Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Our Lifelong Ministry.

June 11, 1987

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I am most happy to bring you my thoughts and words with regard to D.R’s candidacy. I should first like to say that he has done exceptionally well in his course of study, and that we in the Celestial Heavens have been following his progress with great interest, not only in terms of his present studies but also in terms of his soulful development over time. And we are happy to say that we fully approve of his ministerial candidacy, as we feel that he will make a fine addition to our ministerial force on earth.

In truth, the end of his present formal study is only the very beginning of his lifelong ministry. And by “lifelong,” I am referring not only to the mortal existence but also to the work that still lies before him and before you all on the spirit side of life. For I am sure you all know within your hearts and souls, once one places his feet firmly upon the path of service to our Loving Father, there really is no other direction and purpose but to move onward and upward in one’s pursuit of complete at-onement with God.

And, so, dear brother D_, we welcome you to our growing family of love and dedication to the Father, and to the work of disseminating His Truths to a soul-hungering world. And, indeed, when I say “world,” I am including the spirit world as well, for I know that, along with us, D_ also sees the necessity of carrying this work into the spirit world. And I would encourage him to continue his spirit services through the reading of our messages and through the words he would also like to express from the sincere desires of his own soul to those in spirit life who have lost their way, and who are indeed looking for someone who can put them on the right path to soul salvation and happiness.

I know that it is said by many that one’s concerns should be directed toward the so-called here and now — meaning the earth life and its many problems and challenges. But there is a vast world beyond the material world where the needs of your brothers and sisters are every bit as great, and many times even greater than the needs of those on the mortal plane. And, so, when good souls such as B. R. and D____ reach out with their hearts to help their brothers and sisters on our side of life, they perform a service of exceptional importance. There are myriad spirits in need of counseling and direction, and we need all the help we can get in attempting to reach the lost souls with the Light of the Father’s Truths. Without the desire of some mortals to assist us in this work, many spirits might continue in darkness for many years to come. For, as you know, strange as it may seem, many spirits, and especially those who have passed over recently, comparatively speaking, will not listen to the higher spirits who attempt to counsel them. In accordance with the Law of Attraction, they are much more disposed to listening to spirits on their own level, or to mortals whom they still look upon as having the closest kinship with them. The problem, of course, is that few spirits and mortals on their own level have knowledge of any of the Father’s higher Truths, and circumstances are often reduced to the blind leading the blind. But as in the cases of Eugene Morgan, Mr. Padgett, and Dr. Stone, although they qualified as having kinship with their spirit listeners in terms of surface appearances - or, in other words, as “fellow mortals,” so to speak - fortunately, for those who were attracted to these three, these men, represented those exceptionally few mortals who possessed the Truth, and who could and did lead many spirits to their salvation and happiness.

Well, I realize I have somewhat departed from the principle intent and purpose of conferring my approval and blessing in awarding D____ his ministerial ordination, but I have not lost sight of this original intent. And it has been my pleasure this evening to come to you and to extend my approval of D, as I have. My Celestial brethren join with me in welcoming D_ to our fold, and we look forward to his spiritual progress and continuing service to the Father and all His needy children. And, of course, when I say this, you must understand that our approval is indeed backed by our Heavenly Father as well.

And, so, my beloved co-workers, we are indeed pleased to have another join us, and we are looking forward to the days ahead when our numbers will increase by leaps and bounds. With your help and all our own Celestial forces, God willing, that time will not be long in coming.

God bless you all is the parting wish and prayer of your brother and friend, Jesus