Messages 1984 to 2000

Andrew: Personal Message.

November 16, 1999


Received by Alfredo


I am here trying to induce to you more self confidence. You are very susceptible, letting yourself guide by your own judgment. You still have to understand, while you have received a little of the authentic love, of the Heavenly Father, yet you still have not developed the internal quality of your soul as to concede you what you are striving for.

The answer, if you can use your potentiality as an automatic writer, is positive. But you have to wait for the moment, when your own soul will let you feel the time you are ready to accomplish it, It is not very usual that those potentialities can bear fruit at so premature stages and it is true that this inner feeling existing in you can testify that you have begun to receive the true love of the Heavenly Father, only you have to raise your prayers with the heart to the Heavenly Father, for He feels the necessity of conveying you this love and He has realized that your sincerity and faith have manifested themselves in a wider way, continue the way you have freely chosen for the progress that you asked for.

And very soon, while writing those messages that you receive through thoughts, your hand, without your noticing it, will be led by spirits of the high spheres, for it is the Will of the Father that it shall happen so, for this reason we urge you not to give up and to form on paper those sensations you received, when you feel the calling of a spirit.

I leave this communication for tonight, not without telling you before, that your brother in faith, Andrew, will continue to teach you the truths of God, together with the instructions received in the messages you are studying.

With love from Andrew