Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: On suicide.

January 16, 2000

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your brother and friend, Jesus of the Bible and the one who many look to as the Master, but I am a master only insofar as I have made the Love of the Father a part of my soul, and that this Love has transformed my being into a likeness to the Father, and in this way only can I claim to be an example of a life that others may follow.

What I wish to speak about this morning is on the topic of suicide and explain why it is a sin against the Law of Love, the highest law of God.

All things created in the universe were created for a purpose such as was conceived by the Mind of God, and that purpose was good and in harmony with all other life forms which comprise the world as you know it. Within each living organism there is what you are familiar with being referred to as the “life principle,” which is the essential energy of created life, its purpose and blueprint, a present and active part of the synergy of all life.

Within each thing a sense of being energizes the creation with the activity of its purpose, and this is what causes all the species of the animal and plant kingdom to survive and, in many cases, thrive in even the harshest of conditions. So man, as God’s greatest creation, made in the likeness of His Own Soul, was given a purpose to fulfill, and he was endowed with a gift of the free will which elevated him to a position among all creations as the one who could not only survive in his environment, but become the master of that environment through understanding the workings of the laws and observing the relationship of all living creatures. Each living organism exists compatibly within its environment and would be described as symbiotic, creating a sense of harmony and synergy, but only man has, through the use of his free will, been able to disrupt this balance.

The instinct to survive is paramount to sustaining the life force and securing the purpose of a creature or thing. If someone were to arrive to that condition of thinking and feeling, and desire to not only ignore this common and basic instinct, but to devise in his reasoning that he should terminate his life, this would essentially disconnect him from the purpose for which he was created. Life adapts to the challenges of its surroundings, such as the life principle demands. There is value and honor in recognizing the role we each have in this world and allowing ourselves to fulfill that role. The natural love was also given to man upon his creation, and this love is able to bring him to the peaceful and relatively perfect harmony that God provided His children with. But the free will is such a powerful tool which can be used to destroy the very thing that was so lovingly born into reality by the Mind of God.

What could transpire in the mind of one who believed that his life was better ended by his own will, that his purpose within the scheme of things was no more? This very thought against the instinct of survival is also against the true purpose of his creation as a child of God - to love and be loved, to exalt the highest creation by living within the keeping of the Law of Love, and return to the Source of all life, becoming at-one with his Maker. What greater honor is there for man? But when one turns his eyes from his potential and from true soul love, and plunges himself into a self-made torment of hopelessness that argues with his very desire to live and breathe, alas, his deserving and honorable soul will suffer by his own hand. And until he turns back to love and thoughts of harmony, not only within himself but with all creation, he will remain in his darkness.

Why I write in this way is give a perspective that all things have a purpose, and it is important to embrace that purpose with fervor and energy, recognizing our relationship to all other things in our environment as one of harmony and truth.

The truth is a quality and a substance that will bring the soul and mind to understand its purpose, which so many want to know of. It will bring mankind to the realization that the free will is to be used within the scope of the Law of Love - and when love becomes more and more an active part of his thinking and feeling, and is the key motivator behind his actions, the truth of how this world can be a true paradise will become reality, not only to him but to all others.

I am your brother and friend,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens