Messages 1984 to 2000

John: On the Lack of Spirituality.

December 2, 1999


Received by Alfredo


I am with you again, my brother. I am John, follower and brother of the Master.

There is so much I have to tell and to teach you. But still, you are not yet prepared to receive it completely. Accept the advice you are now given because they will reach such fullness that in short time you will feel the influence [or inflowing] of the Father’s Love. And a particular development of your personality, as a medium as well as fortress, to teach the doctrines you are beginning to know.

We have always watched the attitude of your heart, to find the way which would illuminate the darkness through which you thought you were going. I say “you thought”, for, in fact, many Celestial spirits have assisted you and have strengthened you all the time. They did not simply suppose that you were unworthy of suggestions or advice. Each and every creature of God is looked after, and is given the opportunity to learn the truths of the Father. But many are stubborn, and do not want to accept what to them are just fancies and imaginations. How little they understand the irrationality of what their religious leaders impart. Yet they think: “They cannot be wrong”

But they themselves are even more wrong than their religious leaders, for they have the opportunity of widening their souls and seeking that which is evident and reasonable. Some even seek great miracles, but it is in their imaginations where those originate, for they create a very difficult to interpret theater in their minds.

Why don’t they seek the reasonable and logical?

Those natural laws, and they could not be realized as unnatural, in no way. They accept it that way, because it is easier, they only seek pleasure and material welfare, this is not wrong, because there are needs to be met, but this is an absolute ease for their souls, squeezing them and denying them the reality of reason.

“Let’s live today the best we can, for tomorrow there’s nothing left to enjoy,” (they think). They will find themselves deceived when they leave their carnal envelope and see how they have retarded their minds by not using their reasoning in a better way.

Is intelligence not an excellent quality? Nevertheless they do not use it for the sincere purpose of the Father’s desires, but for seeking their own interests, and how well they use it, but how disastrous it turns out sometimes.

I would like to continue communicating to you Divine teachings, but you must understand that you are like a baby, but be assured that a loving Father is looking after you, and that your more advanced brothers encourage you and take care of you. Do not let material worries enter your thoughts. But pray to the Father with longings to receive the Divine Love, flowing through [the workings of] His Holy Ghost.

From our Master, our brother Jesus, I’ll tell you that he is nearer you than you imagine, for do not think that you are not worthy to receive his teachings through himself. Does he not seek lost souls for the developing of the Divine Love? Have you not been lost until a short time ago? Look, he takes care of you, for he is your brother, and you can be sure that he also prays for you.

Well, it seems that you lose the rapport a little, and before you get confused by your own thoughts, I’ll say good-bye.

Your true brother John, with Love