Messages 1984 to 2000

White Eagle: Animals and natural love.

September 4, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.


_Dear God, I pray to be open to Your Divine Love as it fills my soul, so that it may elevate my thoughts to spiritual truth. I wish to make rapport with Your Celestial angels that the loving truth may be shared in answer to T__’s question. If it is Your Will, I would like to act as a channel for the truth regarding what may be done to help our animal friends, particularly dogs, who are abandoned and taken to the shelters where they will be “put down.” I wish to be protected from lower spirit influence and I want to serve You and Your children with all my love. I love You, my kind and generous Creator.

Message from White Eagle


I am here, White Eagle, and your brother in Christ who loves and serves our Master, Jesus of the Celestial Heavens. I partake of the Great Divine Love of God and I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres.

I come to answer T___’s question and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with her on this matter. You understand that in the early days of human history, animals were considered a vital part of the life cycle and their spirits were revered and honored as was the spirit of all creation. Animals are no less the manifestation of the Spirit of God, good and pure in purpose, just as are the many creations that surround you and bring such fulfillment to your lives on earth.

T___, you wonder at the condition of humankind today that it has created the imbalance you witness in this tragedy of overpopulation, for domesticated animals are the primary responsibility of human beings who want them or do not want them, as the case may be. Disregard for the life of our animal brothers and sisters is only one manifestation of the disregard people have for life itself and the planet upon which they live and depend upon for their very sustenance. There is no responsibility or commitment made to insure that goodness and love are given to these creatures which share our world.

So, what we need to do is to pray for the collective Spirit of our earth, sense the oneness we have with all living beings, and in this unified mind and heart, recognize the honor that is ours when we give our love and blessings to these friends. You will know when you have done your best - this affords the dog a way to be returned to the harmony of his purpose to live and to be, as a part of all life.

You do a service to this earth by recognizing the value of these creatures lives, and sending them your love and compassion, your understanding and prayer that they be in peace. Extend your love into the material aspect of our world as a part of your earthly life and its palpable, tangible existence, for it is just as important to love and honor as anything else. You may be surprised that I speak this way, for it has always been stressed that the spiritual is of greater importance, but that the spiritual is the enduring and more real part of our existence does not negate the fact that love needs to be extended into this world for it to know peace and harmony.

As you pray, T___, for the Divine Love of God to fill your soul, you will be better able to reach these friends you wish to help, because the Substance of God’s Soul manifest through your own soul is a force that brings harmony and balance to this earth. Communication between you and the animal is immediate, as you know - the language of love, natural love, is what you both share. God’s Love for these creatures, then, will be felt by them through the good and peaceful thoughts pervading your interchange.

The Spirit of God is a great and powerful force with the workings of His Laws constantly bringing forth the fulfillment of His Purpose. As you place yourself in the Care of God, so you place your friends in this Care and this is good. You need not concern yourself about how they will face their deaths, for they are unconditionally accepting, and unexpecting of anything evil. Humankind’s greed and irresponsibility has not caused in the spirit of these creatures any change that makes them stray off course from their purpose - they continue to be in relative harmony with the world in which they live and they adapt, as you witness the somewhat miraculous capabilities of life to adapt to the worst conditions.

Thanks to your care, you offer these animals a respite from their sad circumstances and, as I said before, the earth benefits from this, as well as your own mind, soul and body. If you are to pray for the Spirit of God to be raised up in these creatures before you, you witness their purpose and honor them, this is what you can and already do, and I thank you for it.

I am happy to be able to come to you and write of such things, but let me leave you with my blessings that you know peace in your own heart and soul, for you are revered by your Celestial brothers and sisters, as well as those in the earth life who appreciate your life and love. See yourself as a part of the Great Circle of Love and be happy to dance within this embrace of brother and sisterhood. You are one with us and you are one with all who partake of the Divine Love and who know the Truth.

I am your friend and brother in Christ, White Eagle