Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: Message of Hope.

March 5, 2000

Santa Cruz, CA

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and a true follower of my son, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and I am an inhabitant of these spheres, filled with the light of Divine Love.

I want to share a message of hope with you, my children, for it is sometimes very difficult to see the Love of God at work in this material world which draws so much attention to the negative influences of sin and error, and see that there is much beauty and harmony available to you who seek to find solace in the promise of life. God created this world to be a place that could point the way to the truth of how He provides His creations with their every need. Although you may have a concept that nature is harsh and does not care one way or the other for anyone, this is not true, for nature is a reflection of the perfect workings of laws that fulfill a purpose of love. One may wonder when one sees the animal kingdom surviving in such ways that seem brutal and violent but, my children, understand the lifeforce at work through every creature, and the balance of this lifeforce is something that is strictly maintained through the workings of natural law. When you can recognize death as a change only in the constitution of a thing or substance, then it is easier to accept the seemingly violent and careless act of nature that change life as we know it into a thing we do not recognize with the mere sense of the physical body.

When we accept our relationship with God as the one true thing that identifies who we are and what we want, then we may recognize, also, the higher laws that work on our behalf to bring our lives into greater accord with our purpose and true desires. This love that dwells within the soul upon our creation is a reality that must seek to discover its outreach in our earthly existence, and we may pursue this discovery our entire lives. This is the good search and we will not be disappointed.

The laws of the spirit world, as the laws of the earthly world, are such that will bring us to the truth, and the truth is something we must hold in the highest regard as something to be sought for with every desire and thought and every willful action, and when we are capable of bringing this pursuit into our waking and thinking lives, then we will find the aid and assistance that is truly our birthright. Do not fail yourselves by seeking to find your comfort in this world alone, but know that you are spirit first and that your must honor your spirit; this is your true self and where you will find the answers and the abilities to perceive the truth.

I love you and hope that you may find some comfort in this message and although I have not answered a specific question, it may satisfy some questions that were asked.

I am your sister in Christ, Mary the mother of Jesus and your friend and guide in Divine Love.