Messages 1984 to 2000

Andrew: Personal Advice.

July 21, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear God, I pray that I have been making spiritual progress in Your Divine Love. I pray that I have been responding favorably to the angels promptings in my choices and decisions. I feel that one or more of my guardian spirits would like to deliver a message. If this is true, and if I’m in condition to receive their thoughts clearly, I would like to channel a message from them.

Thank You for Your wondrous Love and for all the many blessings You bestow upon us every day. I pray for greater faith in Your Providence. I pray to be enabled to respond with greater love to all the opportunities and challenges facing us in daily living upon this earth. Have Mercy upon me; forgive me for my sins; help me love myself more and to know that I’m Your beloved child. AMEN.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I am pleased that you recognized my presence. I am present with you often because I am one of your principal guardians who has been with you for over a quarter of a century. I love and care for you like one of my own children, and I can see your thoughts and know that you have trepidation about your ability to be able to receive accurately my identity. I may or may not reveal it to you as we proceed in our writing.

I want to encourage and support you in your work, spiritual and otherwise. Even though you become intently and intensely involved in what you might consider to be material projects, they become spiritually oriented manifestations because of your love being infused into them. So, as always, we explain that the manifestation of your love is the most important part of your work. It is what creates harmony and fulfillment in each project.

An extension of your faith in the power of God’s Love to bring you the tools you need is also very helpful. As you are discovering from day-to-day, as you take your steps knowing that your pathway is being guided and guarded, you can be more confident in your choices being good, right and correct every time. And since there are many right ways for something to be done, no matter where you place your foot, the step will lead to the proper end, weaving a harmonious and loving pattern of interchanges with others along the way because of loving desires and choices.

The important point of my message is to let you know that when you are motivated by love in what you do, there can be no wrong outcome, even if it takes a little longer to accomplish, even if you have to “go around the mulberry bush” to reach your goal. The trip around the bush can be a fun and enjoyable excursion because you are praying, progressing, learning new things, meeting new people and enjoying each step of the journey.

As is said, it’s not only the destination that is to be enjoyed, but the journey as well. You are learning this lesson and finding greater peace and joy in your daily living by eliminating much of the pressure of getting things done within a certain timeframe, by recognizing that it’s a great deal more important to do them with love than with speed.


[K.S. asks a question: I believe the aches in my muscles, which had become quite intense, are greatly reduced now; and I’m wondering if this is mostly due to the combination of vitamins and minerals I’ve been taking? How am I supposed to figure out what to take and not to take when there are so many choices of supplements? And while I’m at it, I’d also like to know the underlying emotional cause for the rash around my mouth. Thanks for your help. I think you’re Andrew the Apostle or Joseph the father of Jesus. I love you both very much and am ever so grateful for your loving care.]


In spite of your lack of awareness that you respond to our guidances, you do quite well in gravitating toward certain choices and decisions when selecting supplements. We can put ideas into your mind, we can put words into people’s mouths, which you can hear and apply to your situation. And, as you are observing, some good results have been occurring. When you wrote ideas off the top of your head about spiritual language in relation to your mouth rash, you included “itching to have someone to give passionate kisses to” as a joke, but many a truthful thing is said in jest.

But, you fear having such desires because of many unpleasant experiences related to such activities. So, as in all situations, it’s a good procedure to pray for God’s Will to be done and for His Love to flow into your soul and to be motivated by this Love before you present personal desires, in order to assure that what you attract will be in greater harmony for your greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

If you lack self-love and feel unworthy of higher blessings, it becomes more difficult for these to be forthcoming into your life due to blocks and fears, due to false notions that personal fulfillment and joy are not spiritual pursuits. But, all love comes from God, all blessings flow from love. God’s children need to learn to love themselves as God loves them and know that they are worthy of the many blessings He has in store for them on earth as well as in heaven.

You are making spiritual progress on the divine pathway. Each and every soul involved in this Divine Love movement is growing and changing and becoming more well prepared to outreach with the truths of God’s Love and to demonstrate this Love in their daily living.

Each of you is being guided and protected by a band of Celestial angels and good spirits starting on the divine pathway, to help you in your spiritual work. It is up to you to make sure that you pray for protection, to love yourselves and to make sure that you are being motivated by love in each and every one of your projects. Because I can assure you that you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt whenever you ask sincerely from your heart, if what you are doing is a manifestation of your love or not, the clear answer will be revealed to you.

It would be far better to discontinue work on a project, no matter how important you believe it is to get finished, than to work on it when your heart isn’t into it. Find another project to work on for a while, take a break and come back to it only when your love can again be activated for it. You will find that in this way your days will flow more smoothly and harmoniously, you’ll have fewer pains in your bodies and more joy in your hearts.

I hope you feel satisfied with my answers to your questions and with the guidance I’ve given you, which in no way is new and which you have begun to follow more consistently and which will help immeasurably in your happiness and productivity.

I leave you now with my blessings and assurance that we will continue to watch over all our Celestial co-workers with an abiding love, the likes of which you’ll only know when you become Celestial angels and join us in the work of guiding other co-workers in the flesh.

God bless you each and every one. I am your brother in Christ, Andrew the Apostle of Jesus, true follower of his teachings. Joseph is near by and sends his love and blessings and we are high Celestial spirits watching over you all.