Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: The Presentation of the Father’s Truths.


Received by K.S.


Because of the great diversity of beliefs and stages of development, there will necessarily be the need to make the presentations of the Father’s Truths in many different ways, on many different levels, from many different personalities.

We foresee many churches in the future, teaching from the volumes and other messages I have delivered. There will be no one person to oversee the work of all these churches. They will be guided by their hearts and by the Celestial angels under my direction. We are overseeing the development of several of these at this time. The preparation has to be God’s Love changing the quality of their souls’ love, making them open to the influence of Celestial spirits.

This can and will happen; it is happening throughout the world today. They may not be recognized for a long while hence, but nevertheless they have commenced their Divine progression and their dedication to living and spreading the Truths in the messages in their lives and have been holding prayer sessions and study discussions, who are being moved by God’s Divine Love and are becoming His true children.

We will need dedicated workers throughout the world to make a significant change upon the face of the earth. We appreciate these souls and support their efforts, so please do not think or believe that all the workers for the Lord are not needed or appreciated, for they truly are.

We are grateful for the willing workers we have helping us to spread the Truths of God’s Love in the world. We can only continue our work through them as they continue to do their best to live up to these Truth principles, desiring that their wills be aligned with the Will of God (as your prayers have been directed, through the influence of Celestial spirits) and continued prayers for the inflowing of God’s great Divine Love to transform the quality of their souls’ love into that of a new and Divine child of the Father.

There will be many individuals who will not be convinced by words alone. They will need to see evidence of this transformation demonstrated in the world, even in the material world, before they will believe and change their material ways to a more spiritual, or loving, nature toward others. So many of these, of course, won’t be convinced in their earth life in these days while there are so few workers, but as our church grows and outreaches into the hearts of those children who already have an inclination to turn to God for strength and Love, and these become disciples of the church, there will be more workers becoming examples of the power of God’s Love to change their lives into something more peaceful and happy and satisfying.

Even though it might be harmonious to develop branches throughout the country under one name, we see at this point there would be too many willing to branch off and create their own groups, compatible to their own personalities and desires. And this is as it should be, for the Father created His children with free wills, to be motivated by their love in what they do, and to find goodness in themselves and to see their desires as good.

These groups will be automatically affiliated when they follow the teachings revealed anew by myself and other Celestial spirits. This will be the bond of love which will grow and develop into a network of groups representing the true teachings. We love you, each and every child who seeks to better her/himself and helps to spread abroad the true teachings of our beloved Father’s Love.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens