Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary and David: Coping with life.

March 19, 2000

Santa Cruz, CA

Received by Amada Reza.


_Dear Heavenly Father, I pray to be an instrument of truth such as will help elevate my soul and the souls of my brothers and sisters. I pray for an inflowing of Your Divine Love to come into my soul that it may lift my thoughts and desires to a spiritual level, where I may more easily make rapport with Your Celestial angels. Please protect me from lower spirit influence, I ask my guardian angels to surround us at this time to keep us from harm. I have faith in the power of Your Love to heal us and lead us from darkness. ___ asked us to get a message for ____ as to the cause of his illness. God, I want to be a clear channel for only the truth. I love You and thank You for this gift of Your Love. Amen_


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and I am your guardian and friend in the Divine Love. I am a follower of my son, who has shown us by his example what it means to be born into an Immortal soul by his having prayed for and received the Divine Love - God’s Gift to His faithful and aspiring children.

I am here with my brother David, who was known as King David of the Old Testament, and he accompanies me at this time so that he may add his wisdom to these thoughts I share with you about ____.

Of course, you realize that we will be giving you a message which speaks of the soul and mind, for this is the true part of who we are. The physical manifestation of illness is only a result of having a conflict in our spirit and mind as these interact in our daily living. ___ does not trust his own ability to determine the truth in his life or the lives of his family, and he does not trust what he sees around him in the behavior and beliefs of those he holds dear to his heart. In this dilemma he is left with no access to the wisdom of his own heart and mind, for it is only in this way that he can make good judgments in determining what the best thing is for him to do.

Part of the reason for this conflict is that ___ has been torn in who to believe, recognizing that others are not perfect and do not make the wisest decisions, even making self-destructive behavior a part of how they “cope” with life. It is difficult, then, to see an example in our lives of someone who we can look up to and admire as a role model, who is strong in their convictions of what the truth is and that as a result of those convictions, actually live exemplary lives.

But I wish to let our brother David, speak on just this issue, for he needed to rise up and accept his gift with very little encouragement, and challenge the evil which beset his brethren.

I am here, David. I am also known as King David, and I will speak to you directly, ___. I at one time wrote through your mother my messages of truth and I remember this fondly as a wonderful opportunity for me to share my love with others. But even if I no longer write through her, I am still present in her life and in your life, for I am a spirit who loves and who remains loyal to the objects of my love.

I speak now of loyalty because I see in your heart that you have remained loyal to your family and you give your heart and care for them, feeling indebted to them because of their love for you. Let me say that this is a quality that you should be proud of, and it is much appreciated by your family. They hold you close to their hearts, also.

I want to suggest at this time that you consider the role you play in this family and see yourself as the young man you are, now in the world and on the edge of becoming a presence that others besides your family will recognize. Within you is the desire to know the truth; and although the truth can sometimes be difficult to accept, because it would cause you to lose your faith or trust in someone you love, it is important for you to let it into your mind and heart. This truth you seek is to understand who you are - you are not your father, you are not your mother or sister, you are not like your brothers. But ___, you are - you have always existed in the Mind of God as His son, and this is the truth you must be willing to seek and stand up for.

You came from the world of spirit as we all do, with the personality of your soul and the skills and talents that your personality could allow to become. Sometimes it is difficult to discern this individual from the son or the brother that you become when you are born into the world, but I am asking you now to try to see this man you are, separate from all your family, see yourself as the man who knows the truth of himself - for you are the only one who can know this.

You may need to step back from your family and ask yourself, “What do I want? What I am is different, who but me can tell me what this difference is?” It may be a difficult task to consider yourself apart from others who have nurtured and held you in their hearts as their son and brother, but I am asking you to see this as a step you take to accept yourself now, as a man who can give himself to this world and allow the gift of his own heart to shine through. Trust that God has not forsaken you, that He has given you the capability to be strong in this knowledge. Ask for the truth and do not be afraid to listen to it.

Imagine, my son, how it must be for a small bird who only knows the nest and that he is fed and cared for by his parents, that he is within the comfort of this nest with his brothers and sisters, and this is all he knows. But one day, he will become too large to remain in the nest; the nest becomes not longer suitable to keep him, and his parents stop feeding him as if to say, “It is time to go now.”

He must believe that he can not only leave the nest, but that he can fly with his untested wings. He has never used his wings before, but they are there, a part of him. He must trust his instinct that he will survive, for he must now leave to be able to find his food and fly on his own.

The nest is very high off the ground. He may see the ground below and be afraid that he will fall – but what else does he see? He sees the wind stir the branches of the tree he lives in. He hears it sighing through the branches and leaves. He cannot see the wind, but he feels it and it stirs something inside him and he must listen to this stirring.

So one day he decides that he can leap into this wind and trust that it will carry him safely to where he needs to go. But where is he to go? He will know, he will understand what he will do to survive. And he does survive, ___, he thrives and rejoices in his flight.

You are no different. You know in your heart what you must do and how you will do it. This knowledge has always been yours, and it will not fail to come clear to you when you are ready to fly on your own. You may need to feel this love and knowledge that God has put into your heart, and let it come into your mind as the possibility that you do know - you are the only one who knows, and you owe it to yourself to speak of it and live it.

When I lived on earth, I was not sure that I could vanquish the evil that surrounded me, but I prayed to God for the strength to stand against my enemies, and to understand how to become His son and no longer remain only the son of man. I hope I have given you some understanding of how important it is for you to accept this part of yourself that knows the truth, and to embrace it and accept the changes it may bring into your life.

I am David of the Old Testament and your guide and friend on the path of truth.