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The problem with Churches….

October 20, 1996

Santa Cruz, California.

Received by K.S.


_Dear Father in Heaven, I love You and am grateful for your Love and Mercy. If I am in condition to receive Jesus’ thoughts clearly I would like to have his thoughts on the Mormon church - its doctrine, origin or other information sufficient to satisfy an inquirer in Belgium who asked D__, through the Internet, for information from the Angels about this church.

He had been involved with the Mormon Church for sixteen Years and didn’t feel satisfied with their teachings. I’m sure You and the angels are aware of what the questioner is seeking for an answer.

I pray for more of Your Love at this time; thank You for helping me in my daily interchanges with my mother.

Thank You and your ministering angels for being with us today when we gathered for prayer. I pray to be in harmony with Your Will in my life. I desire to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. I desire to develop the highest potential of my soul to become at one with You in Love.

I want to put myself into Your Loving Care; I want to have faith that I am able to do this and that You do hear my prayers and that I am praying from my soul and that I am progressing in Your Wondrous Love. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you again this evening to answer a question, an inquiry, about the foundation teachings of the Mormon church to the best of my ability. I am your friend and brother in Spirit, the Spirit of God’s Love made manifest in my soul, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

As you know, we were present during the formation of that church and were present during its many changes, and as you also know, there are changes by designs of men who want power over others or control over what happens within the hierarchy of the church and its organizations. Even though we are here to guide people onto the path of Truth, we are not able to force people to want to know the Truth or to follow in that Way. So when people’s free wills get in the way of the precepts that may have started off on a right foot, they are easily swayed to follow suggestions, ideas, and new “guidances” which may tend to taint the original doctrines.

I see your thoughts and you wonder if this would apply to the separations in your own church, and I will assure you that even though the church seems to have splintered into several groups, each one is following Celestial guidance, and are using the basic teachings as their doctrine.

When our churches are teaching about the availability of God’s Grace of Divine Love and how God’s children can receive It into their souls, then they will continue to be under our watchful eyes and loving care. As long as our disciples are being loving and trying to live by my Eleventh Commandment to the best of their ability, they are branches of our church.

So, if there are leaders who start a movement and who are seeking Truth and Guidance, this may be a spiritual oasis for many who are seeking a refuge from the storm of life; but as time goes on and organizations grow upon these original principles, changes in “management” occur. Some people who are elevated into power may only seem to be spiritually motivated, but many have ulterior motives for their association with the organization. These changes do not occur quickly or noticeably, but in time undermine the original fabric and sound beginnings of the founders.

So, as you have been advised on so many occasions, when people are in confusion about their religions, or the truthfulness of the doctrines of their church; they need to take it to prayer and ask God to show them the Way out of their confusion, help them to see clearly the pathway to follow - because these sincere prayers for Truth will open the perceptions of the prayerful person’s soul and allow him or her to receive guidance from truthful spirits.

All Truth is not learned at a time; knowledge and spiritual growth are gradual processes, and before large steps can be taken, lots of little preparatory steps will have to be taken.

I will congratulate the inquirer for feeling dissatisfied with the Mormon religion as it exists today, because if he didn’t have a soul’s desire to know the Truth there may not have been an awareness that something was missing from the teachings which left the soul still not connected to God in a complete way.

Sometimes a sincere seeker can find God through his own prayers, in spite of the imperfections in the church’s doctrine, but these cases are limited to the independent thinkers who desire to know the Truth, and who can easily see that organized religions have become rigid and complex, intolerant and inflexible, and so aren’t able to grow spiritually with their congregations.

As more and more of God’s children receive the Grace of His Love into their souls they will be elevating their spiritual conditions, and will outgrow the rituals of the church. But in our churches, as the adherents grow spiritually, the church will also grow and change to accommodate the needs of those who make up the body of the church.

I’m sorry for not providing details about the organization in question, but I don’t feel it is an appropriate time to do so; perhaps in the future more details can be disclosed. But the important fact that needs to be understood is that if a church fails to stress the importance of seeking At-onement with God through prayer there will be something missing from its doctrine. Seek Truth with your hearts and souls. Pray sincerely for God’s Mercy and Love. Desire to do God’s Will, put yourselves into His Loving Care, have faith in His Ability to care for you if you stop fighting for control.

I love you, each and every one. We do know that earth life poses quite a challenge to one’s striving to live in harmony with love, but it can be done with the help of the Power of God’s Love in your souls. I will leave you now with my blessings, and thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts through you tonight.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit,

Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.