Messages 1984 to 2000

The process of Spiritual Awakening

October 8th, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


_Dear Creator and Loving Father, I pray for an inflowing of Your Divine Love to fill my soul that I might be lifted in my thoughts and feelings to a spiritual level. I would like to avail myself to my guardian, Mary, to answer M__’s question. I pray for Your Love to open my soul perceptions of faith and love to perceive the truth of Your angels’ wisdom, and aspire to be a clear channel for their thoughts. Please protect me from any lower influences that may wish to harm, and keep them in the light that they may see their way to Your Love. Thank You, dear God, for Your Love. I love You. Amen


I am here with you, now, A___, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus and your sister in Christ and friend. I am very happy to be here in service to you and our dear brothers and sisters, and I will say that it is a privilege to be able to deliver my love to you in this way.

I want to address M___’s question of whether self-hatred plays any part in the spiritual awakening or development of the soul, and confirm to him that he is correct in his conviction that it does not.

M___, as you know, God created us as His greatest and most wonderful handiwork, and we are, in our soul nature, made in His Image. Within us He implanted the natural love that through the correct exercise of our passions and desires, would cause us to love ourselves and each another. It was never meant that we, as mortals, would need to hate or loathe ourselves in order to become aware of the greater truths of His Plan or that we would discover an effective means by which to align ourselves with His Will.

God’s Will is that each of His beloved children become at-one with Him in soul nature, so that we are like Him in the aspect of Love. This Love has its shadow in the potential of our souls to become divine, for with the desire ingrained in us to be loved and to love, we may discover the greatest Love of our Creator.

The mortal mind uses many means to convince itself that what it believes is true and helpful. Some believe it is necessary to renounce all material or physical desires in order to become aware of higher spiritual truth, and while it is helpful not to become attached to material things and have physical appetites, this in itself is not enough to bring the soul to an awareness of itself and its relationship with God.

If the mind tries to convince itself that self-hatred is a tool by which one can become more in sync with the Will of God and the need to survive, this is not the truth. The self is the soul, and the soul was never created for the purpose of hatred, only love. The act of hatred toward oneself only serves to disfigure the purity of our souls and it will impede its progress in its understanding of spiritual truth. The perceptions of the soul are love and faith. These qualities are the means by which we may begin to see our own purpose and why the world is.

We need to begin to see the world with these kind of perceptions to reach beyond the falsehoods that the material mind and desires have created. These fabrications are as illusions that cover what is real, and the thought that turning away from oneself in loathing and disharmony is another trap that the beauty of our true nature falls into and becomes disguised by. What can one see in oneself that is hateful? Why, it is only the hate itself, for without hate the soul would shine through as one glorious and beloved.

Only what is of God should be allowed to grow and develop within the mind and soul, and hatred has never been and will never be a part of what God Is, or what He wants for us.

So, my children, there is goodness in the many well-intentioned souls who aspire to see their god-like qualities. And even though they may miss the mark of their potential due to their ignorance or beliefs, they do a greater service to bringing the truth of God’s Love to this world than those who do not believe in their own goodness and who hang onto life out of some sense of self-rejection and guilt.

I understand where it may be thought that by rejecting oneself, one may embrace the greatness of God, as in those cases of self-flagellation and self-deprecation, but even this God does not support or encourage by the workings of His Will and His Laws. He has the Gift of His Love waiting to be bestowed in great tenderness and care, and He is never impatient nor takes delight in the suffering of His own creation. Until that soul has rid itself of this false belief that by self-rejection and the guilt of sin casting oneself into a state of unworthiness, this soul will remain disconnected from the Loving Nature of God.

Please pray to know the tender Mercy of our Father and ask for His Help to open your eyes to see His true Will. Develop your love for God and you will know how to love yourselves without pride or arrogance, but with respect, dignity and honor of the beauty you possess.

I love you, and I am very happy to know that you love me and my brothers and sisters in spirit who are the angels of God, at-one with Him in Love. Do not ever hesitate to ask for our guidance. You have it the moment you ask. I do not need to say what I want to say to you through anyone but your own soul’s desire to know what my wisdom for you is, because you love and I love, and it is by God’s great Love that our souls are united.

I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your friend and guardian in the Divine Love.