’s no doubt that you learned a lot from this situation because you have tried to see both sides. The fact that you mentioned that you’re strong-willed and stubborn is a good thing! Your mother was, indeed, around and Isaiah is sensitive to spirits which was probably one of the reasons he had such a difficult time staying on track, because he was influenced by those companions he had. But there are and continues to be, lessons to be learned for both of you, and you are progressing. Try to see him with eyes of love, forgive him his trespasses. He will certainly be face-to-face with them soon enough.

Kathryn: Is my mother going to soon enter the third sphere

Jesus: She is, yes, she is.

Kathryn: I love her.

Jesus: She loves you, too, Kathryn. She thanks you very much. She’s very happy.

Arthur: Master, I’m grateful for the wonderful opportunities I’ve had this past year to help my own healing, as we had discussed earlier by helping others. I feel particularly privileged to have been able to be of use to Bill and two other people in New York that you have brought to me, that I can share the truths with. My questions is, Master, that I haven’t done enough to help the spirits and I’ve always been confused because once in a while, I feel attracted to a certain spirit, maybe as a result of my life experiences, for example, now I’ve been praying a little for Dr. Lowe, Abraham Lowe. My question is, can I wait for my guidance about praying for spirits? I hear so many people in our movement that they pray regularly, every Wednesday morning or something, to teach the spirits. I know Dr. Stone had that ministry, Bill Reilly had that ministry. I don’t feel guided to do that and I’m wondering if, perhaps, I should? And then, every so often, I get guidance to teach a spirit something. So I guess my question is, how can I do God’s Will in teaching the spirits

Jesus: Everyone has a different calling, Arthur, and you can respect the fact that there are those who feel very connected to the spirit world and, in some sense, indebted to the angels and to helping those spirits who come, who want to know of the love. But, in your case, you are very much outward in your manifestations of your personality, it’s important for you to contact people.

Arthur: Mortals you mean, right

Jesus: Yes. So, for you, this has more significance.

Arthur: I see.

Jesus: But, there are times, yes, that you do get the impression to help a spirit in particular because that spirit may have some significant role in helping someone or influencing someone and they may need your help at the time.

Arthur: May I ask about Abraham Lowe, the founder of Recovery? Is that a person who is interested in the truths? I know he was Jewish and he wasn’t too interested in spiritual things. I wonder if I could ask you about that

Jesus: I know that you are guided to do this because spirits often learn more from mortals than they do from other spirits. There is some sense of connection that they have with their past and their experiences or familiar surrounding that makes them feel more able to understand and appreciate the truth that you may teach them. They don’t give themselves or others like them a whole lot of credibility when they’re spirits, because they don’t feel they have the same kind of influence that they did before. But, as you recognize their presence and speak with them about the Divine Love, they may actually find more help that way. So, this is the good thing to do and it will help him.

Arthur: Has he considered what I’ve told him

Jesus: Oh, yes.

Arthur: And is he investigating

Jesus: He is investigating.

Arthur: Wonderful. That’s good news. Thank you, Master. Thank you very much.

Carol: I would ask about my great grandmother, Mary, Jesus, to see how she’s doing and how we may help her

Jesus: Mary is doing very well, Carol. She is progressing. She is in the third sphere, full of love. Do you feel her with you

Carol: Yes.

Jesus: Did you pray for her

Carol: Yes.

Jesus: Mary, my mother, is with her, too, as she is with you.

Michael: Jesus, I would like to know if you may be able to offer advice, practical advice, on how to stay in the love each and every day, throughout our experiences with other mortals, whether it be with loving mortals or not loving. If you would offer some advice as to how to know when you’re deeply in the love and how to stay in that love, no matter who or what experience you may have, yourself.

Jesus: Sometimes we are in a position that we confront disharmony, because someone comes who is sure that we are going to rip them off. They’re sure the world is not working in their favor. Sometimes we react to such influences defensively and it makes us feel in doubt of our motives, it makes us feel intuitively insecure around that person and distrusting of him or her. One thing you can do is to pray to see the love in the person before you and ask the angels to help guide your words and your actions in such a way that it can help diffuse the person’s negativities. There will be people you will intuitively feel in harmony with, that you feel comfortable with, but for those with whom you do not, those that give you the uncomfortable feeling that “something is just not right,” take that time to breathe and pray. Ask what you may say or do in love that can help you help them. One suggestion also, is upon every day you rise, make it a day that you are joyful for having, and make it a day that you can put your love into in every way you can. Make it a gift, as you are a gift to God and to your brothers and sisters.

Carolyn: Hello again, Jesus. I have a two-tiered question; I’d like to be a healer like you were a healer here on earth. I want to learn if there is anything in store for me? I’d like to create a healing center and we need your help on the best way to do that, if you could assist us in that, I’d appreciate it.

Jesus: When I was ministering on this earth, my Heavenly Father gave me the gift of healing. It was a gift He gave me because there was the purpose of bringing my brothers and sisters to the awareness that God was a loving and caring God. There was much oppression in the days that I lived here, under Roman rule. There were many people that chafed against that oppression and wondered in their hearts whether there was a God at all. Do you not feel that same question being asked today in the world? Do some people look around them and ask, “Is there a God at all in this world?” Show them that there is, Carolyn. Want to show them the love that God has shown you. Aspire to be a channel for that gift and I promise you, that you will heal because this world needs to be healed. It wants to be healed. If you are to do so, you will have your healing center.

Dave: Dear Master, as you well know, I have some family down here, but my far greater family is in the spirit world and many, many friends. One of the questions I might have is since some of my intercessions and some of my prayers for all the relatives and friends up there. I wonder if there are any newcomers to the Celestial Heavens among these? Is there anyone among either friends or relatives who would like to say anything or communicate anything to me

Jesus: Your Aunt Jessie is coming forward and she’s giving you a big hug. She wishes you to know that they love you and they support and encourage you every day. You are not far from love and you just need to ask for help and they’re there. Although sometimes she knows it’s hard when you’re not around people who pray for the Divine Love as you do, they pray with you and they will come and pray with you at any time. They want you to know that you’re so good, you’re such a wonderful son, brother, nephew. You’re a wonderful soul! They love you so much and they appreciate you. They’re grateful to you for their having had as much love and encouragement that you’ve given them.

Dave: Well, I very much appreciate that. Has anyone made the Big Boom?

Jesus: Not this year.

Dave: Not this year, OK.

Jesus: But soon.

Dave: Who’s the closest?

Jesus: Aunt Jessie. Aunt Jessie.

Dave: Oh boy! On the Mandel side?

Jesus: Abey.

Dave: Abey? Did you say Abey?

Jesus: Uh-huh.

Dave: Oh wonderful! And how close are those two?

Jesus: Jessie’s in the fifth. Abey’s in the third.

Dave: Oh wonderful. Thank you very much, Master.

Arthur: Is there anything, Master, you would like to speak of yourself?

Dave: Yes, I was going to say that and I also just didn’t know whether we should go around again at this point or just leave it up to the Master? I think we should do that.

Doug: I do have a question.

Dave: Oh, one other question.

Jesus: I think we can go around another time.

Arthur: Oh wonderful!

Doug: Oh good, a special added bonus. Thank you, Master. This is a question for myself and also for Jimmy relating back to the question he asked. And it’s on the topic of, shall we call it “doubt busters,” there’s a good name for it. I recall that some of my earliest experiences in learning about the Divine Love were having my mind blown away, as they say, by some mediums who were able to tell me things about my past that the medium had no way of knowing and, in so doing, causing me to have to accept that this information was coming from the spirit world, not from the mortal. And I understand that on some level this is kind of a parlor trick, but I can say from personal experience, it was what pulled me in to make me want to learn more about this. And part of why Jimmy asked this question was, I think he was trying to force the issue of, or encourage, this particular medium to be willing or able to channel specific information that would verify beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was receiving verbatim information from you. I just wonder, what are your thoughts on that? Are you willing to play those games when there’s a purpose in doing so? And would you encourage mediums in our church to develop themselves in that direction?

Jesus: I wish to assure Jimmy at this time that it is not that his questions are irrelevant, it’s that the particular purpose of this medium, through whom I am speaking, is not to channel such information.

Doug: So there may be other mediums in the church who would have more of a proclivity towards doing that kind of thing?

Jesus: Yes, and particularly because there is a specific function to having a medium who steers clear of assuaging any doubts because, if you were to truly consider that time in your life, had Bill not been able to channel the information that “blew your mind,” you still would have found the Divine Love. You can’t place too much validity and importance on having your mind’s doubts assuaged because the mind is a very changeable and fickle energy. It is my purpose to channel through this medium, spiritual truths such as will help the soul’s progress in the Divine Love. It may not help anyone who comes here with a doubting mind because there is no information that would make them feel beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am, indeed, Jesus speaking through this medium. No one has ever met Jesus. He certainly didn’t sound like this (giggles). But, it is my purpose to manifest the Love that I have in my soul for you, for my Heavenly Father, for all of God’s children. So, if you come and you ask questions and you are satisfied in your hearts that you have heard the truth, then that is what I set out to accomplish. I want all of you to know that you are mediums because you pray for the Divine Love to come into your soul. You are visited by the Holy Spirit, It consumes you, It influences you, It manifests through you. And, as you ask questions, many times you receive the answer instantaneously because as you knock, so shall the door be opened unto you. It is not my purpose to make you feel that this is the only time of the year that you can get this information. You are all mediums, you are all channels. You all must seek with all your heart to know the truth, to manifest the love in your souls and to bring about, with that loving purpose, this kingdom on earth. And to such end we will work with you and guide you and help you along. And this is our purpose: to help you help yourselves, to help others. Do you understand this?

Doug: Yes, thank you. I’m now going to ask a question from Jimmy which is probably entirely inappropriate (giggles) in view of what you just said. But we’re all here, we all have a burning desire to know the truth and though it’s not critical to our divine progression, we are often asked and we are often curious about the ancient history of humanity, that period of time between Amon and Aman and the earliest recorded traces of humankind and, at some point in the course of eternity, we’d of course be interested in having those spaces filled in. Jimmy asks specifically whether the difference between homo erectus and homosapien was that the homosapien had the soul implanted and the homo erectus didn’t. And, of course, any information you would like to volunteer, we have confusion about where in the time-line of humanity the continent of Atlantis occurred? Whether the fall of humankind occurred quickly, in the course of a generation or two, or whether it went on for millions of years? All of these things we’re still kind of in the dark about.

Jesus: The first parents lived millions and millions of years ago. The planet supported life at such time that God deemed it suitable for the souls to be implanted in the beings that inhabited the planet at that time. It was prior to what scientists have found evidence of. Does this answer your question?

Doug: Jimmy’s specific question about this, I guess the scientists have found that homo erectus lived 3 to 8 million years ago.

Jesus: It was prior.

Doug: Oh, so the soul of … the human soul was implanted into bodies prior to that time?

Jesus: Yes, many, many years prior.

Doug: My, my.

Jesus: Millions of years prior.

Doug: More than 8 million?

Jesus: Yes.

Arthur: Wow.

Doug: Michael’s eyebrows are raised here. Would it be possible to give us a specific number of millions of years that Amon and Aman lived, and then I’ll shut up.

Jesus: More than 70. (Doug opens his mouth, wanting to speak. Carolyn interjects, “Keep your word.”

Kathryn: Bill’s turn.

Dave: (Continuing to laugh quietly) OK, Bill.

Bill: Master, God I feel old! (laughter) A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to install some software my brother sent me, and the whole deal crashed. And so, at $49 a shot, I had to call Microsoft and got it partially re-established, but I couldn’t get the printer to work. But, since you have to have the problem discussed and remedied on three consecutive days and there was a day bust in there, and I couldn’t go back, I thought that my start-up disks were (I love this expression for bad disks) corrupted. Anyway, my brother, Kevin, sent me his set of disks and I kept fooling with them and finally got the things back. But on the hard drive, I had one of the best things I’ve ever done, which was an article called, “Militarism, the Disease.” I really liked it, it was about 16 pages and, unfortunately, I didn’t have a back up for it, so I had to re-type it. But as I was redoing it, I got some really great ideas about some areas where I should expand it, which I did, and it came out much better than it was originally and I cleaned up a couple errors that were in it. But, I have since wondered whether maybe some spirit took that opportunity to influence me to put that additional material in there? I really strongly felt that and I was just curious about whether or not that was a fact? I’ve often wondered with respect to this situation, whether I got a little guidance with fixing the computer? You know, put that set of disks back in, do this, do that, whatever and finally, got it to go! So, I’m curious about whether we do get guidance in regard to some technical help because I had no idea what I was doing. With respect to the article, I would like to know about that, too, whether I was helped in those two cases?

Jesus: Yes, you were, Bill.

Bill: Thank you.

Jesus: As far as guidance goes, there are many levels of guidance that we receive in our daily lives. And it may seem minor or inconsequential when we receive help to do those things that don’t appear to be of any particular interest to God, but because we’re doing them and we need help and we attend to it with our attention and concern and desires, these are all worthy of receiving help for. Just as earlier I was speaking of guidance through this particular medium having a purpose to bring only spiritual truths to this forum, there are many guides who work through mortals to bring such facts and information that help alleviate and shed light on those things that our minds may doubt and may need reassurance on. There is a tremendously large network surrounding everyone here, spirits whose purpose is truly just to help you function, and when your lives are in harmony and you are manifesting your love, the laws can work in such a way that will help you come around to better results, to more successes, to feelings of accomplishment, so pat yourselves on the back.

Bill: Hey, thanks a lot and thank those guys. One last thing, on the 21st of January, I’m pretty sure it was this year, our medium here got an absolutely astonishing message from your mother which I just didn’t get, which, of course, is not unusual for me. But, anyway, I asked Amy if she could get some clarification.

Jesus: What particular question did you have, Bill?

Bill: To get clarification on the messages so I could understand it.

Jesus: What message?

Bill: This dealt with the improbability of helping negatively charged spirits, or negative spirits, because there are higher laws operating which control the situation. So, in many cases, despite the fact that your intentions are good and you think you have a way to help them out, that it’s just not going to work, you’re just wasting your time. There are references within the second paragraph about the effect these spirits have on you, is to kind of transform your … I thought it was a quantum jump into another orbit, she actually used that language.

Jesus: Well, she can address it for you now. Insofar as the effect of a lack of love, or the absence of love, upon a particular set of circumstances and things, there are certain laws that operate in controlling or governing those circumstances and things, that because of a lack of love are thrown into some kind of cause and effect that must operate due to the workings of the laws. These are effects that are in direct response to the wills of men and women who exercise those wills out of harmony with the Law of Love. If you have a friend who has a life-threatening illness or a disease that is surely going to terminate their life here on the planet as a result of its working through the body, you may wish to heal that person and alleviate their pain. But you must understand that the laws working within that person’s life must operate, that you will be effective only to a certain point. That person’s free will is involved by invoking the workings of the laws that you have no control over, and until that person puts himself or herself under the purview of the higher laws which you know can control such diseases, that person must go through that expiation, that purging, that reaping of what has been sown. Take, for example, the fact that I did not denounce my relationship to God and my ministry even though they asked me to do this, God did not interfere with the free wills of those who were in power. He did not bring the mighty army as my disciple, Judas, thought would happen, because God is a respecter of the free will, and so I had no control over the workings of man’s laws and man’s free will in determining my fate. The only thing I could so was to pray for God’s Divine Love to show me how to trust that I had done my best, that I had done all that I could do, that I continue to be an example of love even through these difficult times. So I ask you to do the same. If you suffer because a loved one is ill and dying, pray to know how best to give your love and to not doubt the power of that love in your life, so that you can be there for that person when they are ready.

Bill: So, if you pray for them and try as best you can to help them and it just doesn’t work, you shouldn’t feel guilty about that because there’s a higher law operating there over which you have no control. Is that so?

Jesus: True.

Bill: Hey, thanks.

Holly: I have a personal question. There’s a guy that I’m dating right now - he’s younger than me and he wants to marry me, actually. He has some good qualities about him, but he also has a condition that’s not too good. And I just want to know what I should do? I mean, I’m not getting any younger, should I hang in there with this person and hope for the best that this condition will go away forever? Or should I, you know, just run. What should I do?

Jesus: Sometimes love gives us the ability to hang in there with someone, we all have our limitations, Holly, but love is a tremendous forgiver and it has a lot of patience in it and is able to even heal should that love be reciprocated and accepted. I would ask you to look into your heart to see whether or not you love this person enough to stick it out, and if the answer is “yes,” by all means do so.

Holly: Great, thank you.

Susan: I’d like to acknowledge my brothers and sisters for having me here this afternoon. Thank you. And Jesus, I’d just like to ask if there’s anything that you would like to address?

Jesus: My dear Susan, I thank you for being here. You have shown a tremendous amount of faith in the love of your brothers and sisters for you, and I’m very grateful for you having given them and us the opportunity to love you by your presence, being here. Thank you.

Susan: Welcome.

Kathryn: Master, I’ve had a little … what I would call some troubling feelings over the past year or two. It’s mostly in relation to not sitting for receiving messages from you because of a feedback I get about they’re not complete, they’re not accurate, they’re not from the spirit whose name I sign on them, etc. I don’t need that in my life because I have enough pressure without that kind of interchange, I guess you’d call it. So, what I feel I’d like to know is, if it’s appropriate for me to receive messages even if they’re rejected? Or if I did receive them from you and they were not inaccurate and incomplete. That’s my question.

Jesus: Kathryn, you’re one of the best mediums in this church and it would be a tremendous honor for us to be able to resume. And there are people here who would be happy to know that you can do this for them.

Kathryn: Thank you very much.

Arthur: Master, I know my brother Sam is present, I don’t think he’d miss this for the world. I was originally going to ask a million and one questions about my relatives, but what I think I’d like to do is, I’d like to just limit it to my brother, Sam, and my father, Adolph Finmann. I’d like to know how those two are getting along and I’d also like to know where my father is in his progression. If my father is present, I would like to tell him that I do feel that I think I’ve essentially forgiven him. I do feel that I’ve essentially let go of all that anger and resentment and fear that I felt towards him and I want to tell him that I am grateful for all the good that he did me which I was blinded to for many years because of that anger and resentment. And so I was just wondering if he or Sam would have something to tell me?

Jesus: Your father has been with you and has received a lot of information from Sam, mostly through your intercession, again because it’s easier sometimes for mortals to reach a spirit, and he is progressing.

Arthur: Where is he in his progress?

Jesus: He’s in the first, passing through pretty well, he’s doing well. It’s quite an accomplishment you know, to be able to be somewhat off of the earth plane enough to get your bearings spiritually, so to speak, and he has been doing this. He’s a little shy right now.

Arthur: Does Sam have something to tell me?

Jesus: He wishes to say thank you for being here so he can play with all his good buddies.

Arthur: (giggling) Thank you, Master.

Carol: Master, I have a question that’s a little hard for me to formulate, but I would like some clarification. It seems that many churches and individuals have interpreted you and your life and your work so vastly differently. And, of course, you know that people endlessly debate what you did, how you did and when you did it, etc., and have very heated and passionate verbal duels. And in the work we have done and continue doing, we don’t really want to get into that energy. How can we address this controversy without kind of wallowing in it?

Jesus: It’s a good question, Carol, and one I’m very grateful for you having asked because I want you to understand that aside from my having come as the Messiah, as someone who shows the way, what I show is the way for the soul to reach its Creator, for when God created the soul, He created it for the purpose of becoming at-one with Him. You may know that there is much discontent in the world, but the mind is something that can truly convince a person that it is content and happy wallowing, arguing, debating, defending all these trivial facts that have nothing to do with what we’re here for. And so, I want to step aside for you to see our Heavenly Father. I want you to see your relationship to Him. As you pray to manifest this love in your life and through your life, and you want your physical realities to be transparent for this love to manifest through, so I also want to be transparent to this world so that others can recognize, finally, their Heavenly Father, their Creator, the loving God who wants them and wants to hold them in His Arms. If we are to understand the presence of this truth and this love, this Divine Love that He has given us as a gift, that is what is important. It doesn’t matter what the mind believes. Truly it’s what your heart knows and it’s what you have faith in that makes a difference to others and yourself. You can’t argue with that, Carol, can you?

Carol: No.

Jesus: Not at all.

Carol: So, is it that people’s minds do this because they’re afraid to face God, to see the reality of God?

Jesus: Their love is just not grown up enough in them to transform their minds into the energies of their souls, the perceptions of the soul are love and faith, and if our minds were, as energies of the soul, a manifestation of love and faith, there’s no room for doubt. You can’t argue with the truth, it just is, and in order to remove yourself from that arena, you just need to not step into it.

Carol: Thank you.

Michael: Jesus, as you probably know, I’ve been praying to see through spiritual eyes as I have a sense that it would be easier to see how my actions and words influence others if I were able to see their spirit bodies and their energies and how my energy interacts with theirs. And I am wondering, as we continue to pray for the love, are our spiritual natures, clairvoyant nature, for example, developed, or is there some way that we can develop these natures at a more rapid rate? And, if there is, do you think that the development of these natures would in fact help us communicate to our spiritual brothers and sisters?

Jesus: When you speak of spiritual brothers and sisters, are you speaking of your mortal brothers and sisters, or your…

Michael: In particular, yes.

Jesus: Oh, most definitely if you pray for the Divine Love, which is the Substance of God’s Soul, and it enters into your soul, that Substance transforms the very make-up of your being and every part of it. I’ll use an example of a tool that you may use in your work. You keep that tool in a place that is safe, away from elements that may break down the material that formulate that tool, keep it so that it functions well every time that you want to use it. And you take that tool and use it for the purpose for which it is intended, to aid you in your work. And so our bodies and minds are such tools that we use for the purpose of loving and being kind and helping and seeing the truth, and as you pray for this love, it’s like putting oil on your favorite tool or keeping it in a safe place so that every time you need to use it, it’s available to you. And there are definitely those qualities that come with the love as you are transformed, that enable your perceptions to be clearer. And you are also given gifts because the love as a Substance and a reality opens your eyes, opens your perceptions to make use of those tools available to you in this world. There are energies that are going to be discovered, even aside from ectoplasm, but those energies that come as a manifestation of love through the human soul that help heal, and you will be able to use these tools to their best advantage and purpose, as your motives are such. Does this answer your question?

Michael: Yes, thank you.

Carolyn: Jesus, Michael and I had talked about a future plan to either get back to California or go to Hawaii. Can you shed some light on what you see would be the best way of doing this and what would be the most in harmony?

Jesus: Well, you have certainly laid the foundation upon which to build this goal to reach out to others, and I would just encourage your taking advantage of this time that you may need to acquire those resources you need to make that move. To be supportive of and be supported by your spiritual family and networking with them will enable you to have some doors open. But, you’re on your way.

Carolyn: Thank you, Jesus.

Dave: Master, I’m very happy to have heard that my family members “up there” are so willing and, I know, very able to come and pray with me as I seek for Divine Love. But there are two people I haven’t mentioned, or if I did, very, very briefly, and I would like to know if they would like prayers from me? One is my legitimate father, Robert Lampron, and the other is my stepfather, or was my stepfather there, Earlden Lorenz. Now, before you answer the question, I had an unusual experience with Earlden Lorenz; there was a night where I felt very strongly that Earlden was asking my forgiveness and my prayers. I’m not so sure that this was necessarily genuine, but I felt it and as a result I, indeed, prayed for him. Was my perception accurate at that time? And do either of them wish me to continue along these lines and pray for them? And does either one have anything they’d like to say?

Jesus: Your stepfather has, indeed, come to you and has asked for your forgiveness for, as you know, he was cruel to you and he is very sorry. Having had the opportunity to see the love in you, it makes him feel shamed to know that he could have been as unkind as he was to you. He asks that you continue to pray for him for he needs your prayers. He is in darkness.

Dave: He has them. I forgave him in my own prayers.

Jesus: Yes.

Dave: As a matter of fact, I always tried to win him with love, always.

Arthur: Slay him with love.

Jesus: Your father is doing better and he wishes to say, thank you. He is very grateful.

Dave: And where is my father at this point?

Jesus: Your father is coming into the first from the earth plane. But he has seen your example and he has felt your prayers and these are good. And the fact that he can say “thank you” is a big step for him.

Dave: Well, one thing I was a little bit surprised at, everyone seemed to be making such fantastic progress last year and I was hoping that maybe one or two or three of these people, my friends, my relatives, might have made that last big step into the Celestial Heavens. I think of people like Aunt Lil, and I think of my ex-wife, Trudy, and I think of many friends like Joe Pagnozi, a friend of my wife’s, Donna, and of Baum, Stanley, lots of people. There’s so many up there, I sometimes feel I just could have them all up there, … just go.

Kathryn: There’s no hurry, they’ve told us that there’re no hurry.

Dave: I know there’s no hurry, but as a matter of fact, when there are some up at a certain sphere, they say they’re not in a hurry. Bill Reilly, for example, said that you know and when he was up there in the fifth, and Eileen May is in the Celestial Heavens and …

Jesus: Sometime you’ll understand that these spirits are detained because they’re actually helping other people at that time, and it is helping their own progress in some ways. But these spheres are actually quite immense, so…

Dave: I know Sarah was holding back for her husband on earth. I wondered if they were soulmates? I didn’t ask that question, I don’t think. Harry and Sarah Mandel. I know she was crazy about him.

Jesus: There’s a lot of love there.

Dave: Well, we’ll keep that in abeyance for somewhere in the … well, OK. Master, I guess we’ve come to that part where we’re going to have to say goodbye, but we certainly want to hear from you. You always finish up for us and if there’s anything you’d like us all to do, or any one of us to do this year as a project or whatever, please let us know.

Jesus: I encourage you to try to work together, communicate more often together, seek each other’s help. If you just need advice, speaking with someone who prays for the Divine Love and has faith in this love to heal and to show us the way, is very important, it’s a valuable resource. So, I encourage you to hold each other’s hands, often. We love you so much and we want you to feel that love every day of this year. And I thank you for this opportunity to have shared with you today and I hope that you can all go away stronger and more clear about how to go about your mission of bringing this love into the world. You are the love in this world, please see yourselves that way. I love you.

All: Oh, we love you too!

Dave: And we love all the spirits. God Bless you all for coming today. Thank you. Amen, amen. And God bless our wonderful medium (applause all around). Thank you. You never let us down.

End of trance session.