Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: You Ask What God Wants of You? Only Your Love!

November 7, 1999

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I pray, dear God, for Your Merciful Love to fill my soul and lift me upward to meet Your ministering angels that they might speak to us the truth. I am concerned for our newer members’ consternation over the split of our churches and wish to receive a message that will help bring understanding to the situation. I want only the truth to be shared, and I pray for faith that Your Love will keep me in the condition that will allow a good rapport with my guides. I love You and know You will protect me from any lower spirit influence. Amen


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus and I am happy you roused yourself to receive my message, for I did want to deliver some reassurance to our brother, M___, who feels this dilemma of not knowing what is right. I am a true follower of my son and he is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the one who showed us the way to receive the Divine Love, God’s Loving Grace, into our souls, that we might be at-one with Him in very Substance.

M___, the gift of love that you see working in your life, that has spared you from feeling no hope, this love is the Divine Love and Mercy of God that He has for you, His son, His child. When we are in any position of doubt, it is this Love that guides our mind and heart to consider the wonder of how truth can unravel even the darkest tangle of mystery and anguish in which we find ourselves mired. This is important for you to recognize because you are responsible for seeking His Help to answer your question, now tearing you in different directions.

My son, there is nothing that can be done in a wrong way other than your continuing to plague your own mind with fear and doubt. You are loved of God, as you are loved of those who have partaken of God’s Love and who have professed to practice this Love in their life. Can you not see that you are without fault as you only desire to serve the Truth and bring this news of salvation to all mankind? Your mind allows you to entertain thoughts of rejection from your mortal brothers and sisters, but, in truth, it is not possible for you to be rejected by the very nature of this Christ Love at work in the soul of the true disciple of Jesus.

You are Jesus’ disciple on earth and, by this, you are the living proof that God has touched your soul in such a way that therein burns the need and overwhelming desire to share the truth of this Holy Gift with your brothers and sisters. It does not matter what name you put to this Word, it does not matter what earthly organization houses such Word, it does not matter what human language this Word is uttered, it is the Living Love that brings the Word to the souls of mankind and it is to this you must remain true.

Jesus had no temple and no organized religion though which he delivered his message of salvation, he was the temple of the Christ Love made manifest, his army was the angelic host that aided his every effort to illuminate the darkness of mankind’s ignorance. You must adhere yourself and pledge your loyalty to this Christ Spirit that is awakening in your soul and trust its lead, for if you pray for the Truth and for God’s Love to open your blind eyes to see His Love and Glory, you will be not only directed in the highest and best way, but you will feel the power of immortal and Divine Love moving you, seemingly effortlessly, in this path to at-onement with God.

It is true that our Heavenly Father wants you, as He wants all His children, to come to Him, seeking His Love and Help and it is this Love that will guide you, as It has guided all of us who have sought the mercy and truth of God. You ask what He wants of you, and it is only your love, M___. You love God and it is good.

I want you to consider now that you will not make a wrong decision in this matter, that is not possible for the reasons I have stated. Knowing this, I want you then to pray, and trust what comes to your heart and mind as the best thing to do. Don’t even consider the earthly situation at all. It is not of any consequence, none whatsoever. This is between you and God, as it is the work of Love, Divine Love, manifest through your seeking soul. Can you do this? Put aside all doubts and fears and know you will not make a wrong decision.

I love you, my brother, and please consider me your guardian during your times of doubt and darkness, taking my love and help as a means of lifting you to the hope that God Loves and Guides you.

I am your sister, Mary, the mother of Jesus and a divine angel.