Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: His Church on Earth.

May 13, 1987

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you today to deliver encouragement and love to all those who are ever striving to bring the Father’s Truths to humankind. I am your brother in spirit, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

You have asked about B.R’s part in the church’s future work, and I can say at this time that B___ will always have a very important part to play, and a work to perform, as this pertains to his chosen work for the Father both here on earth and later with us in the spirit world. As to his eventually moving his residence, yes, this will take place as he desires to serve in other ways, and as the opportunity unfolds for his doing so in another area. We are still aiming our sights for the Washington area for our new church headquarters and for the healing sanctuary so near and dear to his heart. And as the opportunity presents itself, to be sure, we will work toward toward establishment of both the church’s new headquarters and the healing sanctuary part of this new location. And B___, of course, will be most welcome to join in terms of his participation in all the work that will be possible in these new facilities. But, as to an exact time, we cannot prophesy at this time. We can only say that our hope is to have these new facilities after the end of this year and at some time into the next.

We know that B___ has his heart set on performing instantaneous healings and preaching the Truths of the Father; and, as I said to him, he is qualified to perform these works in accordance with his true desire to serve the Father and all his aspiring children. He must be patient, though, before these things can be arranged to take place, although I know he is most anxious and desirous of participating in such worthy endeavors.

As I said before, there will be the time when such works as instantaneous healing will be demonstrated again in this new age. I have been working along with my Celestial brethren toward this end for some time now in terms of helping to develop the souls of those who might be qualified to receive such healing powers. And, to be sure, in accordance with B___’s true desires, he is one of the souls I see as becoming fully qualified to assist us in the communication of the Father’s Healing Love to others in need of such healing.

I know that the task before you now is to continue to more firmly establish the church on a foundation that will be able to withstand any and all opposition or adversities. As you must know, for I have said this before, our church must grow brick by brick, with every brick firmly and correctly in place so that the final structure will indeed be a thing of beauty and strength. And you are all proceeding in such a way that our church is indeed forming in this careful and effective manner. Soon, all things will be fulfilled in terms of completed initial stages. But, as you know, the work of the church will continue long after the time when you have all joined us in the spirit world and are working along with us side by side in fulfilling the final destiny of our church on earth.

You can communicate to B____ that he need not have any anxiety about the time for all of this to take place, or about his part to play in the church’s ongoing development. When the time is right, he will be guided appropriately to join in any changes that might take place where his input would be decidedly desirable. And provision will be made for his being able to make whatever changes are necessary for his relocation when that time comes. In the meanwhile, he and all of you are already performing works of the greatest importance in terms of establishing the church on more firm footing in preparation for the expansion in the work to come.

As we have communicated before, there is nothing performed of importance unless it is based upon true principles and meritorious acts approved of by the Father. And while these acts may seem small and insignificant at times, there is no benevolent act considered too small or insufficiently significant where it comes to the larger Plan of the Father which incorporates each and every one of these acts, like so many stepping stones, to the apex of his intended citadel of accomplishment for His true workers both on earth and here in the Celestial Heavens. Each act has a part to play and contributes toward the whole of fulfillment to come. So, you must all realize that no benevolent or loving acts of yours, no matter how small, are lacking in importance. Each and every one of them contribute something to the superstructure of our magnificent and glorious church to come. And, as you must know, our “building blocks” are not physical ones but spiritual ones. Each kindly act or good work performed constitutes one of these blocks and all are necessary for the final structure to be erected so as to reflect a totality of goodness and strength that can withstand any and all potential opposition. And I am happy to say that each of these building blocks that you have placed thus far are fitting perfectly in the foundation that is being built slowly but surely by your efforts. The time will come when you can all look back at what you have contributed spiritually to the whole, and I can assure you that you will be most gratified indeed at what you have accomplished. Sometimes, while working on one step at a time, it doesn’t seem possible that a final product will ever emerge. But I can assure you that it takes all those steps to complete a worthwhile project of any kind, and this applies even more so when we are dealing with steps of a spiritual order or nature.

I don’t have too much more to add at this time. However, I thought that, since you asked about B___ and his possible contributions of the future, you all might like to hear and know that each and every one of you working in the Father’s Employ will ever be guided as each new step or project presents itself for your participation. Of course, you always have the right and free will to decline to participate in any particular form of service; but we in the Celestial Heavens know the souls of you all, and we do not request or require of you anything that is not really and truly in accordance with both your abilities and your hearts’ true desires.

So, my beloved co-workers, know that we appreciate all that you do. And be assured that what you have and will accomplish is in perfect consonance with the guidance that the Father and we are providing you with day by day. Soon, it will be year by year; and, one day, you will indeed be surprised and very gratified to look up and see what tremendous gains we have all made in our combined efforts. In fact, even now, our progress has been very significant, as I’m sure you must all know and feel within your hearts and souls.

Looking forward, then, to the glorious work and future ahead, and extending to you all my love and blessings for jobs very well done, I will leave you now with my parting assurance that all will be accomplished in due course and in accordance with the Father’s true and ultimate Plan for the salvation and happiness of His children.

I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus.