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Mary: Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen.

August 6, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear Heavenly Father, I am going to try to see how this works with the angels. I am praying for Your Divine Love to come into my soul that I may make rapport with my Celestial guide, Mary. I want to help answer spiritual questions and the first one that comes to mind is why do You let bad things happen? Please surround me with your loving influence and help me put aside my own personal feelings and be open to Your will in this regard. I love you.


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus and your guide who is with you despite the oddities of the earth plane. You will come to understand that nothing of the material nature can amount to such a great hindrance that will prevent us from coming through you in any way that we can. It is easier to not have to worry about spelling and grammar but you will decide what you are willing to do. We find the strongest influence that prevents us from communicating to mortals is their free wills and this is the subject of my message at this time.

People will ask why God allows bad things to happen because they do not accept responsibility for their own lives and actions. If they did they would better understand that we are responsible for our own thoughts, actions and beliefs and that such a responsibility belongs to everyone. There is no judgment on why people have this responsibility, just that it is so, as the sun and the rain is so. When a person is able to accept responsibility and recognize that responsibility in everyone, they are less inclined to blame bad things on others, including God. The first and most important thing to understand is that we are the most important people in our lives because we are the only ones who have control over those factors that bring about cause and effect. Just as you throw a pebble in a pool of water, the wake of that object striking another object can be likened to the wake of our thoughts upon the thoughts of others. Action begins with thoughts and desires and if we can embrace our responsibility for observing whether these thoughts are the type of thoughts that will bring about good results or bad results then it will become easier to bring about more desirable occurrences in our lives. But so often people will ignore their own thoughts and look around them for who they can blame for why things aren’t going as planned or why it hurts to observe the workings of the universe, never looking to the source of all things in men and women’s own free will choices and feelings.

It may sound like I am reprimanding my brothers and sisters who ask such a question, but please understand that I only want to shed the light of truth on what brings about this question to begin with. Acceptance of the world as it is does not seem to come easily to anyone struggling through this earth life and to some extent it is good that this is so. If we were to just accept the way things are and not try to make them better through our longings for a better life, then it would not be honoring the gift of our free will. But it is important to take action as individuals and empower yourselves with the forces that will bring about good changes. This comes with patience and kindness for yourself and others and from this patience you will be a major influence on your own thoughts and that of others. People do want what is best and to feel good about themselves and others. But everyone has their own way of doing things and what they think will work better to accomplish the task. Individuality and diversity is the way of the future, my dears, and it is good to prepare yourselves with the consideration of how many different ways there are to do one thing. Honor the person whose primary responsibility it is to get that thing done and you will become much happier with your life.

I hope you have found this an acceptable way of communicating and that you will consider trying it again. Time may enable us to develop a stronger rapport through this medium and it certainly cuts out the time of transcribing. I love you, A___, and I am your sister in Christ,

Mary, the mother of Jesus.