Messages 1984 to 2000

Joseph: Praying for Divine Love Without Feeling Like a Fake; When Does One Receive Immortality?

April 9, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


How does one pray for Divine Love without feeling like a fake? Does one become immortal when they receive some Divine Love or when they become transformed into the “Christ” by fulfilling their potential to become divine souls by praying for, seeking with heartfelt longings, following in the way Jesus taught to become at-one with God, the Father, the Creator of our souls?

[In answer to the first question]


One cannot be considered to be a learned person when he or she starts studying. Even though intention plays a major role in the accomplishment of desires, it needs to be followed up with action and persistence. There is a great variation of examples to be considered. If one is listening to their heart and is seeking truth, this becomes an underlying disposition of thought, will and desire. More often than not, when a person becomes aware of the availability of God’s Grace, Divine Love, he or she has already received some into their souls as a result of the sincere desire of soul to know God, to do His Will, or to develop their spiritual qualities. They know somewhere deep within their being that they are more than a mere mind and body. They know they have a spiritual nature, and this is a soul knowledge which has been intensified and supported by the reception of the Love, even though they do not have a mental awareness that It had been received.

The more materially oriented individuals believe it is up to them to make their way in the world, and even though this is not a bad attitude, it is limiting. If you reject the privilege of receiving the Love, the Great Gift God has for His children, you are deciding to cut yourselves off from the greatest force in the universe which has the power to set you free from your limitations. A well-balanced person needs to work with mind and soul to integrate the Love into the world. Either one, alone, will not fulfill the goal. But here, I will say that the soul longings and desires are the more important desires because they have, for the most part, been overlooked or denied as playing a role in your life, and these need to catch up to your intellectual development.

You say that you know that God is Love and that He wants His children to come to Him in faith and humility like a child and ask Him for His help, that He wants you to depend upon Him to be there for you, but you “think” that you are being selfish for wanting this most wonderful gift. Do you not see there is an error in your thinking when it is what God wants for you, most of all, and it is what your soul wants and needs to fulfill its potential? You should make a great effort to put aside your mind’s doubts and limitations and keep trying the experiment of believing there is a transforming gift which can bring you into better harmony.

Try the programming technique. “I really believe that there is a Loving God Who created my soul in His Image. I truly want to do His Will in my life. I want to fulfill my highest potential. I accept His Gift and want to make It my own.” If your mind still wants to reject this privilege gift, then perhaps more suffering is on the agenda for you. God did give His children a free will to choose their pathway in life.

Struggle with yourself, if you wish, and even if you believe it is against your wishes, let me assure you that you do possess the power and the ability to assert your spiritual desires for truth, no matter how persuasive the mind can be to try to convince you otherwise. There are natural sphere spirits who have been in the family for centuries who believe firmly that what they have learned and have come to believe is the “highest and best” decision to make, and they are trying to save you from making a grave error of choosing God (“pie-in-the-sky”), which they believe will lead you nowhere.

Each and every individual soul needs to make the decision. Some days in the material world we will be more stuck in material awareness, but when you find yourself feeling “stuck,” wondering about your own goodness, for example, you have the power and privilege of getting rid of those thoughts. It is up to your free will choices, but some people, due to a lack of self-love, feel that they have not suffered enough yet to be worthy of God’s blessings.


[In answer to the second question]


There are spirits in the sixth sphere who have, early on in their existence and spiritual development, received some small portion of the Divine Love, but It has become dormant since they had subsequently decided they needed to figure out everything for themselves and no longer activated their faith in a higher power.

There will be a period of grace for certain souls before the gates to the Celestial Heavens close and the availability of the Love is withdrawn for a second time; these will include soulmates, when one is in the Natural Heavens and their counterpart is in the Celestial Heavens. Also included will be souls who have a portion of the Divine Love in their souls. We do not know all things, even though we have been born again in love and it has been perceived by the highest developed soul that even after the gates have closed and the Divine Love withdrawn, because of the overwhelming Lovingness of the Creator, that sometime in the distant future it will more than likely be rebestowed again. I would say that immortality is achieved when one is transformed into the Christ, when the Divine Nature has taken ascendancy over the material nature, when the condition of the soul is qualified to move from the seventh sphere into the Celestial Heavens.

So the small amount of the Grace of God’s Love which “sneaks” into a soul, unbeknownst to that person, is not enough to accomplish immortality at that time. But here, I will also add, that it will be the far majority of souls who have received a portion of the Divine Love who will continue on the divine pathway as It has the propensity to act like leaven in the soul, rarely quailed by the mind’s control. The power and desires of a soul, even with an infinitesimal amount of God’s substance of Love will be awakened, even if on a subliminal level and it will persist to let its desires be known.

I will write again on this subject if it has not satisfied the questions. I love you, each and every one, and I am grateful for this privilege you have given me to write. I am a high Celestial angel and am one of your Celestial guardians, Joseph, the father of Jesus and a follower of his teachings.