Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Dr. Samuels’ channelings and the importance of the reader’s own ability to employ the use of his or her own soul perceptions of these truths.

December 25, 1999

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you now, my sister in Christ, and I am your brother and friend, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens. I have come at this time to write you because you are in a good spiritual condition to receive my thoughts on this question regarding the accuracy of Dr. Samuels mediumship and whether it was I who appointed him my chosen instrument to deliver truths to mankind.

First of all, I will assure you that I am who I proclaim to be, and that it is because I possess the Divine Love of the Heavenly Father that I am able to speak upon the truths which deal with the soul and its relationship to God. This Love will elevate the human soul to a condition that it may perceive the spiritual truths which God has waiting to be revealed to His children who aspire to understand the nature of the divine and what their true relationship to Him and their family of souls is.

The soul who aspires to become aware of spiritual truth awakens the perceptions of love and faith, which are like unto the eyes and ears of the human being. Perception is the ability to recognize the presence of a reality or a substance which effects the human condition, without which the mortal could not determine his or her own environment and what comprises the world. If the eye can perceive the existence of the bird in the sky, the mind considers the possibility of flight and the forces of nature that make flight possible. If the ear can hear the melody of the natural music which surrounds us, the presence of those creatures and creations which we perceive through sound becomes an unmistakable part of our world which shapes how we behave and what we aspire to imitate.

Is it not true that the five senses are taken for granted and that so many judgments and determinations are made, almost without any conscious awareness, upon which are built belief systems and ways of thinking and living that are not even close to the truth? Because of the condition of the mind and its thoughts and patterns of behavior within its environment, taught by the examples of our parents and their parents, we may believe in certain things that, if we were only to use our God-given faculties of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, these perceptions could give us a clearer picture of what the truth is and how it effects our lives. I say these things because there is an important aspect of the human soul which so often goes unnoticed, and that is its ability to perceive spiritual truth, which can only be recognized by a soul that is awakened by love, natural or divine.

The awakened soul, who becomes aware of its nature of love, becomes able to discern the presence of spiritual conditions and forces that are just as real and powerful in their effect upon it as any natural cause occurring in the physical world. Such conditions are felt or perceived by the soul so that it becomes more in tune with the existence of spiritual things which constantly surround us.

Spirit/mortal communication has existed since the creation of man and woman, for it is the ability to communicate with the side of life that is unseen to the mortal eye that enables the soul and mind of the human to become cognizant of beings who are not confined by the flesh. Angels have always been used by God to convey His truth to the souls of mankind, and it is this principle which I employed, as a messenger of spiritual truth, through the medium of automatic writing using the hand of James Padgett.

If you perceive in the writings delivered by me and others through the mediumship of Padgett, truth of such quality that brings the soul closer to an awareness of its own nature and its relationship to God, then it is because the soul condition of the medium and the spirit communicating were in such a state of rapport, that spiritual truth could be transmitted effectively and without interference by the material and mundane mind. But, let me state the importance of the reader’s own ability to employ the use of his or her soul perceptions of these truths, for without these perceptions, the words that Padgett received would be mere words that would only occupy the many other volumes of thought and conjecture by the thinking mind.

It is the reader’s own ability to perceive the truth of these words that brings them into that effectiveness which has the power to change or alter the thoughts and desires of the reader. The soul and its perceptions is the reality that I speak of, not the words. Truth is a power that takes place outside the mere workings of the intellect and elevates the spiritual condition of the human soul into its awareness of God and itself.

This being the case, I want to point out to you that when I wrote through James Padgett, I was not merely using the instrumentality of the mortal you are familiar with, but the instrumentality of your own ability to know the truth. You are as much a part of this experience as Padgett was because, without your soul perceiving the presence of the spiritual truth that exists, not on paper, but within and around you at any given time in history, this experiment would have failed.

I want you to read my words as if they are being spoken to your heart directly, for this would mean that I have communicated my love and the Divine Love of God in my soul, effectively. So, it stands to reason that I would expect you to continue to participate in this development of which you have become a part, through your own desire for truth and understanding of spiritual things. You are as much a medium as any mortal instrument whose hand moved across a page or whose voice was used to give evidence of the spiritual thoughts of messengers of truth. Without your ears and eyes being opened to the truth, you will not hear or see what God wants you to perceive, and that is the presence of His Love and the power of His Spirit active in all things that are of His creation.

I am answering your question about Samuels’ accuracy in mediumship and his appointment by me as a chosen instrument so that you may understand that I have chosen all of you as my instruments, for without your understanding of the truth, it is as if the truth were not spoken, and where Samuels may have failed at times to effectively communicate spiritual truth which rings true in your hearts, you are left to turn to God and ask Him to help you know what truth is. Padgett, Samuels and others who have been used as instruments, were mere mortals through which we did try to establish a rapport such as could represent the spiritual truths we wanted to convey. The rapport was not always established and the truth was not always communicated, but it is you who needs to make the ultimate determination what truth is. No one can do this for you, not even me, not even the host of angels who work tirelessly to bring about the forces of good. This responsibility belongs to every human soul and it does not stop when you leave the earth life and enter the world of spirit. There are many spirits, many beliefs and thoughts which you need to assess with your soul perceptions to be able to continue your progress toward the Heavenly Father and the Fountainhead of Love and Truth.

I hope you can gather from what I have written that you are my chosen instruments, that you need not distinguish any one or several of more importance in this endeavor of bringing truth to light. You are all a part of this work, and I am grateful to every one of you for your dedication to serve this cause for your love, not only of God and truth, but for your love of others. Become a living example of what Divine Love is and lift this power from the page into your personal lives. Here, will it be perceived and known by all mankind - only through your instrumentality of love and faith will you and others perceive the power of the truth and how it can change your life and the world.

I love you and I will leave you now on this day that celebrates my birth, but more importantly, the new birth of the human soul into the immortal child of a merciful and loving God.

I am Jesus, who loves and serves in great devotion to God’s Truth and to my brothers and sisters, my family.