Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: On Various Mediums.

June 10, 1992

Catonsville, Maryland

Received by K.S.


_Dear brother and friend, Jesus, if you find me in condition to receive your thoughts clearly and accurately this morning, I would like your comments about some questions members our church have. ____ wonders why he fails to detect your personality in your messages through Dr. Samuels. Could he have been receiving the factual, historical information from one of your co-workers and early historians?_

____ would like to confirm the accuracy and clarity of ___’s mediumship. Do you write/speak through her? Is she very receptive to your thoughts? Do you encounter strong blocks or few weak ones when attempting to use her as a channel for your communications?

I love you dear brother and pray that we may gain greater trust and faith in one another’s good intentions.

Please Help us, dear Father in Heaven, to see the good desires in others; help us to love and trust them first and give them every chance to show their honesty, sincerity and dedication, so we may all work together in harmony and love.

I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love into my soul. I pray that my thoughts will be loving and considerate and that my intentions will always be to do Your Will in my life. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and we are working with what is known as a “catch 22” on earth at this time, which means that it’s very difficult to convince someone about the accuracy and clarity of a medium through the use of mediumistic means. But I will bring what clarity I am able to the situation. I am your friend and brother in Spirit - the spirit of God’s Divine Love made manifest in my soul, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

As you see from your own present experience, when a person makes up his or her mind that we are not who we represent ourselves to be, there is no way of proving this to anyone; but only through their own sincere and prolonged prayers to know the Truth, and the application of the Truth in their lives, will they be able to resolve their confusion.

It takes many long years of diligent effort to bring the soul into ascendancy over the reasoning mind. And this can only be accomplished by praying for and receiving an abundance of God’s Divine Love into the soul to make its love quality such that it will see through the false concepts of the mind. You might say it’s the mind’s job to question and doubt, while it’s the job of your soul’s love to trust and have faith. So, as a person gains more love in his or her soul nature, he will become more loving and trusting. And when a person has reached this condition of acceptance, he will acknowledge that each and every person must answer to the Laws of God for all thoughts and deeds out of harmony with love. Then, because this person has become wise through the transforming Love from God residing in his soul, he will realize the importance of being a more loving and caring person and know in his heart, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what he sees in others is also in himself and if he judges others, he, too, is a recipient of that judgement.

In the future when mankind has received an abundance of God’s Great Love and has become transformed by It, and has integrated It into his daily activities, the tendency to find fault in others will all but disappear entirely from the face of the earth.

When a person is serving the Cause of Truth in the best way he or she is able, it is hoped that others will accept the goodness of that person, and realize that he or she cannot go beyond the limits which his present condition allows.

So, when a medium is willing to serve as a channel for our messages, we express our thoughts as best as we can through the limitations of that person’s development. We know that there is no person on earth, at this time, who is perfect. There are thousands of people who are striving to become more loving and caring people. There are many who know the truths of Gods’ great Love, and are praying for that Love to help them rise above their present limitations and blocks and fears. The Love is working in their souls. The work involved on the part of the individual is not the same kind of work one is accustomed to doing on earth; it requires a development of trust in something the mind is unaccustomed to trusting. And, while this process is underway and emphasis is being transferred from mind to soul, there is a very strong tendency of the mind to not give up control of the situation. It wants to be in control. It wants to believe it is right and tries, untiringly, to convince the person to question and doubt, while the poor, ignored soul is struggling inside to let itself be known, to let its desires to be at-one with God be exercised and paid attention to. But, alas the mind is still in ascendancy; the goodness of others still being questioned. And instead of building up the church and its outreaches and ability to serve God’s children, every little crack in the imperfections of human weaknesses is being wedged apart and widened, and eventually these imperfections and weaknesses will break the structure apart again and again.

The only way it is going to mend is to see the goodness in others; and the only way this can be done is to activate your own love. To pray consistently to know the Truth, and if someone channels something which you cannot accept, keep praying to do God’s Will in your life, keep desiring to be shown the right steps to take in the unfoldment of your spiritual work and direction in life. And you will begin to place more attention and importance upon the positive and loving things a person does and says and channels, than upon seeing the parts that are not yet perfect.

When you realize that we, in the Celestial Heavens, are not yet perfect, then you can understand that people on earth have a long way to go before perfection is attained. But we are trying to help you in all ways we are able; and you are making progress. We are not finding fault with your imperfections, but we are encouraging you to activate your spiritual desires and to integrate these into your daily living and interchanges with others.

As you have been given the explanation which appears in the volumes of messages we previously delivered, it may seem like a spirit is not the same person when delivering a message through two different mediums, because of the limitations imposed upon that spirit by the condition and experience of the medium. So even though you, or others, may not be able to discern what they believe my personality to be, through some writings which I was able to deliver through a certain medium, (this) does not indicate, conclusively, that it was not I who delivered those thoughts.

Dr. Samuels was a very strong-minded individual. We were able to deliver many messages successfully. But there were some messages, occasionally, which were given thoughts from his own mind. And this is true of each and every medium we have the privilege of working with in the world today. When a person is attempting to evaluate the accuracy and clarity of a medium, he or she needs to take into consideration a wide range of topics and particularly taste the flavor of the messages in general, in order to get a feel for the quality of message we are generally able to transmit through that medium.

As the condition of soul determines, to a large degree, the quality of message we are able to deliver, then you can realize that as you continue praying for an increase of the Father’s Love into your souls, you will become in better condition to receive higher quality messages.

And the clarity of one’s mediumship cannot be evaluated by how that person operates through the use of his reasoning mind because when a medium is allowing us to use his mind and brain to transmit our messages, then the operation of his own mind is not active during that particular time. And our only limitation is based on the condition of that person’s soul quality.

You know the Truth of the availability of God’s great Transforming Love. You know that this Love brings you salvation of soul. So, now as you proceed with your life, living from day to day, praying always sincerely for this Love to bring you into harmony with Gods’ Will - which is that we become at-one with Him in Love - you will be making spiritual progress.

In the meantime, you must also make the effort to see the goodness in others - not the badness. You must strive to bring your soul’s love into ascendancy in your life and stop trying to find fault and/or criticizing. Try to find ways that something can be of benefit to others; don’t emphasize the negative. Consider the reality of life’s burdens, and how these have the tendency to interfere with a person’s good desires to be always loving and giving, helpful and kind. Know that in time, God’s Love will work the transformation which needs to take place before that person can overcome the quarrelsomeness of the human nature, developed over generations of negative experiences and unpleasant memories.

We do write through _____, and we did write through Dr. Samuels. And we were and are limited by the particular development and imperfections of these mediums; but we are also satisfied that what we were and are able to deliver is as accurate as possible under the circumstances of the (medium’s) limitations.

Now you may be more able to see clearly why, as mankind progresses in his nature of love (and) quality of soul, we will be enabled to deliver higher and clearer truths because these will be able to be transmitted through mediums in a higher condition of soul than are now available for us to use for this purpose.

We love you, each and everyone, and we will remain by your sides and work with you as long as it’s your desire, and free will choice, to serve our God of Love by example and helping others learn of the availability of His Great Love.

I am your friend and brother in spirit - the Spirit of Gods Divine Love residing in my soul - which came to me in answer to my sincere prayers for its inflowing.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.