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Jesus: The Law of Activation.

May 20, 1987

Received by D.L. Part I


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ. I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens. Today I wish to discuss a subject of some importance relating to the Law of Prayer that you have already received. As you know, you have already received thought impressions concerning a Law of Activation, and this was given to you in preparation for my expounding somewhat upon this subject today.

As you have been told, the Law of Prayer is a law whereby both humankind and the Father have a part to play. The Father receives all prayers offered in true sincerity and that emanate from the souls of His children; and He, in turn, responds to these prayers in a benevolent fashion unfailingly when the soulful condition just expressed is met by His aspiring children. What you have not been told about as yet is how these prayers are answered in terms of the Father’s helpers: the Celestial and other good and high spirits.

You have been told thus far that the Father has His helpers to carry out His Will, and that these helpers are always ready, willing, and able to carry out the Desires of our Heavenly Father. And this help, or its communication, is effected through a Law of Activation. When the Father hears and determines that He wishes to answer a material prayer, shall we say, He has to communicate His Desire to those spirits who will conform to His Wishes, and who will perform whatever deeds are necessary for His Will to be fulfilled. And this communication is effected rather immediately and through an inner knowing on the part of His ministering angels that a particular work is to be performed.

On earth, when people wish to communicate their desires, they either seek out people directly or they write or use a telephone. In the spirit world, no letters or phone calls are necessary in order for the Father’s Thoughts to be made known to His ministering angels. The Father simply impresses His Thoughts upon the souls of those ministering angels whom He wishes to employ in carrying out His Desires.

Now, you have heard that the higher the development of the spirit, the closer is his association and communication with the Father Himself. And thus, the Celestial angels, who are nearer to Him than any other spirits, are much more clear in their reception of the Father’s Thoughts and Desires. But nevertheless, even those spirits not of the Celestial Heavens, but still sufficiently developed in a purity of soul to be of use to the Father, are also often employed to do the Father’s Bidding. While, in the former case, the work to be performed is very clearly received by the Father’s Celestial angels, in the latter case, the communication is still effected through an impression upon the soul that is sufficiently clear as to prompt the benevolent action requested by the Father to be carried out by the particular spirit or spirits in question. One might say that an inner impulse or prompting is felt, and a certain knowing is activated as to what act or acts of assistance that the Father wishes to be carried out. The activation of the souls of those spirits whom the Father wishes to do His Bidding is the result of the Law of Activation, of which I have earlier mentioned. Without such activation of soul, the spirits who are ever ready to carry out the Will of the Father would be left unaware of what the Father wished for them to do.

Activation, such as I have described, is relative in the sense that the strongest activation occurs among God’s highest Celestial spirits. And correspondingly, as we go down the scale to lower levels of soulful development, the activation experienced by less well-developed spirits is not as clear, but is still sufficient to prompt the spirit to perform the work that the Father desires.

On earth, the Law of Activation is in operation as well, but is not nearly as strong or precise in its action or effect as it is in the spirit world. Thus, you will be familiar with cases of those who receive certain impulses to perform a good or charitable act, and these acts are usually attributed to the goodness of the person himself. And while the goodness of the person is certainly involved, what is not often known is that the impulse he has received does not necessarily originate within himself. His impulse to perform a kindness or a benevolent act is many times the result of Celestial or spirit prompting to so perform that act. And the person so prompted, in harmony with his own charitable disposition, performs that act as if it were entirely his own.

From what I have said thus far, perhaps you can gather what I have been attempting to explain by example. There is a hierarchy of activation that exists from the highest heavens to the lowest hells, and this activation exists so that the Father can always preserve at least some degree of communication with all of His children. You have heard that there is goodness in every person, no matter how much steeped in sin or error they may be at say given point of time. Well, this is true because each person has a soul made in the image of God. And that which has been given by God - the soul - of necessity must retain an essential underlying goodness at some level. And it is the soul which links all of God’s children to the Father Himself.

Thus, when the Father wishes to “speak” to any of His children, He does so Soul to soul. And this is how communication is effected and preserved by the Father where His children are concerned. The Active Energy of His Own Soul is ever directed throughout His Universe of Creation, and especially as this pertains to all of His living creatures. And as He wishes to make His Desires known, He activates the souls of His children to the degree that they are in harmony with Him and all of His Laws. A Celestial angel, being in much greater harmony with Him, is thus most open to the Activation of the Will of the Father. And this is why it is said that the Father’s angels are always or ever ready to do the Father’s Bidding.

This is a concept that will require further elucidation; and, as you are tired, I will postpone the balance of this message to a later time. You have received my message well enough thus far, but we shall see if we can improve upon it in the next sitting or so.

I am happy to say that you are all proceeding so well in your church work and efforts. Keep up your fine work, my beloved co-workers, and know that we ever appreciate deeply all that you do to bring the Activation of God’s Love on earth to as many as will be encouraged to seek Him through the activation of their own souls in prayer. Until next time then, I thank you for your efforts and time spent in allowing me to communicate some more of my thoughts and the Truths of the Father to humankind.

I am your brother and friend,

Jesus of the Bible,


Master of the Celestial Heavens


Part II

May 28th, 1987.


I am here now to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you this lovely day to bring to you, and for the benefit of humankind, my love and words of encouragement in the work before us. I am your brother in spirit, and friend, Jesus.

Today I wish to discuss an aspect of the Law of Activation touched upon in my introductory statements regarding this subject and Truth of one of the Father’s Laws affecting His Communication to all His children, both in the spirit world and on earth. As I have told you, the Father communicates Soul to soul where His children are concerned, and He does this so that His Will and Desires may be made known to humankind. I have also told you that there is a hierarchy of communication wherein the highest of God’s angels are most clear in the reception of His Desires, and that correspondingly clarity becomes somewhat less well received as we go down the scale of soul development. The communication effected is caused by the Activation of the Father’s Own Soul. either in response to the sincere, heartfelt prayers of His children, or upon the Desires that spring from His Own Benevolent Soul apart from any outside stimulation.

Now, in receiving the inner message of the Father’s Will, His highest angels are prompted to carry out His Instructions as expeditiously as possible. But of course, in order to do this, we of the Celestial Spheres must often also seek the assistance of either other high spirits, or even in some cases the assistance of mortals as well. One might liken this to an Ocean wherein a stirring occurs in the Center, and waves or ripples are sent out in a closed circular fashion to the farthest shores. The waves nearest the Source are strongest and contain the most Power; and, as the circle enlarges, the area taken in is greater but the Power necessarily becomes less. And this is why full comprehension of the Father’s Will is clearer nearer the Source than at the “farthest reaches” of the Father’s Universe. Nevertheless, there are always enough souls affected in this emanating Activation whereby the Father’s Will is served, be the distance from the Source near or far.

On earth, there are many material prayers of a sincere nature that reach out to the Father and are received by Him. And these prayers which He wishes to answer must be carried out by those who have influence over material outcomes. Sometimes only the highest of God’s angels are commissioned to carry out His Will, as this pertains to material benefits granted. But more often, where material blessings are concerned, spirits below the Celestial Spheres are commissioned to see to it that these blessings are accorded. The Celestial angels usually have higher works to perform that do not often pertain to material blessings from the Father, but to spiritual blessings that pertain to the soul of man and his development in his spiritual growth.

As you know, the trustees of our church always have among the highest of God’s angels to serve their spiritual and even their material needs, because those working for the Kingdom of God are accorded the most protection, assistance, and blessings, and especially spiritual blessings. The work of disseminating the Father’s Truths to humankind cannot be performed by those mortals who lack sufficient development of soul because of the absence of God’s Love therein. Required are mortals who have prayed for and received His Love to that degree where their transformation of soul is at least sufficiently advanced to carry out the Father’s Will and Work on the earth plane. So you see, it is not necessarily how close a soul may be to the Father in terms of “distance’, but how close that soul is to the Father in terms of its possession of the Love that makes that individual’s soul like unto that of the Father’s Own Soul. Thus there are some souls on earth of such exceptional soulful development that they are able to serve the Will of the Father in spiritual matters as well, or nearly as well, as those in spirit who are likewise filled with great amounts of the Father’s Love.

While on earth, if I myself had lacked this soul development, I could not have performed the mission I had, nor could I have been instrumental in bringing healings and other kinds of blessings to my brothers and sisters in the flesh who were living as mortals at that time. But even I had the constant assistance of high spirits then in existence in the spirit world during my earthly ministry. While they did not possess the Divine Love until I myself received It, these spirits were perfected in their natural love at that time, and were quite capable of bringing me the kind of spiritual comfort and support I too needed during my periods of trial and tribulation on earth. Of course, the greatest comfort and support I received were directly given to me by the Father Himself. But even in my own case, the Father utilized His highest perfected spirits to accord me additional blessings while on earth. I never hungered or thirsted in any deprived sense, stories in the Bible of a forty day fast on my part notwithstanding. And I always had a robe or coat to wear and a place to rest or sleep; and I certainly was also accorded the blessing of good health as I grew from a child to manhood.

I use myself as an illustration so as to point out that all spirits and men are influenced and helped through the Activation of God’s Soul touching upon and influencing the souls of His children to perform those acts of kindness and other blessings which result in the happiness and well being of His children. The Father’s Soul is never inactive, but is always radiating out those Gifts of His Benevolent Soul which either directly bless his children or indirectly bless them through His instrumentalities - those good souls in both the spirit world and on earth who ever seek to do the Father’s Will and to help their brothers and sisters, be this on earth or in the spirit world. For surely you must know that the Father’s many Blessings are given to spirits as well as mortals, and that spirits help other spirits, just as good and kindly mortals help other mortals.

So, as an overview then, there exists in God’s Universe of Being a great network of communication from the highest heavens to the lowest hells. And the Activating Power in back of all this communicated Assistance is the Great Soul of the Father Himself. His Soul never rests or sleeps, but is ever attuned to the needs and desires of His children who bring these needs and desires to Him on the wings of their own heartfelt prayers for His Assistance. And that Assistance which He does not provide directly he commissions others to provide - Celestial angels providing the greatest assistance spiritually, and other good and high spirits usually providing those blessings pertaining to the more materially based needs of His children.

Well, I am pleased with the satisfactory manner in which you have received my message of this day, and I look forward to sharing many other messages to humankind through your channeling efforts and willing cooperation. This is all I wish to say for now other than to again convey my gratitude and love to all of you working to bring the Activation of God’s Great Love and all of His many other Blessings to His needy children on earth. Until next time then, I bid you good day, and leave you with my prayer that the Father bless you all for what you do in His Name and for His Cause.


June 4th, 1987


Once again I am here to write my thoughts, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you with my love extended as usual to all my brothers and sisters in the flesh who are working mightily along with me and my Celestial brethren to bring the Truths of the Father and His Love to all of mankind. I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens.

Today I wish to discuss a topic relating to the desire of mankind to know more about the Truths of the Father as this pertains to His Laws regarding the dissemination of Truths from the highest reaches of the spirit world to the farthest reaches of His Universe of Creation. You have been told about a Law of Activation which enables all of the Father’s children to know the Desires of the Father as this relates either to His Answer to prayer or to an aspect of His Will that He wishes to make known. In my last message, I stressed Activation as this pertained to answers to prayers sincerely offered. But today, I would like to enlarge upon this topic somewhat in order to clarify another phase of the Father’s use of communication where His children are concerned.

The Father’s Truths are so many and varied that undoubtedly none of us will ever experience an end to their revealment; that is, none of us will experience such an end when our hearts, minds, and (most importantly) souls wish to learn more of these Truths as we progress in the development of our souls through the inflowing of God’s Love. For with this inflowing comes many other blessings such as health and happiness, and even material gains if the Father feels He wishes to gift His children in these things as well. But one gain which is of a higher order and priority than other gains is the knowledge of the Father’s higher Truths.

You have been told that those of us in the Celestial Heavens have been and are always receiving such higher Truths as our own souls are increasingly prepared to receive them. Truths, you see, are intended to be housed in the soul, not just the mind, just as the Father’s Divine Love is housed in the soul. The soul being the man, it would make no sense for higher Truths to be housed or located in the transitory physical body or even in the transitory physical mind. The physical parts of the Father’s Creation are essentially coverings or temporary appendages that are “attached” to the soul, one might say, while mankind lives their lives during the mortal phase of their existence. But these appendages are of temporary use and duration.

Now, the problem of mankind in general is that they become so enamored of what they can see, feel, or touch with the objects of the material senses that they often totally neglect that which they cannot see but most certainly possess - their souls. And as these souls need nourishment, just as do their bodies, it becomes essential that mankind become more aware of that which provides such nourishment to their essential and eternal identities.

In a previous message, it was declared that the Divine Love was the quintessential “Food” for the soul, and this is most certainly true. But the Divine Love has in It diverse Properties that are accompaniments of this Love. If Love can be said to be the “Fruit” that the Father gifts or presents to man in response to his sincere aspirations for this Love through prayer, then it also might be said that Truth represents a “Covering” for this Fruit. For just as the energy of the soul must have a material covering or means of expressing that energy, so too, the Father’s Love has Its more visible Coverings through which It is expressed. And the most prominent Coverings I would like to refer to are God’s Truths. Through the application and revealment of Truth, God’s Love is made known. It, the Truth, is the visible manifestation of the invisible Love which is in existence in the Soul of the Father, and which may be in existence in the souls of his children.

Now, in order for this Love of the Father to manifest in terms of mankind’s appreciation of Its existence, the Truth of Its existence must first be brought to their attention. Without some “visible” property that mankind can grasp in their intellects or understanding, the Father’s Love would remain a mystery and essentially unavailable to men. It becomes important and crucial, then, that the manifestation of Truths is presented to mankind in order for the Love of the Father to be inferred as that which is in back of these Truths. The Truths of God are that which can be “seen” and “grasped” by material and spirit minds. They become the visible manifestation of the invisible existence of the Producer of these Truths, the Great Loving Soul of the invisible Father, Himself.

And so, whenever we are charged with delivering the Truths of the Father, in a very real sense, what is being delivered or projected to mankind is the “Body” of the Father. If the Soul of the Father is His Divine Love, then the Body of the Father is His Divine Truths. And when this Body becomes clearer and clearer in terms of a more complete manifestation and great amount of understood Truths, then it can be said that the “Appearance” of the Father becomes “more visible” to the appreciation and understanding of men.

Now, you have been told that the Father’s Law of Activation is employed to communicate the Father’s Will or Desires to His children. His Soul activates the souls of His children and gives to them, through such activation, an understanding not only of His Will but also of Himself, the Divine of the Universe. Through the impression of His Will, His creatures come to understand the Nature of the Father, Himself. For whatever is asked or given by the Father is a reflection of Himself. And the more that the Father reveals of Himself in concrete terms, shall we say, the more both spirits and mortals can infer the Great Nature of the Father in back of these concrete or more visible expositions.

As I introduced earlier, the Father’s Truths form the best “Appearance” or “visible Part” of His Nature that men can comprehend. And so, because the Father wants His children to know Him completely as the Loving Father that He is, He is ever commissioning His Celestial angels, and even other good and high spirits or developed mortals, to carry His “more visible” (understandable) Truths to His children. When these Truths are thus “seen” by His children, then what is seen and better known is the “Body” of the Father that houses all His Great Love and forms the “Covering” of His Great Soul.

And so, dear ones, you will perhaps now better understand why there is the great Law of Activation to begin with. The Father is ever revealing Himself through the vehicle of His Great Truths. And in order to communicate or project these more visible Parts of His Nature, he often activates the souls of His children which prompts them to carry His Truths to and before the sight of men. And when His children both see and understand these Truths, in a very real sense, they begin to “see” what is in back of, or is the Projector of, these Truths - the Father, Himself.

So, in addition to activating the souls of His children to confer His Blessings upon them through the help that some of His children can provide others of His children, our Great Father also activates the souls of those nearest to Him in His Love with the implantation of His many and higher Truths, so that, in turn, these Truths may be brought to the attention of those who are still struggling to “see” and know God, their Heavenly Father. And the more Truths that either spirits or mortals can see, the greater becomes their appreciation of both the “Appearance” of God and His Soulful Nature in back of these Truths.

So you see of what momentous importance it is for all of us to bring the Father’s Truths to the knowledge and perception of men. The more Truths we are successful in presenting, and that are embraced, the clearer becomes the “Appearance” and Nature of the Father to those children of His who are earnestly seeking Him from their souls.

Well, this has been a rather long message, but I feel it to be an important addition to the Law of Activation which should serve to enlighten all of our beloved co-workers even more so of the importance of the work being accomplished. With each Truth imparted and shared with our brethren, God’s Manifestation becomes clearer and clearer to His aspiring children.

And so, with my love extended to all my beloved co-workers who are working along with us to make the “Appearance” and Nature of our Father clearer to the hearts and souls of His children, I will thank you for the successful receipt of my message of this day, and will leave you with my prayer that, with your own ministries, you will also come to see God clearer in the greater unfoldments of His Magnificent Truths. I am your brother and friend,

I am your brother and friend,

Jesus of the Bible,


Master of the Celestial Heavens.