Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: The Law of Prayer.

July 8, 1986, March 18th and 26th, 1987

Received by D.L.


I am now here, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you this day with my great love extended to all my co-workers in the flesh who are striving to impart the Truths of the Father to humankind.

We do not know everything that is to be known. But we are aware of certain laws which, if activated or brought into existence, must eventuate in known and beneficial results. One such law is a Law of Prayer, you might say, which has, as a result, only beneficial outcomes when directed in all sincerity and with great amounts of love and yearning. The Father hears all sincere prayers, and He Himself is bound by His Own Law in this regard. He will not turn a deaf ear to any prayer sincerely offered, so you must realize that a positive outcome will have to follow such a sincere prayer. What the particular outcome will be we cannot say; but, of necessity, that outcome will be a beneficial one.

The care and troubles of earth life can be so greatly reduced if people would but realize that they are first and foremost spiritual beings who have great resources at their disposal as children of the Father. They need not depend upon themselves alone, but should ever realize that the Father is always ready to receive their prayers with open arms, and that He is even more prepared to answer these prayers benevolently when petitioned for with great and true yearning. As I told you before, the Father has a law which He Himself abides by - The Law of Prayer. But he will not exercise His Part in this law without activation of His children’s own prayers. But once He receives a sincere and unselfish prayer, He is only most willing to answer this prayer in the best interests of the supplicant.

Now I know that most people believe that prayer is a chance kind of endeavor; that is, that some of their prayers may be answered and some may not. And this is true as far as it goes. But beyond this is a reality of prayer that would make each prayer offered in love and sincerity one that would be incapable of not being answered, if I may put it that way. People recognize and accept that they have their option or part to play in the offering of a prayer, but they usually understand little of the Father’s accepted obligation to answer those prayers in what I have referred to before as a benevolent fashion. Some are answered through His instrumentalities, as you know - the Celestial angels and other good or high spirits - and some are answered directly by the Father Himself as this pertains not to materially related prayers but to spiritually based ones. Material prayers are not answered directly by the Father, but He knows that men have need of these things. But where it comes to man’s inner, soulful development, this He attends to directly through His Response to the yearnings of the soul.

This is a law whereby man and the Father each have a part to play. Man offers the prayer and the Father answers it if He deems it worthy of being answered. Not all prayers offered are either sincere or loving; and, of course, the Father does not desire to attend to these. His listening Ear is only open to those prayers, which have a genuine need or benevolent purpose in mind. And when I say this, I mean prayers, which are offered with great sincerity and with a degree of faith that they will be answered.

Man has a very necessary part to play in this in that his prayers cannot be idle repetition of words, as if by some prescribed formula of presentation God will be necessarily compelled to respond. There are no verbal formulae that appeal to the Father’s Love and Generosity in and of themselves. Unless these words are brought forth by the true desires and energies of the soul, the words will avail nothing in the way of a response from the Father. God knows what His children need at all times, and He does not need words to convince Him of these needs. What He requires is that these needs are put in such a prayerful form whereby the supplicant’s heart and soul are involved. And this is what I mean when I say that man has a part to play. The prayerful energies of his soul must be exercised and brought into play, else his prayer lacks the link-up with the Father that will assure a benevolent response and answer.

God’s Part in this is to respond to each and every prayer offered to Him with at least some degree of loving, soulful involvement on the part of the supplicant. There cannot be a weak verbal recitation offered, which lacks this loving, soulful involvement, that will be responded to. For God’s relationship to His children is not based on words but upon soulful communication. But once a man’s soulful energies come into play, the Father’s listening Ear is automatically and unfailingly activated. It is as if one were to dial the correct number to the Father’s private phone. A merely verbal prayer, lacking soulful energy, can be likened to the supplicant dialing a wrong number. But, on the other hand, a true prayer that emanates from the soul, no matter in what words it is couched or conveyed, is a prayer that never fails to ring the bell, and one that the Father is only happily waiting to hear and answer.

So, as I say, we are dealing here with a mutual undertaking that must conform to certain conditions. What man has seldom heretofore known is that if these conditions are met, God’s Part is absolutely assured. There is no chance element in this. As a man prays, it is his sincerity and his soulful energies exercised which determine whether or not the Father will respond. Given the proper exercise of these soulful energies, the Response of the Father is absolutely assured. And this is why this is referred to as a law- because it is exact in its workings.

If all men would but recognize that the Father is always ready to receive His children’s soul-yearning prayers, they would not always attempt to rely so heavily upon themselves for the good fortune and blessings that they seek. The Father knows what is best for His children and is only too happy to provide this. But He cannot so provide His Blessings if He is not asked to do so; or if, in the asking, man puts nothing of his own heart and soul into the prayer.

As you know, the Father will never give His Divine Love to anyone who does not ask for this with all his heart and soul yearnings. Well, the same may be said of His Response to prayers in general. God is Soul and man is soul. And if man wishes to truly communicate with the Father, he can only do so soul to Soul. And even though he may not be asking for the Father’s Love in his prayer, nevertheless, he must be asking for whatever blessing he is seeking through the active energies of the soul. His mind alone will not do. For although the Father knows of our thoughts, it is not our thoughts alone He will respond to. Only if these thoughts are given the energy and wings of the soul will they reach the Father’s listening Ear and be received with His Pleasure.

And, so, I would urge all men to seek not only the Divine Love of the Father but also all the many blessings He has to give, including material ones. Prayer is that device and avenue from and through which all blessings flow from the outpouring Fountainhead of the Father’s Love and Mercy. And man can be assured that once he brings his soul into play in a sincere, true yearning fashion, the Father’s Answer will surely come. He is beholden by His Own Law to so respond when the souls of His children activate the Benevolence of His Own Soul.

So, let all men know that the Father is ever ready to listen to and respond to His children’s heartfelt prayers at all times. He ever wants them to seek His Help and Guidance when they themselves are experiencing difficulties. And let all men also know that benevolent responses to their prayers are absolutely assured if they will but bring their prayers to Him on the wings of their own souls. God will always do His Part, but man must also do his.

This is all I wish to say on the subject for now. God bless you all, my dear co-workers. I am most happy that our mutual progress is proceeding very nicely and according to our combined efforts. Until next time, then, I thank you for this opportunity which you have given me to share more of the Father’s Truths with you.

I am your brother and friend,