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Jesus: Step by step, God’s Kingdom is built with Love

October 1st, 1989.

Columbia, MD

Received by: K.S.


I am here now to write again, today, and come with my love extended to you and our other co-workers in the flesh who carry on with this most important work with love in their hearts, and hope unquenchable, that the Word will continue to spread abroad into the world. I am your friend and brother in Spirit, Jesus of the Bible, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I welcome this opportunity to deliver my thoughts in this way.

Even though there is still a great harvest of souls to save from the error of their ways and guide onto the path of Truth, we cannot become dismayed over the vast amount of work which seems to devolve upon us to accomplish. As we take one day at a time, doing our best to fulfill our responsibilities in as loving a way as possible, we will be approaching the accomplishment of our goals from the best direction possible. And of course, you must hold in your hearts all the while, the long-range goal of becoming at-one with your Loving Father in Heaven, striving toward that goal with every breath, with every thought and prayer. But, while this goal is a continuous one, and one not expected to be accomplished until far into the future, the emphasis in daily living needs to be placed upon the little positive steps which need to be taken from day to day.

As you lay the groundwork for loving reactions to others, doing your best to put your love into the many activities of the day, accepting your limitations, and not becoming impatient with yourselves for not accomplishing all you had hoped to do, you will be feeling better about yourselves and others. You will realize that more will be accomplished in the long run, when love and patience and acceptance of limitations are demonstrated in each and every task, than when something is done just for the sake of getting it out of the way, or because you’re tired of seeing it around, reminding you of your work to be done and feeling burdened by this.

Anything done in love is in harmony with the Will of God. And, even though you may have your love developed to a small degree, a person who extends his or her love to that small degree, all they are capable of doing, with each and every task undertaken, this effort will not go unrewarded but will benefit their souls more than can be realized.

Even though you can understand that a person gets back what is given, giving love works in greater proportion than one for one. For example, you benefit from the joy received by the other person; your own love increases in quality by using the little you already have; and you commence to establish a pattern of giving love because your soul lets you know it’s the fulfilling thing to do. When becoming a loving and caring person is established in your heart’s desire, then you are well on your way to overcoming your negative qualities which cause distress in your life - unhappiness, loneliness, inability to understand others or to get along with them for reasons not known to you.

So, in your desires to progress spiritually, one of the lessons you must learn is to exercise giving your love, extending your understanding to the needs of others, being compassionate and sensitive, and allowing your soul qualities of love to come through. When this is done more consistently, the former tendencies to be defensive will tend to disappear, and concern about ‘winning’ an argument or disagreement will not be part of your conscious goal; just desiring to know the truth and feel into how the other person is feeling will be your concerns.

Day by day, step by step, God’s Kingdom is built with Love. As you know, no force can be used in the establishment of God’s Kingdom of Love; only as His children come to Him willingly, desiring to change and grow, to become at-one with Him in Love, will the Kingdom be established. And you, as workers for the Lord, will attract more souls to God’s Truth as you follow along the pathway of love, becoming examples of how His Love in your souls gives you the strength to overcome your weaknesses and negativities.

We’re not expecting the impossible, and we don’t expect you to be more loving than your present soul qualities allow, but we are suggesting that you strive to become more loving and compassionate because in this striving lies the secret - this effort and desire on your part to activate the loving qualities of your souls will help bring those qualities to the fore, and you may even be surprised, yourselves, to discover how God’s Love has increased your own love quotient, and see that you are able to respond in love to situations you heretofore were defensive or protective about because you were just ‘automatically’ reacting on old patterns of thinking and responding, and failing to activate your new love abilities.

Sometimes, when good changes have come about within the souls of God’s children who have been praying over a long, or what seems to be a long, period of time, they haven’t experienced the good results of these prayers because they tend to act in the same old, defensive ways instead of trying to activate their love.

Now, when my suggestions are taken to heart and new patterns of response are developed, you will find that you have new strengths and new insights that will allow you to respond in new and loving ways to old situations which in the past resulted in negative responses.

You won’t have to be defensive any longer about your point of view, or fearful about having your feelings hurt, or even angry because you’re not being understood or because others are taking unfair advantage of you. But instead, you are going to know all things are going to work out well because everyone involved is more interested in disclosing the Truth rather than proving he is right.

So I will leave you now with these thoughts, and hope they will give you some clear direction about ways to exercise your wills to bring yourselves into closer alignment with the Father’s Will. And as a result of this effort, you will find greater peace, and joy will be forthcoming in your daily interchanges with others.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit,

Jesus of the Bible,


Master of the Celestial Heavens