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Jesus: The Law of Equipoise or Balance.

January 18, 1988

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I am again most happy to come to you today to deliver another message through you and for the benefit of all humankind. As you know, I am your friend in spirit, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church on earth, and I come to you as usual in an attempt to communicate some portion of information that will prove useful in encouraging all our mortal brethren to seek the true path toward at-onement with our Heavenly Father.

As you have been told, there are many laws, both natural and spiritual, that govern the workings of God’s Universe, and without which chaos would indeed exist. These laws are perfect in their workings, even though adherence to them is not always subscribed to or followed by man himself. And when these laws are violated, not God, but penalties inherent in the violation of these laws come forth to restore the harmony that man himself has disturbed.

Man is a creature with a free and unhampered will, as you know; and, in the exercise of that will, he remains the true master of his own destiny while he yet remains a mortal. Of course, his time on earth is indeed fleeting by standards of the eternal perspective, but nonetheless it is a most important time as this pertains to his present and future growth and development. What he does on earth establishes to a great extent what he will do or, in some cases, what he must do when he becomes a spirit.

On earth, the will a man exercises is only for a time, as this pertains to its completely free exercise. In the spirit world, however, while the will still exists, it is no longer completely free in its exercise because accountings have to be made to atone for certain wrongs, and also because the rules of living in the spirit world are somewhat different from those of the purely material or earthly character.

In a previous message, you were informed of certain opportunities for sinning or violating God’s Laws that exist for mortals on earth that no longer exist when a man becomes a spirit. With the sinning potential being removed, consequently, further retrogression cannot take place. This does not apply to the aspect of stagnation or a lack of further growth, however, for one’s development can remain at a standstill for many years -- sometimes centuries -- before further growth and progress may resume or begin to take place. And there is a law which determines just when advancement can take hold once again, assuming now that a person has made some soulful progress and development while proceeding through the mortal existence. For those who have not, advancement still depends upon certain soulful conditions having been met that will allow positive development to begin.

Usually, most all mortals have led such lives as there exists a certain amount of good admixed with a certain amount of evildoing. And, so, even on earth, only very few indeed have made absolutely no progress whatever. And, yet, when we speak of progress on the spirit side of life, we are speaking of progress that can take place only when the soul is in that condition where the degree of existing goodness and harmony within exceeds that degree of evil or inharmony accumulated in the earth life.

In previous messages through Mr. Padgett, you have read many from associates of Mr. Padgett who were in various stages of soul development. Those in the hells were of course experiencing a great deal of suffering, while those in higher planes of relative light and happiness were relating experiences of more pleasant circumstances. What was not expressed or explained to any great extent was that precise point of time and development wherein the balance becomes tipped in favor of the good, and where true spiritual development in the spirit planes first becomes possible and potentially accelerative in nature. That point of the opening up of development potential occurs when the goodness accrued in a man’s soul begins to supersede the evil expiated or, more precisely speaking, the evil that still exists once certain amounts of encrustments have been removed from the soul and it has been brought more in balance with the goodness accumulated therein. That point of equipoise, where a man’s soul contains equal measures of goodness and encrustments, marks that point where true advancement becomes possible thereafter. And, until that time, each soul is held to its individual plane of existence, be this in a lower or higher plane upon its initial entry.

Those who are in the lowest planes of the hells from the onset of their entry into spirit life are required to spend the most time in those planes, not only because of the extent of their degradation and sinfulness but also because of the paucity of their accumulated goodness. However, those in higher planes, with correspondingly more goodness to their underlying natures, have usually much less time to remain confined to these planes before the balance between goodness and encrustments has equalized through soul expiation of the relatively fewer encrustments existing in the souls of those in these higher planes.

The law to which I am referring might be referred to as the Law of Equipoise or Balance, although the wording is not as important as the concept or reality itself. And, from all this, you might now gather that the time it takes each individual to attain to this equipoise or balance varies enormously and is dependent upon the great variety of soul differences among new entrants to the spirit world. To a lesser but still important extent is also the consideration of both how much help is offered from without, and how much is truly received and acted upon by the spirit exposed to and being given that help. For as has been told to you before, without the help from other spirits being offered, one’s progress could remain at a standstill for countless more years than would be necessary otherwise.

Progress, then, is really the blending of two occurrences: one’s soul attaining to at least a balance between accumulated goodness and encrustments, and the available help from without given to that soul seeking its progress to greater light and happiness. And, of course, once goodness does in fact begin to outweigh and supersede the remaining encrustments in a man’s soul, progress thereafter not only becomes possible but likely accelerative in nature. For when a person begins to experience happiness and is convinced he is on the right track toward further development and even greater happiness, he tends to naturally pursue that specific course with greater intensity and dedication.

Well, I think this should suffice to familiarize you all with yet another law that obtains and prevails in our spirit world. However, the important thing to bear in mind is not knowledge of all the spiritual laws involved in maintaining the harmony of the Father’s Universe, for such knowledge comes in time and with greater soul development, and as the Father wishes to reveal the workings of these laws to us. No, the important thing and goal to keep ever before us is our own strivings for soul development and at-onement with our Heavenly Father through the one and only Way I taught upon this earth two thousand years ago, and am still teaching today: through fervent soulful prayer to Him for His immortalizing Love. And I am happy to conclude this presentation of today by saying that you, our beloved trustees, will never have to be concerned about reaching the “balance” position necessary to progress, because your goodness already far outweighs the remaining encrustments that you will all expiate in good time and as you obtain more and more of the Fathers purifying Love. And, so, I shall leave you now with my blessings and love until next time.

Your friend and brother in Christ, Jesus.