Messages 1984 to 2000

Protection from injury.

December 5, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


I am here now to write, and you did pick up on my thought, on my presence. I am a friend and lover of God’s truths who helps you in your work of spreading the Truths of God’s Love, one of your Celestial Angel guides who tries to watch over you and protect you from harm.

But as you see, we are not always able to protect you from yourself. If we could do this, we could prevent all manner of mishaps. Carelessness is not restricted to material errors, but to emotional involvements as well.

Self-doubt would be considered an “erroneous choice” on one’s part. Lack of self-love is a “mishap” because these choices tend to show evidence of one’s lack of faith in the power of God’s Love to guide you Home.

When you remain focused on God and His great Love for you, there would be no room for doubt. You have made this statement, but oftentimes fail to live it. “How can we know the Truth but not always believe in It?” This is because you still believe that it is up to you to get things done, even things that are beyond your means to accomplish. We can very well imagine that if you could, if you thought you were physically able to build the addition to your house, you would attempt to do it. And this is because it has become a pattern in your thinking as a leftover from years ago, when the only way something would be accomplished is if you were the one who made it happen. Now that you can relax and put your faith in the powers that be to guide you and bring the things to you that you need, you can afford to change that attitude. In fact you can realize by the workings of law that when you do relax and rely upon God to provide, this very important attitude will be the catalyst for you to more readily attract what it is you need to fulfill you.

Even though one may believe that “needs” do not include “wants,” I can assure you this is not always the case. For example, when you have a desire to expand your house for the purpose of serving God and spreading the word and becoming an example of His Love made manifest in your daily living, this desire is like a need to express yourself. People who love God and desire to be of service to Him have a need to fulfill this desire. You may believe that it is something that you “want,” and even though that is true, because of the purity of your intent, it becomes a “need” to serve. And this may sound strange, but God first serves our needs, then if there are further “blessings” accumulated, our wants are also satisfied.

Spiritual laws are not easily understood by the logical mind, but there is a precise order to God’s plan. So, my dear, in order for you to experience greater joy and peacefulness in your daily living, you must learn to trust in the blessings your Creator wants you to have, not to be afraid that if you do not do this or that, you won’t be worthy of His blessings.

It is not a conscious thought; it is a habit of not feeling worthy from years of low esteem as a result of life’s hard knocks. But remember this: oftentimes “hard knocks” are created by a person who hangs on to past negative behavior patterns, and the knowledge of Truth which you espouse to others needs to be internalized more fully.

You can have faith in the power of God’s Love to heal you. You write it, you believe it, but faith is something which needs to be realized, activated on a moment-to-moment basis, not just before a meal, not only when you are in pain, not when you are preparing to receive a message, but all the moments of your day. You can go about daily tasks more deliberately and methodically, giving thanks for these privileges to serve your God.

Do not be in a hurry. Savor the moments. When you do this, you will find greater peacefulness and harmony in each and every activity.

You should not have to feel at any time, “I want to hurry up and get this done” for any project. You should put your love into it and be grateful for the opportunity you have to give your love in this way. If for some reason you are not feeling up to the task at the moment, perhaps you can find another project to work on for a while and come back to that one when you are in better harmony with it.

So, as you see, you do understand these things but you do not always apply yourself in the most helpful way for your fulfillment and joy in every case.

Know that God not only loves you beyond comprehension, but that He provides ways for you to do everything peacefully and harmoniously. No pressure is required. An anxiety is a thing of the material mind. Get into gear, my friend. Act on your faith. You have lots of it, but when you push yourself beyond where your movements of love go, then you are asking for trouble.

Trouble can come in the form of feeling anxious or in the form of feeling dissatisfied with the outcome or the progress of a project. None of these feelings are justified, unless you are not depending upon God.

So, as always, it is up to you, each and every individual soul seeking Truth and desiring to do God’s will, to act upon your faith to put yourselves into the loving Arms of your Creator. You will emerge victorious; you will not be tired or disappointed.

Make an effort to apply these suggestions. You have received them clearly. You understand them. Now you know what you need to do.

I love you and am with you often. Do not despair, but rejoice and you will rediscover the power of positive living. I am your friend and one of your guardian angels who leaves you now with my blessings of Love. Amen.