Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: Embracing the uniqueness of the soul qualities.

Aptos, California

January 28, 2000

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your guardian and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and I wish to come to deliver a message to you and those who may benefit from these thoughts.

I want to clarify the importance of embracing the uniqueness of the soul qualities which are becoming more and more evident in your lives, for here is where you will discover your gifts and individual contributions to the whole of humankind. Although it may seem to you that we, who are so transformed into the Divine Love of God, are not even aware of the identity which we took upon our incarnation into the flesh, I will say that the personality of the transformed soul is the very identity upon which our individuality is established. As there are no two grains of sand alike, as there are no two stars alike, so there are no two souls alike and in this world, where there is much emphasis on fitting in and aligning oneself with others in the way of thinking and behaving, and how one appears to others, inside each one is a singular desire to express the self that cannot be expressed by anyone else.

I say this to clarify how much God recognizes this gift of your self and He knows your heart and mind, as your own Heavenly Father. In this there is the comfort then, that when you seek His Help to understand who you are and what your purpose is in the scheme of things, the truth will be shown to you. We are His emissaries of love and truth, and we are able to see into your souls and know what you have to offer. Desire and the will often help shape this forming of soul personality that eventually becomes the transformed being, the redeemed child that is truly a gift to this world.

We cannot make the mistake of comparing ourselves to others and being disappointed because we appear to fall short of the goal of imitating another. We will never really be satisfied by neglecting to fulfill this promise of what we are. No one can be imitated in terms of the soul nature and when we can appreciate the unique skill and perception we bring to the world, we will be better able to embrace the differences and welcome the diversity which so much characterizes the rich fabric of this spiritual family.

Even in the natural heavens, there is a recognition of the individual and his or her own contribution to the understanding of truth, for truth is paramount in importance and it cannot be denied that there is no one but you in this creation who is and takes expression as you do. With this, then, it is our responsibility to be willing to turn ourselves over to the Mind of God and ask Him to guide us to see ourselves as we truly are. So often, people imitate life and what they think is the right way to live and think, but it falls short of the potential we have to bring our voice to the song we, as created children, can sing.

I wish to extend also, an explanation to those who may wonder at the ability of a Celestial angel to cover so much territory in a day, what with one such as Jesus, being in demand as he is. But you were correct in your impression that the thoughts and influence of a highly developed soul and spirit is so concentrated in its power and the scope of its influence, that it takes only a fleeting second to bring the ideas that eventually take form in the mind of the mortal.

Because space and time do not exist in the spirit world, as you know it, it is conceivable that what takes you an hour to transmit in the way of thoughts and impressions and their manifestation through words or language, written or spoken, is only a very short transmission from the spirit. Efficiency is born of the ability to actually comprehend a truth, for it makes the formation of the idea of truth very easy. This is why we always strive to pray for the Divine Love to transform the nature of our souls, so that the truth of how God’s Love works in our lives will become, more or less, second nature in our thinking and living.

By understanding with our hearts the singular purpose of love that characterizes the structure of this universe, we are then able to grasp an infinite number of concepts and varieties of human experience, as well as the observable patterns of behavior in the natural world. The love of God in the soul of a human being is a powerful tool to bring about the healing this world is in such need of. Do not underestimate this power in your personal life to transform those seemingly impossible limitations that appear before you as road blocks to your goals. Keep in mind that the true goal is to become at-one with God and you are always here, in the very center of who you are at this moment, a child of God who can see into the future, and see goodness and light.

I love you my dear brothers and sisters and I hope you may find this helpful in your work of living the Christ Spirit and becoming an example that others may follow.

I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, your friend and sister in Divine Love.